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Some of the most beautiful crystals may be cut and polished to be used as gemstones. Check out our gemstones list and discover the truth and the old-school myths about precious and semi-precious stones.

  • Gemstones Purple - Crucial Facts To Know About Gemstones

    Purple gems have been a favorite for a long time, and for good reason. Some people find purple interesting, and the color is often linked to royalty, wealth, passion, power, luxury, ambition, and mystery. There's something about purple that attracts people in.

  • Star Ruby - Reflecting The Finest Inclusion

    Stone or gem that reflects the star? How cool is that? Star ruby is definitely the best of the best when it comes to reflection. Imagine a gem that looks like one of the most famous things in the sky. You'll be interested in this one.

  • People's Misconceptions About The Real Use Of Jacinth Stone

    Who knows what lava is? Of course we all do. What about red? Who likes red? If you like red, you'll love this one we're going to talk about. Allow me to introduce you to the "Jacinth" stone.

  • The Beauty In Brazil - Top 5 Brazilian Gemstones

    Aside from magnificent beaches and being one of the world's most beautiful countries, Brazil also has a gemstone that you won't find anywhere else. Do you want to get some ideas about these gemstones that Brazil is producing? Let's start with an explanation of what Brazilian gemstones are. From the word itself "Brazil" and "Gems". It is gems that are exclusively found only in Brazil.

  • Rare Gemstones - Uncommon Gems, Facts & Value

    Gemstones are very interesting, and there are a lot of people who like the way they look. People have worn them as jewelry for a long time, and it was very popular with the ancient people. Gemstones are also thought to have effects on our daily lives, and many people are told to wear them for peace and good happiness.

  • Boulder Opal - Meaning, Origin And Price

    Boulder opal is a type of rock that is made up of thin seams and patches of opal that are surrounded by or attached to the natural rock that it came from. Cutter: The cutter looks at this rock and thinks about how to cut the best gem from it. That gem could be cut to show the seams and patches of precious opal as they look in the rock they live in.

  • Types Of Gemstones And Why Are They Important

    This word is more relevant: Gemstones are stones that can be cleaned and worn to protect us from harmful energy, which is good for our bodies. They are usually made of minerals. Living organisms are used to make very valuable stones like pearls and amber. To protect us from bad things, we wear them very close to our skin. They are cut and polished to look the way we want.


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  • Best 6 Purple Crystals That You'll Want To Have In 2022

    Purple is one of the most brilliant colors in the world. Sometimes, you will be confused due to its fine and soft texture. Why? **Purple crystal** can sometimes look like cotton candy to me! Who agrees?

  • Essential Thing About Malachite Crystal And Tips For Avoiding Its Toxic Substance

    In today's world, it is common to read an article or watch a discovery video on the internet about crystals that are both beautiful and non-toxic; however, because they are not a treat for everyone's life, it is also believed that crystals have the ability to heal or help people. However, have you ever heard of the crystal that is releasing a toxic substance into the environment? Keep an eye out for the **malachite crystal**, which is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. We will be discussing this crystal, and we will also learn how to avoid the potential harm that malachite crystal can cause to ourselves and others.

  • For Your Wedding - Consider Using Green Crystal And Its Alternatives

    Many couples are getting married in the middle of the pandemic. Some are looking for the best wedding ring to give to their partner. **Green crystal** as a stone for your rings is one of the best options for couples planning to marry during the pandemic.


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  • Green Tourmaline - The Most Eye-Catching Tourmaline Color

    Ever heard of a stone that comes in a variety of colors or that can be toned in different ways? It is composed of a variety of different sorts of minerals, tourmaline is also one of them. It is sometimes referred to as "rainbow stone" because of the different hues that can be seen in it. The **green tourmaline**, on the other hand, is the one color we'll be discussing in this article.

  • Look Into The Tourmaline Meaning And Take A Glance At The Different Colors Available

    The only crystal that amazes me the most is bi-colored crystal, such as the one we'll be discussing in this article. Sometimes bi-color can only be seen in art; I'm not sure if you're thinking of something bi-colored. However, I can only see that in art but when I came across this tourmaline, I wanted to know what **tourmaline meaning** is and what makes it so amazing.


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  • Amatista Stone - The Proper Guide For Familiarizing Yourself With It

    Unfamiliar with the word "amatista"? Well, you're not the one who thinks of it. Amatista is a Spanish word for amethyst. Amatista is a natural stone that has been used in the arts and crafts sector for ages. It is a type of quartz.

  • Be Familiar With The Different Common Types Of Amethyst

    What comes to mind when you think of amethyst? Do you believe amethyst is just one type of stone and that's it? Did you know that there are different **types of amethyst** in the world, aside from the usual one we see? Pale purple amethyst is the most common type of amethyst that can be found in jewelry stores or by jewelers. Is there a different kinds of amethyst available? Are they real? What are their different types? In this article, we will answer these questions.

  • Get Ready To Be Stunned By This Beautiful Green Amethyst

    In addition to trees, plants, and grass. Did you know that the color green can also be found in gemstones? Yes, you read that correctly. There are green gemstones! Many people are unaware that the color green can be found everywhere.


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  • The Importance Of Padparadscha - Where To Get One And DIY Method For Cleaning It

    Have you ever come across a stone that was a blend of pink and orange in color? Padparadscha sapphire stones have a blend of pink and orange tones in their nature. This stunning stone is a sapphire, and it is known worldwide in the jewelry business for its rarity and beauty. We'll stick with the meaning of this sapphire and its other colors.

  • Padparadscha Sapphire - The Hidden Treasure Behind This Difficult To Pronounce Gem

    Have you ever heard of a gem with a difficult-to-pronounce name? Such as the one we're about to discuss. Padparadscha sapphires have one exceptional characteristic: they are the most difficult sapphire kind to pronounce. But we're not going to focus on how challenging it is to pronounce this one; instead, we're going to focus on its beauty both inside and out.

  • What Do You Know About Star Sapphire?

    Have you ever heard about star sapphire stone? The star sapphire gemstone is one of the most popular in the world and is highly prized after by collectors and jewelry nature lovers. Where does its name come from? Is it in the shape of a star? It's a type of sapphire called a star sapphire because it has a star-like phenomenon called asterism.

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