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Who Is My Guardian Angel By Birth Month?

This article will answer the question of who is my guardian angel by birth month in detail. So, keep reading it till the end. Your spiritual guardian communicates with you often and aids in your journey decisions. Now, even though you may feel like you already know them, you may not be aware that you can contact them for counsel and direction.

Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell
Jun 02, 202310.4K Shares216.9K Views

This article will answer the question of who is my guardian angel by birth month in detail. So, keep reading it till the end. Your spiritual guardian communicates with you often and aids in your journey decisions. Now, even though you may feel like you already know them, you may not be aware that you can contact them for counsel and direction.

Do you want to know how to contact your Guardian Angel, the one who has watched after you since birth? If so, you'll be happy to hear that you can locate your Angel's name, learn how to contact them, and learn how to ask for their assistance by just using your birthdate. Continue reading the article to learn in detail.

What Is A Guardian Angel?

Many religious and spiritualist systems have guardian angels. As it might be difficult to explain the function that guardian angels are claimed to play in our lives, they are one of the most difficult spiritual conceptions to understand. To comprehend how a guardian angel could affect our life, it is crucial to grasp what or who a guardian angel is. Spiritualists have the following views on guardian angels.

A guardian angel is a paranormal being that watches over and provides for a person from the time of conception until eternity when this world ends. These supernatural entities have existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist forever; they do not suddenly materialize the minute the infant is created.

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Thanks to their superhuman capacity for caring, their life's purpose is to safeguard everyone who has been given to them. These angels of protection are ethereal entities without physical bodies. are thus exempt from materiality's limitations. However, it is believed that when required, guardian angels may assume a physical appearance.

Since a guardian angel was made just to look after you, it is a devoted guardian with whom you may have complete confidence. Not only does a guardian angel accompany us while we are on Earth, but also when we leave it and enter the spiritual realm of eternity.

Some individuals claim that they could directly sense their guardian angel's presence but that this feeling has since vanished. They may want to learn more about them to reaffirm this sense of connection.

How To Know Your Guardian Angel By Birthday?

The birth chart reflects the light of a soul in heaven, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun here on Earth. The planets (the heavenly bodies) are in the positions they are in at the moment of your birth because of this reflection of celestial light onto a birth chart, which gives elemental dignity to its existence. Additionally, it explains why guardian angels may be identified by birthdate.

The celestial entities in charge of the lunar calendar are the guardians of your birth chart. The Angels of the Moon and The Angels of the Months are other names for them. As the lunar calendar moves forward, the names of these angels change.

Picture Taken Directly Below the Entrance to Library of Celsius
Picture Taken Directly Below the Entrance to Library of Celsius

Who Is My Guardian Angel By Birth Month?

According to popular belief, our guardian angel serves as a link between the energy of the cosmos and the concrete world. It is a protector that is with us every day, from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. Your guardian angel will have a name that corresponds to one of the 72, according to the day of your birth. Different attributes have been assigned to each of them:

  • January 1 and 5: Nemamiah
  • January 6 and 10: Yeialel
  • January 11 and 15: Harael
  • January 16 and 20: Mitzrael
  • January 21 and 25: Umabel
  • January 26 and 30: Iah Hel
  • January 31 and February 4: Anauel
  • February 5 and 9: Mehiel
  • February 10 and 14: Damabiah
  • February 15 and 19: Manakel
  • February 20 and 24: Eyael
  • February 25 ad 29: Habuhiah
  • March 1 and 5: Rahel
  • March 6 and 10: Jabamiah
  • March 11 and 15: Haiaiel
  • March 16-20: Mumiah
  • March 21 and 25: Vehuiah
  • March 26 and 30: Jeliel
  • March 31 and April 4: Sitael
  • April 5 and 9: Elemiah
  • April 10 and 14: Mahasiah
  • April 15 and 20: Lelahel
  • April 21 and 26: Achaiah
  • April 27 and 30: Cafetel
  • May 1 and 5: Haziel
  • May 6 and 10: Aladiah
  • May 11 and 15: Lauvuel
  • May 16 and 21: Hahaiah
  • May 22 and 26: Yezalel
  • May 27 and 31: Mebahel
  • June 1 and 5: Hariel
  • June 6 and 10: Hekamiah
  • June 11 and 15: Luaviah
  • June 16 and 21: Caliel
  • June 22 and 26: Leuviah
  • June 27 and July 1: Pahaliah
  • July 2 and 6: Nelchaël
  • July 7 and 11: Yeiayel
  • July 12 and 16: Melahel
  • July 17 and 23: Haheuiah
  • July 24 and 27: Nithaiah
  • July 28 and August 1: Haaiah
  • August 2 and 6: Yeratel
  • August 7 and 12: Seheiah
  • August 13 and 17: Reiyel
  • August 18 and 23: Omael
  • August 24 and 28: Lecabel
  • August 29 and September 2: Vasariah
  • September 3 and 7: Yehuiah
  • September 8 and 12: Lehahiah
  • September 13 and 17: Chavaquiah
  • September 18 and 23: Menadel
  • September 24 and 28: Aniel
  • September 29 and October 3: Haamiah
  • October 4 and 8: Rehael
  • October 9 and 13: Ieiazel
  • October 14 and 18: Hahahel
  • October 19 and 23: Michael
  • October 24 and 28: Veuliah
  • October 29 and November 2: Yelaiah
  • November 3 and 7: Sehaliah
  • November 8 and 12: Ariel
  • November 13 and 17: Asaliah
  • November 18 and 22: Michael
  • November 23 and 27: Vehuel
  • November 28 and December 2: Daniel
  • December 3 and 7: Hahasiah
  • December 8 and 12: Imamiah
  • December 13 and 16: Nanael
  • December 17 and 21: Nithael
  • December 22 and 26: Mebahiah
  • December 27 and 31: Poyel

Find your Guardian Angel using your Birth Date

The Importance Of Counseling With An Angel

Many individuals are unaware of the significance of having received angelic guidance. Many individuals are unaware that they have a guardian angel. They often go through one or more incidents that cause them to wonder whether they are genuinely under one's protection.

Usually, when someone is protected from a terrible catastrophe or calamity, that is when they first realize they have a guardian angel. Some individuals can communicate with their guardian angel, but not everyone can. However, therapy is necessary for everyone in the world.

There are many misconceptions concerning the proper ways to go about living one's life. Many individuals attempt to consult an angel for therapy without recognizing that their true objective is to trust and pay attention to the advice they get from a counselor. You should pay attention to the advice since it will enable you to develop personally.

People Also Ask

What Is The Guardian Angel For Each Birth Month?

There is a particular guardian angel for each month of birth. Depending on the history and belief system, different people may have different guardian angels, however, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are often associated.

How Do You Know Which Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Me?

Some individuals look at their birth month or astrological sign to figure out which guardian angel may be looking over them, while others may ask for help through prayer, meditation, or psychic reading.

Can You Communicate With My Guardian Angel?

According to certain spiritual beliefs, you may speak with your guardian angel by praying, meditating, or visualizing. It is advised to think lovingly and uplifting thoughts and to have faith that your guardian angel will act in your best interests.


In conclusion, angels who serve as our guardians are everywhere on Earth and, with our permission, may support us in every aspect of our life. They pay attention and make every effort to lead us. To receive their counsel and direction, we must nonetheless be receptive to them.

When we need their assistance, we must also ask for it. Guardian angels are there for us constantly, no matter what problem we are facing. They appear to us as guardian spirits, guiding spirits, or messenger spirits. We believe you now have all the information you need about who is my guardian angel by birth month. Post a comment below if you'd like. We love responding to you, it’s a pleasure.

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