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Types Of Gemstones And Why Are They Important


This word is more relevant: Gemstones are stones that can be cleaned and worn to protect us from harmful energy, which is good for our bodies. They are usually made of minerals. Living organisms are used to make very valuable stones like pearls and amber. To protect us from bad things, we wear them very close to our skin. They are cut and polished to look the way we want.

As the value of a stone increases, so does its ability to help us.

What Is Special About Gemstones

Gemstones minerals are admired for their beauty, durability, and uniqueness. A few non-crystalline organic elements, such as pearls, red coral, and amber, are also categorized as gemstones. Gemstones have captivated people since the start of history, and they have long been used in jewelry.

All Types Of Gems

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On this page, you will see a list of gems ranked according to their quality.

Five Common Gemstones

Beryl Gemstone

Transparent glass-look beryl
Transparent glass-look beryl

Beryl is a beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate-based silicate. Because it can be found in tabular to prismatic crystals, it belongs to the hexagonal crystal system.

The mineral Beryl is made up of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate. Green beryl is caused by chromium traces. Emerald is a deep green form of beryl that is one of the most valuable gemstones. Green beryl is the name given to a pale green kind of beryl. Aquamarine is created by heat-treating green beryl.

Garnet Gemstone

Vivid red stone
Vivid red stone

Garnet belongs to its own mineral class, which is a form of silicate mineral with a similar crystal structure but a different chemical composition.

Garnet is a blazing, vivid red crystal of passion that is said to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history. This gives an idea of its spiritual significance. Garnet's spiritual connotation is that it is the embodiment of fire, passion, creativity, and strong forces.

Diamond Gemstone

Fair shape diamond crystal
Fair shape diamond crystal

Diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known. It is an allotrope of carbon and is a transparent crystal of carbon atoms that are tetrahedrally bonded. It is also the most popular gemstone.

Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications.

Emerald Gemstone

Green octagon shape of emerald
Green octagon shape of emerald

Emerald is a beryl mineral, which is composed of beryllium and aluminum silicate. Emerald is a green to the blue-green form of beryl, a mineral that also includes aquamarine and other colored beryls.

Experts disagree about the degree of green that distinguishes an emerald from a less valuable green beryl.

Turquoise Gemstone

Sky blue stone with a bit of black lines
Sky blue stone with a bit of black lines

Copper and aluminum phosphate make up turquoise. The mineral is a hydrous phosphate of aluminum that also contains a little amount of copper, which gives it its blue appearance. Turquoise is a great example of an opaque colored stone that may be sold as a jewelry gem as well as an ornamental material.

It comes in a variety of colors, from dull greens to grass greens to a vivid, medium-toned sky blue. Turquoise is prized for its unique combination of ancient history and vibrant color.

Five Rare Gemstones

Tanzanite Gemstone

Blue and violet rock-formed tanzanite
Blue and violet rock-formed tanzanite

The mineral tanzanite is a violet-blue to a blue-violet variant of zoisite. It's only mined commercially in one place on the planet: Tanzania's Merelani Hills, from where it gets its name. The gem's pleochroic colors were described as "red-violet, deep blue, and golden-green" by American Mineralogist in 1969.

Maasai ranchers discovered blue crystals in the Merelani Hills in Arusha, Tanzania, while tending to their livestock in 1967, according to legend.

Jadeite Gemstone

Shiny Jadeite oblong shape
Shiny Jadeite oblong shape

One of the most costly and culturally significant gemstones is jadeite jade, which is commonly cut in a cabochon. Jadeite is available in a variety of appealing colors, including: White, gray, black, brown, and lavender, as well as several hues of green, yellow, and reddish-orange (often a light purple or light grayish violet color).

In the late 1700s, the first jadeite arrived in China from Burma (now Myanmar), and carvers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries created masterpieces that are still unrivaled in concept, design, and technical execution. Jade is associated with mental clarity and spiritual purity in Chinese culture.

Black Opal Gemstone

Dark big stone with different mini colors
Dark big stone with different mini colors

Black opal is a term that refers to any opal having a dark body tone. Black opal is frequently the most valuable variety of opal due to its dark base color, which allows the stone's "fire" or "play of color" to be the most lighted and bright.

Although opal was discovered near Lightning Ridge in the late 1880s, its value was not realized until 1903, when Charlie Nettleton sunk the first shaft and sold the first parcel of black opal.

Alexandrite Gemstone

Violet-black pointed shape alexandrite stone
Violet-black pointed shape alexandrite stone

Alexandrite is a rare form of the mineral chrysoberyl that has chameleon-like properties. In daylight or fluorescent light, it can be a wonderful green, but in incandescent light from a lamp or candle flame, it can turn brownish or purplish-red. This is due to the mineral's complicated absorption of light.

Alexandrite deposits were originally identified in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830. Those initial alexandrites were of exceptional quality, with vibrant hues and dramatic color shifts.

Painite Gemstone

Ruby-red and pale brownish painite stone
Ruby-red and pale brownish painite stone

Painite is a type of borate mineral that is extremely rare. It was discovered for the first time in Myanmar by Arthur C.D., a British mineralogist and gem dealer. Painite also includes trace amounts of the elements chromium and vanadium, which are responsible for the mineral's characteristic orange-red to brownish-red color, which is comparable to that of topaz.

It was first discovered in Myanmar by British mineralogist and gem dealer Arthur C.D. Pain, who mistook it for a ruby until it was confirmed to be a new gemstone in the 1950s when it was discovered to be a new gemstone.


Gemstones are that stones are found rarely in the world and when any person can wear these stones or gems then they affect his life. Mostly every people in this world want to change their lifestyle and want to be a rich person. Gemstones are the shortcut to making life happy. With the help of these stones, we can wake up our luck and can be able to do everything easily. But before wearing any gem we need to know which gem is suitable for us and can help to change our life.

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