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Tips To Reduce Stress During Exams


An examination is a testing process done in a proper setup to assess your knowledge and understanding of a concept. To succeed in exams, you must study for extra hours, prepare notes and memorize. During preparations, you have much to grasp and learn to perform well in the exam. Developing stress and anxiety during exam days is common among students. This type of stress is disruptive, and you are not able to focus and concentrate on your academics.

However, a small fraction of stress is positive as it teaches you how to perform under pressure and maintain discipline. But, experiencing extreme stress can be devastating, leading to other serious mental health problems like depression, panic attacks, and bipolar disorder. There are ways to destress yourself and remain positive even during exams. Here's a list of tips to reduce examination stress and increase efficiency.


A strenuous workout for a healthy mind

Performing physical activity is an effective way to cope with mental stress. Physical exercises like stretching, push-ups, and taking a walk makes your body flexible and ready to appear for the examination. To manage exam stress, you must follow a regular workout plan and give yourself space to breathe.

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You must make a habit of taking a study break after every short interval of time. Taking a quick break will help your mind to relax and unwind before it becomes a complete burnout. You can also practice mindfulness techniques to enhance your examination performance.

During examination days, when you are under extreme pressure to do your best, all your time goes into your studies. The assignment work goes pending as you do not want to disrupt your study time. The thought of finishing research paperwork gives you stress and anxiety. Do not overthink essay writing; you can take help to complete homework. There are various online writing services that you can depend on to complete essays for you. For the best quality essay, you can hire a research paper & essay maker by EduBirdie. The website has a big pool of professional writers who know their job perfectly.

Setting small targets to make life easy

To combat stress and anxiety before exams, you must aim to accomplish small targets. A target-based approach will keep you motivated to study more for exams. You can increase your study capacity to a great extent once you work to achieve small goals. You should accept your capabilities and incompetence to maximize your studying capacity and act accordingly.

Be self-motivated and make a consistent effort towards your goals. By making realistic goals, you are determined to excel in the exams, and this attitude minimizes stress levels. It has a long-term positive effect on your mental health and wellness.

Adequate sleep for a relaxed mind

A sound sleep relaxes your mind and body, preparing you to tackle any problem without stressing too much. While preparing for the next day's exam, you are overwhelmed with anxiety, scared, and tense. Once you manage to take time for sleep (7 hours minimum), you wake up fresh and motivated.

A good sleep routine is a solution to many mental health problems. Your mind gets relaxed when it is fully rested. However, if you are unable to take time for sleep, you get irritated, tense and are not able to concentrate on your studies.

Prioritize studies

Setting priorities and working on a planned schedule is the best way to manage your college time. When you finish your daily tasks on time and everything is under your control, you stay positive and never get any mental stress.

You will never face anxiety, and your mind will stay calm and relaxed. When you do not have things in your control, you get anxious and get in trouble. Plan your time so that you get ample time for revision on exam days. Taking out time for revision helps you to recall everything that you have studied.

Learn fast with smart learning techniques

You should find smart ways to increase your learning potential, and you can learn faster. By adopting efficient studying methods, you can reduce stress levels during exams. Many smart applications can help you to make important notes and record classroom lectures. The notes taking applications like Evernote, iTunes U, Timetable and Dictionary.com are designed to make study work interesting and easy.

You can use the apps to create a timetable, learn lessons, bookmark notes and finish homework. The note-taking or learning applications are compatible with every operating system, like iOS and Android.


Exam stress is manageable if you have a healthy and relaxed mind. Staying calm during exams and avoiding negative thoughts is one way to keep stress at bay. If you are organized, work as per your plans, and have a fully rested mind, then no stress can affect your performance on an exam day.

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