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Best online business ideas to start now


The truth is starting an online business is way cheaper compared to starting a normal business. While the capital may be equal in both cases, running a business comes with very many operational costs, including tax, rent, and salaries to employees. All these can be evaded in the case of online business. 

For an online business to be successful, you need to have passion and some background information about the nature of your online business. There are numerous online business ideas that you can start in Canada, from ad management businesses to chatbot businesses. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, here are among the best online business ideas to start now:

Online Gaming And Gambling

Thanks to technological advancements, it is now easier than ever to start an online gaming business. All that is required is a passion for gaming as well as the technical know-how of playing games. The online gambling business sector has opened up numerous avenues where you can get paid by enjoying your favorite game. The rise in E-sports has also been a big avenue of making money.

Online gaming tournaments have proven to be money-making sources where if you are perfect in your game, you could earn huge amounts of money. Gambling, however, is not a sure investment as most of the gambling is based on pure luck. However, taking your time to research gaming tricks could go a long way in growing your online gaming career. Luckily, online casino Canada is a good starting point when you want to venture into online gambling. 

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If you have a passion for writing, then blogging may be your biggest breakthrough as an online business. Technological advancements have made it possible for you to earn a living from your words. A blog is an informative platform where you constantly update written information to your followers. Before beginning a blog, you should research your target audience to see what kind of information they prefer and if you are in a position to write constantly.

Once you achieve an audience, it's time to monetize your blog. There are several methods for successfully monetizing your blog. This includes writing sponsored posts, displaying Google Ads, and also leasing Ad space to interested parties. The emergence of the coronavirus has seen the rise in blogging activity as most people are staying at home. Blogging is now viewed as a full-time online career, and you can combine it with SEO business if you want to spread out your wings. 

Writing An E-Book

An E-book is simply a book that is written and published just like any other book, only that it is available only for reading online. The biggest advantage that an E-book has over normal books is that it can be reached by many people on the internet to a few who can access it in the bookshops. To write an E-book, you need to identify a story and work on it artistically to impress your readers. What's more, is that writing an E-book may be cheaper than the normal books. This is because there are numerous sites where you can self-publish your book without going through a third party.

Selling Photos

If you are passionate about photography, then selling photos online may be the best online business venture to start. Gone are the days when photos were taken just for memory's sake. The internet has now made it possible for you to monetize your photos. All that is required is first acquiring a license for your photos or creating a stock package. All types of photos ranging from travel photos, event photos, food photos, and stock photos, can be sold for lucrative amounts. This is due to the continued rise in the need for graphic content, which implies that if you take good photos, there will always be a ready market.


Becoming a Youtuber is perhaps the easiest and lucrative online business idea you could venture into. YouTube, the world's largest video hosting website, boasts millions and millions of users globally. This means that if you post the right content on YouTube, it can be viewed by very many people. YouTube pays its content creators based on the views, likes, and subscribers. Monetizing your YouTube Account also means that you will be paid each time your viewers open Google Ads.

The online space is full of opportunities that you can venture into and make money in the process.

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