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The Reality About Green Jade And How It Can Help You Advance In Your Career


Green is thought to be a powerful color because it resembles the color of nature, and nature is said to help people clear their minds and be more realistic about how to run things like careers or businesses. Green jade is thought to be one of the stones that can be helpful to your professional life. They advise you to use green jade to help you advance in your career.

Aside from its color that reflects the energy of nature, it is also one of the used stones in the business industry, you can sometimes see it on some company's tables.

What Is Green Jade?

Its colors range from dark green to cream, with a lot of different shades in between. There are no other colors that are different from each other. People in China believe that Green Jade is a symbol of the five virtues of humanity, which are courage, humility, justice, compassion, and wisdom.

And truly, all of these five virtues are needed in terms of running a business and improving your career.

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The Use Of Green Jade Stone In China

A dragon made of green jade
A dragon made of green jade

People in China have always liked jade because it is a good luck charm and has a lot of good energy. If you live in China, you can buy it all over the country. People in China have been always busy in their careers, and the way they handle it is extraordinary.

They've been using jade all the time. Why? People in China think that jade is a good stone. People call it "The Stone of Heaven." "Gold is valuable, but jade is priceless." This is because jadeite is so rare. Jade is a symbol of wealth, success, and good luck. It is also a symbol of renewal, long life, and even death for them. They believe that green jade is here to help you advance in your career.

The Symbolism And Benefits Of Green Jade Stone In Career

The Feng shui display with the image of two rats on top of the corn using a green jade
The Feng shui display with the image of two rats on top of the corn using a green jade

If you want to learn more about Green Jade, you can read about how people have used it in their lives for many years. It's mostly seen as a symbol of calm, serenity, and purity. It's a stone that's thought to bring luck in a career, peace of mind, and success into your life.

Green Jade brings luck in a career, as some people also say that it will attract customers or clients to be involved in your business and make a good deal that both of you will gain something good. In such cases, they are exchanging their green jade so they will try to attract some luck in their businesses. And they are using it as a Feng Shui.

Does Green Jade Stone Work So Well For Modern Day Careers?

According to some successful businesses who use it is yes, it works well for them. Since they use it, luck comes their way immediately. Their businesses boom suddenly that's why they want to buy more. Some Chinese people believe that it is connecting to nature to get more power and share it with you.

How To Use Green Jade For Successful Career?

It is important to always bring it with you and place it near you. Just like in nature, the more you close to it the more you feel the calmness that you want to feel. The same thing, when you place it near you this can be more powerful and effective for your business career.

You can also wear this stone. They said that green jade can help you in advance. For example, before you go to your job or business, you have to wear it before you go out the door because it can recharge itself outside. And when it is charged it can release more energy and give an effect on you.

Charge Your Jade

Aside from recharging it out outside as we've mentioned, there are also many ways you can charge your Jade and make it more energetic. You can let it sit in spring water for a few minutes or meditate with your Jade and fill it with pure intention.

Is Green Jade Expensive?

Jade Price: Real Jade Price Vs Fake Jade Price

Green Jade is more valuable than nephrite, and all of the most valuable jade stones are different jadeite types. People who buy imperial jade, which is almost transparent and has a rich green color, pay the most. Kingfisher jade comes in second with a shade of green that isn't as clear.

Benefits Of Wearing Green Jade

The jade stone has been thought to have a powerful, positive effect on people for a long time. It brings good luck and removes bad luck. Some people say that when they wear jade jewelry, they feel calmer and more at peace than before. The stone is said to bring the wearer spiritual happiness and help them deal with their stress. Well, without a doubt, if you have all these, you can think clearly about how to make your life better by succeeding in your career.

How To Cleanse Jade

Jade can be cleaned with only water. You can also make a simple cleaning solution by adding a small amount of mild soap to water. However, don't use any other jewelry cleaners or household cleaners that might have harsh chemicals in them.

Conclusion - Benefiting From Green Stone

In a career, there are so many ways to improve it. People want everything to be perfect and they put trust in things to make their work more effective, that's why they are suggesting using green jade to help you advance in your career. What we've discussed here in this article is based on the majority of people who think about Green Jade as the answer to success. If you believe it, then you are free to try it. However, keep in mind that there are more realistic ways than to trust things like this.

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