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Ruby Zoisite - The World's Most Expensive Gemstone


Charles Dawson, a British mineralogist, discovered the Ruby Zoisite stone in 1878. He thought it was a worthless stone when he first saw it and threw it away. The history of this gemstone is fascinating because of its rejection by other gemstones and hot it became one of the most expensive stones on the planet.

What Is Ruby Zoisite

In this type of zoisite, ruby crystals are the only thing that makes them unique. In general, zoisite is a mineral that is made of calcium aluminum hydroxy sorosilicate. It can be found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Zoisite's color can change a lot. It can be green, blue, yellow, brown, gray, or even colorless.

The zoisite in ruby zoisite, on the other hand, is often green. Anyolite is another name for the combination of the zoisite mineral and ruby crystals. It is also called ruby-in-zoisite, Tanganyika stone, or anyolite. People use the word "anyolite" to describe things that are green. It comes from the Masai word for "green."

Ruby Zoisite is the most stable form of zoisite that can be found in the world. A lot of different color combinations are available for it to be found in. It can be the color red or purple, yellow or green. The color of Ruby Zoisite is determined by the amount of chromium it has in its crystal structure, which makes it look different.

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Anyolite or Ruby Zoisite: Crystal Meanings & Uses

What Is The Black In Ruby Zoisite?

"Ruby in Zoisite": Anyolite is a rock made up of zoisite, with red corundum crystals (ruby) and sometimes black hornblende crystals (tschermakite). It is also known as "ruby in Zoisite."

It's a rock that draws attention and is cut into pretty cabochons and used to make small sculptures.

How Ruby Zoisite Became The Most Expensive Gemstone On Earth

As one of the rarest gemstones in the world, Ruby Zoisite, or Ruby of Sri Lanka, it is important to know how come it is one of the most expensive gemstones? Ruby zoisite was fully discovered in the 1940s and was mined until the 1990s. It has been called "Queen of Gems" for this reason. For each carat of Ruby Zoisite, you can pay up to $300,000.

What Are The Benefits Of Ruby Zoisites?

Aside from that reason, it became the most expensive gemstone because ruby zoisites are a type of stone that has been used by healers for a long time to help people. They are thought to be powerful stones that can protect, cleanse, and purify. It is also believed that gives off the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality, and growth, among other gemstones. What makes it even more expensive is that it is thought to be the best way to make your heart beat faster and helps people in every way. Basically, they believe in its metaphysical properties for deep healing.

It is also thought to relieve grief, anger, despair, and defeat. It also makes the body's healing mechanism work better by triggering them.

People's Favorite Gemstone

Like green zoisite, ruby zoisite is a lot of people's favorite. People believe that Ruby zoisite can improve the connection between the mind and the heart, likely because it has two different colors.

A lot of people say that the stone has a lot of metaphysical power and that it can help people learn more about themselves and become more aware and strong enough. It is one of the most popular stones in the world right now.

What Are The Natural Uses Of Zoisite Gems?

Five ruby zoisite as a display infront of the flowers
Five ruby zoisite as a display infront of the flowers

If you are able to buy this stone, then, you are very fortunate! There are many ways to use this gem. They can be used to make jewelry, make home decor, and more.

Zoisite gems are made from the best gemstones and are 100% natural. It's because they aren't treated with chemicals or heat that they can be used in so many different ways. This means that they have a long life and don't break easily when they are dropped or roughed up. Also, just like what I've already mentioned, you can also use them in your jewelry designs to make unique furniture and decor for your home or office.

Ruby Zoisite Jewelry And Uses

Ruby zoisite jewelry is usually made by hand and is great for a casual, glam look. A lot of people use silver with this gemstone, but gold-colored metals add a little more old-fashioned charm. It is used as a pendant for healing and luck.

A bezel or halo setting is used because the gemstone isn't very hard. This acts as a buffer and protects its edges of it from getting scratched. They look good with other things, like ruby zoisite and pearl earrings.

As far as decorations go, ruby zoisite can be used to make statuettes, small figurines, bookends, and all kinds of other things, too.

If you like the metaphysical properties of this gemstone, you may also want to buy rough ruby zoisite to use as a piece of art. It is used as a pendant for healing and luck. Try to be practical, you can buy this gemstone in the stone that offers a discount since it is pricey. Even though ruby zoisite can be found in very large pieces, it can still be bought for a good price!


Truly, this stone is very incredible. Ruby zoisite has been used a long time ago, starting from its rejection by the mineralogist Charles Dawson up to this day as a most expensive stone. Now, it is famous for its physical and metaphysical properties, this can be a good and perfect stone for you, and many people are telling that this is also good not only because of its properties but also as decoration.

Not all people can get this stone, it is truly expensive. So if you have this stone, use it for the best!

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