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Zircon Tanzanite And Turquoise - December Birthstones

The traditional December birthstones are zircon tanzanite and turquoise. The opaque, moderately soft gemstone turquoise is created from worn rock that contains copper elements. Its well-known turquoise hue ranges from a deep sky blue to a lighter shade of duck egg blue or green.

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Lee Moon
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The traditional December birthstonesare zircon tanzanite and turquoise. The opaque, moderately soft gemstone turquoiseis created from worn rock that contains copper elements. Its well-known turquoise hue ranges from a deep sky blue to a lighter shade of duck egg blue or green.

Tiny brown or black veins may be seen in turquoise, and these intrusions from adjacent rock pieces are what cause them to develop. Zircon, which is composed of zirconium silicate, is a fascinating and significant gemstone, although it isn't very widely recognized.

Although the two are sometimes mistaken for one another, they are completely distinct materials. Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone, while Cubic Zirconia is a man-made synthetic substance.

Zircon comes in a variety of hues, with blue zircon one of the December birthstones being the most popular. Tanzania in East Africa is the only country in the world where tanzanite can be discovered.

This particular zoisitegemstone is a blue type. Being a somewhat delicate gemstone, it is a little brittle. One of the rarest and most sought-after gemstonesin the gem market is tanzanite, which is found in deep blue tones with purple undertones.

Why There Are Three Birthstones Zircon Tanzanite And Turquoise For December?

Due to the two birthstone lists, traditional and contemporary, there are three birthstones for December. The current birthstone list, created in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers, contains tanzanite or blue zircon instead of the traditional birthstone for December, turquoise. As a consequence, this month is now linked to all three birthstones.


Tanzanite is the most recent and rarest of the three gemstones. It was found in a mine in Tanzania, not far from Mount Kilimanjaro's slopes, some 50 years ago. Since the natural supply of Tanzanite, which bears the name of the nation from whence it originates, is so little and confined to only one mine, scientists predict that Tanzanite's major sources will run out within the next few decades.

A Tanzanite's beauty is comparable to a blue sapphire's. The shades of blue in these stones vary from pale to intense, and the majority include a secondary purple color. Any common gemstone form may be used to cut tanzanites, and they can be used to create any kind of jewelry. Care must be taken to make sure that your Tanzanite jewelry lasts for a long time, however, since it is not a particularly hard gemstone.

Although it is far less expensive than stones with a comparable appearance, like sapphire, tanzanite has a rich and opulent appearance. Tanzanite is a fantastic gemstone to add to your collection because of its scarcity and potential collector value in the future.


In contrast to most other gemstones, turquoise is so unique in hue that it has its own name. Turquoise is one of the earliest gemstones used in jewelry, datingto the 1200s. From ancient Egypt to the Americas, it has been highly prized all across the globe.

Native Americans utilized turquoise because they thought it had various magical qualities, such as warding off evil and providing good fortune and luck. Since most turquoise entered Europe through Turkey, the word turquoise is derived from the phrase stone from Turkey.

Some turquoise stones are entirely blue, while others have what is known as the matrix dark veins running through them, which provide unusual and fascinating patterns.


Let that sink in for a moment. Zircon is the oldest gemstone, going back almost 4.4 billion years ago. Because of this, it is a timeless classic and one of the most unique rocks ever. Although the gemstone is available in a broad range of hues, from black to colorless, blue zircon is the most popular.

This means that if you decide to wear a zircon birthstone, you have many alternatives to choose from. Due to its inherent brilliance and glitter, colorless zircon is often used as a diamondreplacement; however, other good alternatives include brown, green, red, and orange.

Zircon is rather robust and may be worn every day with care. Zircon should be cleaned with mild soap and non-abrasive products once more; steam and ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided. While the majority of blue zircon on the market has undergone heat treatment to achieve this hue, exposure to intense sunshine may cause the color to fade or return to its natural state.

Different Sized And Shaped Tanzanite
Different Sized And Shaped Tanzanite

What Do Zircon Tanzanite And Turquoise Mean?

There is some evidence that zircon has a profound religious history. The Breastplate of Aaron, which is referenced in the Old Testament of the Bible, is the most noteworthy illustration of this. One of the alleged "Biblestones" on the legendary breastplate was turquoise.

Zircon now stands for three things: assurance, wealth, and knowledge. Zircon stones were often used in necklacesthroughout the 20th century. This offered the user a sense of strength and dominance, as well as a deeper comprehension of their surroundings. Additionally, it is thought to be able to drive away bad spirits and even encourage sound slumber.

There is no recorded history of tanzanite since it was just found in the 20th century. But many individuals nowadays utilize tanzanite to get rid of their compulsions or unpleasant feelings. It's thought that tanzanite may help you concentrate on what's essential and cleanse your mind of any potential distractions if you're feeling bored or want to put off doing your task.

Lastly, turquoise has a rich history and has been a lucky charm for generations. Persians were also shielded from any unnatural deaths by these jewels. Turquoise is a popular charm for loveand romantic partnerships nowadays. Turquoise may be able to offer you the boost you need if you're hunting for that particular someone.

DECEMBER Birthstones: Zircon, Turquoise, Tanzanite | Jill Maurer

Birthstone Jewelry For December

You are often spoilt for choice when it comes to jewelry with the birthstone of December. Tanzanite and blue zircon may be found in a variety of forms, including round, oval, pear, emerald, heart, and princess cuts since they are often cut and faceted. Though they are far less often, you can sometimes come with a tanzanite or blue zircon cabochon.

Usually, cabochons or tumbled and polished stones are available for turquoise. Faceting turquoise is uncommon since it isn't translucent. Although it is a softer stone, sometimes you may discover choices that have been cut.

For both tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon, there are often possibilities in gold, white gold, and silverwhen it comes to supporting metals. Platinummay even be accessible in select circumstances, but this is less often.

People Also Ask

What Is The Rarest Color Of Zircon?

Zircons come in a variety of hues, but the most common and pricey is probably blue.

Is Zircon The Same As Turquoise?

Although the two are sometimes mistaken for one another, they are completely distinct materials.

Is Tanzanite An Expensive Gemstone?

Yes, Tanzanite remains one of the most expensive gemstones available today.


For December, there are three birthstones zircon tanzanite and turquoise. Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for December, is not included on the current birthstone list, which was compiled in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers. Instead, tanzanite or blue zircon are used.

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