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Black Onyx - 5 Reasons Why It Is The Best Stone For Career Success


Black is a color that means mystery, power, elegance, and intelligence. They said that in order to achieve any success that you may encounter in your career, it is crucial that you have a good foundation.

What we will talk about right now is the stone that is also black and is believed to have the same power as the definition of the color black that you need to take your career to the next level. Let's see if black onyx is the stone for career success.

All About Black Onyx

Onyx is a relatively rare gemstone in nature. It is a semiprecious striped agate with white and black alternating bands. The name comes from the Greek "onux", which means "nail" or "claw," and refers to the color of the mineral.

It was used by the Romans for a variety of stones, including alabaster, chalcedony, and what is now known as onyx marble. Only the agate variety is properly referred to as onyx.

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Sardonyx, with white and red bands, is another variety. Onyx, like the other chalcedonies, is formed by the low-temperature deposition of silica from silica-rich waters percolating through cracks in other rocks.

Natural onyx is found in India and South America. Because its layers can be trimmed to show a color contrast, onyx is popular for carved cameos and intaglios.

Used As A Feng Shui In China

Three Black Onyx feng shui on a wooden shelf together with other gemstones and a shell beside
Three Black Onyx feng shui on a wooden shelf together with other gemstones and a shell beside

The Chinese also thought this stone was powerful. Black onyx, which is used in Feng Shui is thought to be very protective and grinding for its owner who's doing whatever it takes just to become successful in his career journey.

This stone is said to have the power of strong support, stamina, and determination as well to help people stay strong and keep going in his/her goal.

What Makes Black Onyx A Powerful Stone For Career Success?

This stone is said to eliminate negative thoughts and sharpen the brains of those who wear it. Black onyx is also said to increase attention and commitment, which is why many pieces of jewelry are made of this stone.

Because onyx is a stone of strength, they said that it can help you gain confidence and is especially beneficial for businessmen or those who are under stress. Sometimes, a career isn't becoming successful because some people are battling stress and they can't fight it.

3 Black Onyx stones on a white wooden table
3 Black Onyx stones on a white wooden table

So for some people, what makes black onyx a powerful stone for a career is that it increases all of the things in you that can help build a better future ahead of you by pushing your career to the top.

Is Onyx For Good Luck?

Black Onyx is a master of good fortune, and it is often used as a symbol to protect against bad luck. When it comes to wellness, all black stones are very good, especially when it comes to protecting you from distress.

How Do You Wear Black Onyx?

Wear Black Onyx on which hand? To make yourself be positive in your career and believe in success, it is said that black onyx should be worn on the right hand. Wearing it on the right hand lets the stone get rid of emotions like stress, anxiety, and anger that can lead you to an unsuccessful career.

The Reasons Why Black Onyx Is The Stone For Career Success

Onyx: Spiritual Meaning, Powers And Uses

It Brings Success And Happy Opportunities

One trait of this stone is that it has the power to release the energy that will make you happy in every opportunity that comes your way. In every opportunity, whether you put everything at risk or not you have to be happy because you did what you must do.

Not all opportunity brings immediate success, you have to work with them. And black onyx is said to be ready with you to face the opportunity and make a success out of it.

It Promotes Self-Control And Focuses On Your Intentions

Since they thought that it can release happiness, it means that this stone can also help you on having self-control and get focus on what your intentions truly are. In every success, there's self-control and focus behind it.

No people can succeed in life and career if they can't control themselves and their focus isn't appropriate on what they really want to become in life. And black onyx is also said to be a stone that can provide self-control.

It Provides Strength That Gives You The Will To Overcome Challenges In Life

We've mentioned all of the metaphysical properties of Black Onyx and how it can affect you in your career. However, you can't be successful if you don't have the strength that you need to overcome challenges in life and just focus on your businesses/careers.

Black onyx is also thought of as a stone to give strength physically and emotionally. Why is that? Because people believed that Onyx was chosen to help people before and even in today's generation. It is said to as one of the stones to provide courage in life and give promote determination.

Ways To Use Black Onyx For Career Success

Some suggest that a piece of black onyx should be placed in each corner of your home your bedroom, as well as under each corner of your bed, to create a grid. They believe that it should be inside your house so the stone will spit the energy that you will be needing to do more each day and achieve your goals one day.


Do you believe that black onyx is the stone for career success? The information here is based on what people are commenting about its metaphysical properties that help people in overcoming their problems in life and focus on what their intentions really are to achieve success in their career.

If you believe them, try to invest in this stone. However, I personally don't use this stone, because if the stone is the only reason why I became successful, I shouldn't be proud of it.

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