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White Onyx - Why It's Still A Better Choice Than Black Onyx?


White Onyx - For centuries, white onyx has been a popular stone. It was used in jewelry and sculptures by the ancient Greeks and Romans. White onyx is still a popular choice for jewelry and other decorative objects among modern collectors.

White onyx is the stone of choice because it looks good. White onyx is just any white, and it has a kind of pearly look to it that makes it stand out from other stones that are more of a dull, dirty white color.

Pureness is also the reason why people choose white onyx as their choice of stone. White onyx, unlike many other stones, doesn't have any impurities in its structure. This makes it great for decorations or jewelry.

Can Onyx Be White?

Some people are not aware that there are white onyx stones that are existing. Almost any color can be found on its bands. There are usually bands of black and/or white onyx.

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White Onyx

In fact, White Onyx isn't even Onyx at all, but a type of marble called Travertine Marble with Calcite in it. Despite its name, this beautiful stone is said to help people control their thoughts and make them feel calm inside. White Onyx is a stone that is both caring and protective. It is also believed that it helps people to be more patient with themselves, and it also helps to find clarity and focus, which in turn helps us achieve and hold closer to meditation.

It's like a block of marble that hasn't been cut yet, but it has a lot of potential and can help us grow. We can have everything we want if we use common sense, good judgment, and flexible open-hearted nature. White Onyx is a stone that reminds us of this.

Is Onyx White Or Black?

Eight black onyx and five white onyx stones
Eight black onyx and five white onyx stones

When it comes to onyx, it is either a little transparent or completely opaque. In its most common form, this stone has a black base with a white top layer. This is the most common form. Some of its variants have bands of different colors in between the two main layers, making them look a little different from each other.

Black Onyx Vs White Onyx

We all know that black onyx is the most popular type of onyx and also one of the stones that every modern collector wants to have. This stone is said to get rid of bad thoughts and make the brains of people who wear it stronger. Black onyx is also said to make people pay more attention and be more committed, which is why a lot of jewelry is made of it.

While white onyx is believed to improve one's patience, motivation, stamina, and calmness. White onyx is good for what?

White Onyx helps to improve one's patience, motivation, stamina, and calmness. It can help you feel less worried and stressed, and that can make you feel better. Keeping and encouraging positive energy is easier when you use this item. During times when you need to stay focused and get good results, this white onyx is a good choice.

White Onyx For Healing & Medicinal Purposes

For a long time, people have used White Onyx for healing and medicine. It is known for being soothing, calming, and protecting among others.

Modern collectors are believing it's personally used by every person to cope with their personal problems, they are also trying to make pieces of jewelry out of this calming stone to serve as their healing stone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Working With White Onyx For Healing

With White Onyx, you can heal yourself in a lot of ways.

The first thing you need to do is find the stone that you like the best. In order to do this, you can hold the stone in your hand and feel how it affects your body and mind. The stone is for you if you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease when you hold it.

Next, take a moment to think about what's going on in your life and how you feel about it. Let go of any negative energy that might be coming up through visualization or affirmations, and let it go of you.

People who do this will be able to get rid of any blocks in their lives that are making them feel bad or hurt.

Where Should I Put White Onyx In My House?

White onyx stone

Since modern collectors believe that it is still a powerful stone, they want to place it in their houses. Here's how they do it:

  • Place an Onyx stone on your nightstand to keep you from being afraid of nightmares or anything else that is scary in the dark.
  • Also, when this stone is near your bed, it will help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long.

How To Know If White Onyx Is Real?

In order to tell if you White Onyx you're buying is real, you should pay attention to the way it looks. People who buy high-quality onyx stones have a slightly transparent look and a polished, reflective surface that makes them look like they are shining. If there are scratches or cracks, the surface should be smooth and clean.


The white onyx is still one of the best choices when people can't find black ones available. But don't get confused, they are picking it not only because there is no black onyx available but also because they really like the way it looks and the benefits that come from it. It is used in ancient times, and it can still be used today the way you like it to use.

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