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Gigi Hadid Shines In An Ornate Golden Sari And Matching Jewelry In Mumbai

Take a look at gigi hadid's ornate golden sari and matching jewelry in mumbai. Gigi Hadid's gilded red carpet attire was a nod to the rich cultural traditions of India.

Johnny K.
Johnny K.
Apr 04, 202313Shares689Views
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  1. Hadid's Tribute To Indian Culture And Fashion

Take a look at Gigi Hadid's ornate golden sari and matching jewelry in Mumbai. Gigi Hadid's gilded red carpet attire was a nod to the rich cultural traditions of India.

This past weekend in Mumbai, the supermodel was seen attending the opulent inauguration weekend of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, also known as the NMACC.

Hadid's Tribute To Indian Culture And Fashion

Hadid made the conscious decision to dress in a manner that was reminiscent of the traditional garb worn in the country as a gesture of respect for the importance of the occasion.

Her costume was highlighted by a gorgeous custom-made golden sari that was created by the renowned label Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. The saree was designed by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.

Gigi Hadid in Gold Saree Arrive at Inauguration of Nita Ambani Culture Centre Day 2 | Pt.4

The cropped top of the two-piece gown had a V-neckline, short sleeves, and hanging beaded trim around the hemline. Golden gems and sequins were used as embellishments on the top of the cropped top as well.

Hadid wore a huge portion of the pasted-yellow skirt that accompanied the top wrapped around her body and thrown over her left shoulder.

The skirt matched the top that she was wearing. The hem of the skirt was embroidered with golden edging, and the entire skirt was covered in silversequins.

Hadid completed the look with golden accessories, which comprised luxurious goldstacked bangles, dramatic earringswith square jewels, pointed-toe jeweled shoes, and a matching gemstone ring. The earrings had square diamondsset in a square setting.

Her honey-blonde hair was slicked back, and her glam makeup featured a rosy blush and a new lip color. Her outfit was chic and sophisticated.

Gigi Hadid wearing a Sari Dress and Mumbai jewelry in a full-body shot
Gigi Hadid wearing a Sari Dress and Mumbai jewelry in a full-body shot

The model also posted a close-up picture of the intricate embroidery on the sari as well as a picture of her jewelryon Instagram, along with a caption that provided additional information about the process of making the piece.

According to Footwear News, she added sheer mesh pumps to the ensemble and accessorized with so many bangles on both arms that we lost count.

Bustle reports that Gigi gave a few details on the outfit, saying that it took over a year to create and that the Indian craftspeople behind the look all specialized in different techniques, making the sari a true team effort.

This Chikankari sari was made in the Lucknow region of India, & took a year to craft: each woman who worked on it specializes in a different stitch. Thank you [Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla] for the honor of wearing this creation of a look !!!- Gigi Hadid

A-list celebrities from all over the world gathered to celebrate the launch of India's brand-new landmark cultural center. Among those in attendance were Zendaya and Tom Holland, as well as Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

In addition, there was a display during the main event that demonstrated the significance of Indian textiles and traditional styles within the contemporary fashion business. Gigi wrote alongside the photos:

Warmest Thanks to the Ambani family for hosting me in Mumbai for the Opening Weekend of NMACC. It was an honor to be there to witness your family's vision come to life, in a beautiful world-class Cultural Center to celebrate and cultivate the creatives and heritage of India. Unforgettable first trip to India. Much love.- Gigi Hadid

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