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The World's Most Eccentric Star Ruby - It Will Take Your Breath Away

The eccentric star ruby is a rare and ungraded ruby variety. A Star Ruby is a ruby with star-like engravings. Star Ruby is a gemstone boulder designed to stimulate the flow of the life force's energy.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Dec 06, 202234 Shares948 Views
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  1. What Is Star Ruby?
  2. Where Is Star Ruby Found?
  3. Are Star Rubies Real Rubies?
  4. Can Star Rubies Be Fake?
  5. Reason Whys You Should Wear Star Ruby
  6. Star Ruby Properties
  7. Identifying Star Ruby
  8. Star Ruby Gemstone Jewelry Ideas
  9. Star Ruby Gemstone And Jewelry Cleaning And Care
  10. Conclusion

Eccentric Star Ruby- Star rubies are among the world's rarest and most valuable stones.

Even more so when compared to star sapphires, because the chromium that gives them their pink and red hues limits the sizes they may grow to.

Each eccentric star rubyhas such a distinct look that matching pairs (let alone a set) are practically impossible.

Star rubyis a form of ruby that exhibits asterism, which is a star-like phenomenon.

The underlying crystal structure is followed.

This results in the appearance of a six-ray star pattern.

When illuminated by a single overhead light source.

Cabochon-shaped stones are used. It is usually carved with the star's center at the top of the dome.

What Is Star Ruby?

Different sizes of star ruby
Different sizes of star ruby

Star ruby is a rare form of ruby with asterism, which is a six-rayed star that shimmers over the surface of the stone as it is moved.

The star effect is caused by needle-like rutile inclusions that are aligned. Its silky sheen is due to the presence of rutile.

Rubies are dull and oily in their natural state, but when cut and polished, they have the shine of brilliant diamonds.

Ruby is the red type of gem-quality corundum; sapphirerefers to all other color variants of corundum.

Corundum, with a hardness value of nine, is the second hardest mineral on the Mohs scale.

Fine grade ruby, along with diamond, emerald, and sapphire, is classified as a "precious" stone due to its exceptional hardness mixed with its rich color and smooth gloss.

Ruby is named after the Latin word 'ruber,' which means "red."

Phenomena are special characteristics that emerge in diamonds, such as a star.

Asterism, chatoyancy, iridescence, adularescence, aventurescence, labradorescence, and play-of-color are examples of these phenomena.

Rubies are known for their asterism and, on rare occasions, chatoyancy.

It is conceivable for them to exhibit additional occurrences, although this occurs only on rare occasions.

Where Is Star Ruby Found?

Star ruby on a hand
Star ruby on a hand

Star rubies are generally known to be harvested from the Burmese areas around Mogok.

It is incorrectly assumed that their look areas are classified based on color hues.

More individuals harvest it from Thailand's areas, revealing violet colors.

When they are extracted from the areas of Sri Lanka, they are generally crimson-red in color.

Eccentric Star Ruby is found in Northwest Tanzania and appears in cocoa-brown colors or slightly brownish-red hues.

Star Ruby was also evoked from the areas of Madagascar, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Kenya, as well as Vietnam.

Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil, India, Malawi, and also from the regions Nepal, Pakistan, and the United States are among those from whom this lovely star is drawn.

Are Star Rubies Real Rubies?

Star ruby is a rare and natural form of ruby gemstone that produces a star-like optical appearance (known as Asterism) when illuminated by a single light source.

It is recognized as a powerful therapeutic gemstone and is used to relieve stress, achieve inner calm, and preserve physical health.

Can Star Rubies Be Fake?

Synthetic star ruby

Synthetic star rubies, like natural rubies, may be made.

There are two types: one with synthetic rubies dispersed with stars and one with genuine rubies diffused with stars.

Unlike natural stars, the new synthetic rutile needles will be restricted to the surface in both circumstances.

As depicted below, they are created by rutile needles within the ruby.

In this situation, natural ruby material will be heated as well, albeit heating by itself is not a sign of a synthetic star because most rubies are heat-treated.

Many synthetic star rubies appear to have a white star painted on them, as well as spherical ringson the bottom of the base.

Some firms do produce higher-quality, transparent star rubies.

Synthetic rubies are distinct in that repolishing or chipping will remove the star or portions of it from the ruby

Diffusing rutile needles, like the process of diffusing color, work from the exterior to the inside, implying that the treatment does not permeate the whole stone.

Reason Whys You Should Wear Star Ruby

People all around the world use or wear eccentric star ruby gems because this stone is not only beneficial to one's health but also beneficial to one's financial prospects.

The ruby stone may assist you in regaining confidence in yourself, becoming more motivated and less bashful while working towards your goals.

Wearing Ruby will assist you in overcoming weariness.

It is extremely beneficial to women since it controls menstrual flow and relieves discomfort.

Wear a ruby stone if you are concentrating on positive thinking.

Positive thinking will help you achieve your goals.

The ruby gemstone stimulates your activity level.

The ruby stone aids in the reduction of mental stress and other diseases that are damaging to the human body.

Star Ruby is said to be a gem nugget that holds and exchanges loveenergy with its carrier.

It assists its carrier in removing unpleasant feelings from the emotional chest, making room for love and caring energy in the beautiful existence.

Furthermore, it clears away the bad sentiments of hostility and transmutes the repulsive, pessimistic energy into positive vibrations.

It is intended to provide strength to its bearer in order to dispel negative feelings and boost happiness.

It is discovered to be a gem pebble that takes out the carrier's protecting facet.

Eccentric Star Ruby is said to breathe in order to bear up and take a stride forward for others.

Amazing Benefits of wearing Star Rubyl LIFE CHANGING STONE | Gemstone dealing |

Bring self-confidence and positivity— A ruby gem may help you restore or boost your self-confidence and optimism, as well as stimulate wisdom, strengthen motivation, and your thought technique.

Some people struggle with poor vanity and decision-making abilities, and this stone can assist to reduce the number of incidents.

Cures depression and sleepdisorders— wearing a ruby stone helps people regain their serenity.

This gemstone aids in the balance of stress, anxiety, worry, and depression in humans.

Star Ruby Properties

Rubies are a form of the mineral corundum, which also includes sapphires since they are identical but for the red coloration.

When a three-point or six-point asterism, or star, emerges within a ruby, it is referred to as a Star Ruby.

This star is made when light is reflected off of small fibers of rutile, often known as "silk," forming a star shape.

Star rubies are carved into cabochons to maximize the appearance of the unusual star pattern.

Identifying Star Ruby

How to check Real Ruby Gemstone

Pleochroism, or the ability of the color to change depending on the viewing angle, is a feature that distinguishes star ruby.

When moved in daylight, the six-rayed star effect shimmers the most across the surface of the stone.

Many rubies glow in long or short wave UV light, and this quality is frequently used to help identify a stone and its geographical origin.

Burmese rubies frequently fluoresce so brightly that the effect may be seen even in direct sunshine; such stones appear to physically glow and are highly valued.

Thai stones, on the whole, lack this quality.

Ruby has no cleavage and a Mohs hardness rating of 9.

It is the second hardest substance after diamond, and this is employed as a differentiating feature.

Star Ruby Gemstone Jewelry Ideas

Hands holding a star ruby pendant
Hands holding a star ruby pendant

For generations, rubies have been used as jewels.

Ruby is one of the most durable gemstones, and it may be worn on a daily basis as gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins, and brooches.

Opaque ruby is frequently used in sculptures.

The goldsettings contrast sharply with the hue of the red ruby.

Star ruby is best suited for jewelrythat will be exposed to direct light, such as a cabochon ring.

Because star ruby is seldom found in big amounts, most jewelry will have little stones. Star gemstones are a popular choice for men's jewelry.

Star Ruby Gemstone And Jewelry Cleaning And Care

Star ruby is one of the toughest materials and is normally quite durable.

It is somewhat softer than diamond, but since it lacks cleavage, it is resistant to breaking.

Untreated star ruby is more durable than fracture-filled ruby.

It is not recommended to recut or repolish fracture-filled star rubies.

Because star ruby may be fragile, it should be handled with care while cutting and setting.

It is recommended to clean with warm soapy water and a gentle towel.

Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and heat steamers on fracture-filled star ruby, as with other gemstones.

Vibrations and heat might cause lasting harm to your stones.

Before exercising, cleaning, or indulging in strenuous physical activity such as sports, always remove any jewelry or gemstones.

To avoid scratches, rubies should not be exposed to acid and should be stored apart from other gemstones.

Wrap gemstones in soft linen or store them in a fabric-lined jewelry box.


Star Ruby is a ruby pebble that is appreciated for its ability to help its wearer overcome sentiments of self-neglect.

t is examined to be a spiritualism gem rock that delivers light into the spiritual torso of its carrier.

Star Ruby is said to be a star that assists its bearer in integrating his energy with the cleric's high-frequency vigor.

Star Ruby is a valued jewel that is meant to let its wearer experience the full riches of natural life.

Furthermore, Eccentric Star Ruby is being considered to help its carrier open up and communicate his true sentiments.

It is too trusted to assist its bearer in expressing his love and adoration.

It is a gem nugget that aids its bearer in acknowledging the affection of the universe's spirits.

It is also thought to protect its bearer from the pains of self-abusers by keeping him away from feelings of guilt.

Nature has supplied us with a diverse variety of specimens that appeal to individuals with a wide range of preferences and interests.

Even a single mineral, such as corundum, has various faces that appear in gorgeous colors, such as red rubies, and remarkable inclusion compositions, such as the star phenomenon.

An Eccentric Star Ruby has a particular appearance, and if you like it, it might be an excellent addition to your gemstone collection.

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