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Types Of Diamond Cuts - Selecting The Best Diamond Of Your Dreams


Diamond cuts are well-known in the industry for their brilliance. Professionals are absolutely admirable for their abilities and fashion sense when it comes to high-quality types of stones such as diamonds, of course, but also a variety of other gems and stones of different qualities.

People who are unfamiliar with diamond cuts are typically satisfied with a few low-quality jewels that are available. However, if you are aware in the diamond cuts that we are going to discuss in this article, you will surely have a high standard when it comes to selecting the diamonds.

To help you choose, let's talk about the different names and styles of diamond cuts.

Types, Names And Descriptions


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If you look at a diamond from above, it's almost square in shape, but the corners are cut so more light can get into the diamond. Most of the time, they have 50 or 58 facets, and their length to width ratio is 1 to 1.04.


An emerald cut diamond is usually made up of 57 facets and has a rectangular shape with cut-off corners that makes it look powerful. Emerald-cut diamonds don't have the same sparkle and brilliance as round or cushion-cut diamonds. Because they have straight, linear facets, the emerald cut is a little more interesting.


Oval cut diamonds are just round brilliant cut diamonds that are longer. The appeal of these loose diamonds goes much deeper than that. Oval cuts have the same sparkle as a round diamond, but they have a more unique shape. In fashion and style, they are a diamond cut that can make a diamond look bigger than it is.


A pear shape cut diamond has one end that's round and the other end that's pointed like a marquise diamond. In this way, the pear-shaped diamonds have a unique look, which makes them perfect for one-of-a-kind engagement rings.


The cushion cut diamond, which used to be called the old mine cut, has a square cut with rounded corners, just like a pillow. It's a good thing cushion cut diamonds have more fire than round brilliant diamonds, because that makes them look better.


Round diamonds are typically the first and most popular diamonds to be given as a symbol of commitment because of their simplicity and beauty. They feature a traditional uniform and symmetrical shape with 58 facets, which qualifies them as a brilliant cut because of their uniformity and symmetry.


A heart-shaped diamond is between 56 and 58 facets, the heart-cut diamond has "French tips" on the end of its pointed end. These tips help to make the diamond shine and sparkle even more. The heart-cut is a shape that looks like a modified brilliant-cut. It's used for both engagement rings and solitaire pendants.


Marquise diamonds possess an elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends. A Marquise diamond typically has 58 facets. Due to their long and narrow shape, Marquise diamonds can create the illusion of greater size. Their elongated shape is also known to flatter the wearer by making the finger appear longer and slimmer.


A Princess-Cut diamond is usually a square diamond that has a lot of fire and sparkle. This fancy-shaped diamond is made from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond stone that was found on the ground. It looks great when engagement rings have a Princess Cut with an Excellent or Ideal cut.


The radiant cut diamond is a beautiful, symmetrical, non-traditional cut. The radiant cut combines the brilliance of a round and the purity of an emerald cut in a way that makes the diamond sparkle. Some people call a diamond with a radiant cut like this one the "rectangular modified brilliant diamond." These are square diamonds, which are different from the round, brilliant gems that most people buy.

What Is The Prettiest Diamond Cut?

A diamond in the Emerald cut has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most timeless. It's classy and beautiful, especially because it's recommended to go for brighter colors and clearer stones when cutting an emerald. There's no way to hide when it comes to an emerald cut.

Consider investing in this lovely diamond cut, and you will not be disappointed.

Which Diamond Cuts Shine The Most?

People know that the Round Brilliant shape is the best for getting the most light back. Round Brilliant is the most common shape for a stone. It has 58 facets and is made up of a lot of different pieces.

Engagement rings in a round shape are the most popular of all shapes because they're the cut of diamond that makes the most sparkle.

Most Expensive Diamond Cut

The most expensive round diamond cut holding using a metal holder against a black background
The most expensive round diamond cut holding using a metal holder against a black background

If you want a diamond, you should get a round brilliant cut. This is the most expensive shape, and there are a lot of reasons for this.

Among other things, its cut makes a precious stone sparkle and reflect more light. It helps the round diamond shine the brightest and be a hit with everyone.

Learn More About The Process Of Diamond Cuttings

All You Need to Know about Diamond Cut

In this video, the two professionals who appear in the video will provide you with information about diamond cuts. They will explain the dimensions, angles, and percentages of the diamond.


We covered all of the different types of diamond cuts, as well as their names, in this article. What do you prefer out of all of them? Don't forget to look over the questions we answered here to help you select the best diamond cuts for you. They are available in different types of jewelry.

Don't waste your money on low-quality local stones; instead, invest in a reputable one and you will be satisfied.

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