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What Month Is Ruby Birthstone - King Of Gems

In this article, we will discuss what month is ruby birthstone. Those lucky enough to be born in July get a ruby as their birthstone. Ruby is considered the king of valuable jewels. There is no more appropriate present than jewelry with ruby gemstones, whether you are expressing your affection for a person whose birthday is in July or whether you are marking the 15th or the 40th year of your marriage.

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Susanne Blaire
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In this article, we will discuss what month is ruby birthstone. Those lucky enough to be born in July get a ruby as their birthstone. Ruby is considered the king of valuable jewels. There is no more appropriate present than jewelrywith ruby gemstones, whether you are expressing your affection for a person whose birthday is in July or whether you are marking the 15th or the 40th year of your marriage.

The presence of chromium in the crystal structure of ruby gives the mineral corundum its characteristic red hue. The name sapphireis given to all other hues of gem-quality corundum, which indicates that color plays an important role in the sapphire. As a result, the word "ruby" originates from the genus rubeus.

What Month Is Ruby Birthstone And Its Brief History?

Ruby was considered to be the most valuable precious stone in ancient India because of its scarcity, beauty, and enigmatic qualities. It was second only to diamondin terms of its level of hardness.

In Indian jewelry, the ruby was considered a sign of strength and young vigor because of its long-standing association with the life force blood. Some people thought that this gemstone for July might foretell tragedy or danger in the past, while others said that it could treat inflammatory disorders and calm wrath.

The Burmese warriors who used it thought that it rendered them unbeatable in combat. Rubies were thought to bring health, intelligence, prosperity, and success in loveby those living in Europe throughout the middle ages. The quest for the gemstone associated with the month of July begins in Myanmar (now known as Burma), which is one of the first reported sources of exquisite rubies.

Over the course of more than 500 years, the Mogok region of Myanmar has been responsible for the production of some of the world's finest rubies. These rubies have a brilliant red color that is muted by light-scattering impurities and a blazing red fluorescence. A marble that has been eroded throughout time may be found here, along with old Buddhist temples.

Chinks Of Red Gemstone
Chinks Of Red Gemstone

Ruby - King Of Precious Stones

The mineral corundum's red form, called ruby, is chromium-colored. Color is important for this royal gemstone since sapphire is the name given to all other hues of corundum that are gem-quality.

Thus, the Latin word Rubeus, which means red, is where the term "ruby" originates. Ruby was known as ratnaraj, or "monarch of valuable stones" in ancient Sanskrit. These flaming jewels have been prized for their color and vibrancy throughout history.

Fluorescence, which makes rubies sparkle like a fire from the inside, is a result of the same chromium that gives rubies their red hue. Ironically, the presence of chromium is what makes this gem rare since it may lead to fissures and fractures. Only a small percentage of rubies actually reach sizes big enough to crystallize into jewels of exquisite grade, which may fetch even greater prices than diamonds.

The best ruby material was traditionally created in Burma's Mogok Valley, which is renowned for its intense blood-red color with purple overtones. These Burmese rubies, commonly known as Pigeon's Blood rubies, are more expensive than variations from other countries that have a brownish or orange tint.

In the 1990s, the Mong Hsu area of Myanmar started manufacturing rubies after learning that heat treatment increased color saturation. In addition to these locations, there are ruby deposits in Vietnam, Thailand, India, certain regions of the Middle East, East Africa, and even the United States.

Ruby is rated 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The only gemstone that is naturally harder than ruby is diamond. Ruby is useful for uses outside of jewelry because of its durability and red fluorescence. Rubies are used in timepieces, medical equipment, and lasers, both naturally and artificially.

Ruby July Birthstone Color

The month of July's birthstone is garnet, and its hue is a brilliant, fiery red. In point of fact, the name "ruby" originates from the Latin word "Rubeus," which literally translates to "red." Nevertheless, the particular color of red that a ruby displays might change from one specimen to the next. Even though the predominant hue of a ruby is red, there are times when additional colors may be seen inside the stone.

The Myanmar rubies which are considered to be of the highest quality and worth have a dark red hue with a purple tinge to it. Rubies with a more orange or brownish hue are worth less than those with a coloration like this.

Rubies may also be treated, which is another factor that has an effect on both the color and value of the stone. The use of heat may improve the color saturation of the ruby, making it seem more vivid. On the other hand, the fact that it was treated might lower its worth, which results in the stone having a lower price tag than a comparable ruby whose color is achieved by natural means.

Rubies In Mythology

Throughout history, mythology has honored rubies. Anyone who held a ruby was blessed with safety according to ancient Hindu belief that rubies brought protection. The idea that one could sacrifice rubies to the gods in order to be reborn as an emperor was also prevalent in this culture.

Before the battle, Burmese warriors would pierce their flesh with rubies, believing that doing so would grant them invincibility. The meaning of dreams with rubies is discussed in 8th-century Arabic literature. Dreaming of rubies, according to the author Achametis, may portend great happiness and fortune for you in the future.

Chinese noblemen valued rubies as well. According to legend, these men hid rubies beneath the foundations of buildings in an effort to boost their businessendeavors' fortune and success. The ruby has been used throughout history, demonstrating how adored it is by people everywhere.

JULY Birthstone - RUBY! Learn the Crystal Wisdom Benefits of your Birthstone!

The Healing Properties Of Rubies

The ruby is thought to have healing properties in addition to being a lovely gemstone. Some prehistoric cultures held the notion that rubies could treat wounds and reduce swelling. Numerous people think that rubies also have energizing qualities.

A ruby may give you the boost of energy you need to get through the day if you're having trouble staying motivated or getting active. These assertions are unsupported by medical research, yet several ancient cultures have recorded rubies' therapeutic benefits.

People Also Ask

What Birth Month Has Ruby?

One of the most sought-after stones is the ruby, which is the birthstone for July.

What Birthdays Are Ruby?

However, a Leo born in July may also claim the ruby or one of the other July birthstones. Cancer birthdays make up the bulk of the month.

What Is Ruby's Lucky Number?

Ruby is the ideal gemstone for position one. It greatly improves your luck.


The aim of this article is to explain what month is ruby birthstone. Despite the heat, July is a great month for outdoor activities, so it's appropriate that the birthstone for July is the fiery ruby.

Throughout history, rubies have been admired for their flamboyant look. Ruby, the birthstone for July, is a favorite of royalty, earning it the moniker "stone of kings."

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