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Cynthia Cabrera: What Is Known About Hometown Hero CBD’s New Strategy Officer?

Last year, Hometown appointed a new strategy officer, Cynthia Cabrera. They said her appointment was supposed to strengthen advocacy leadership. So what is Cabrera’s role in the industry?

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Mar 17, 2023226 Shares45.2K Views
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  1. Cynthia Cabrera: What’s The Role of Hometown Hero’s Strategy Officer In the Industry?

Cynthia Cabrera: What’s The Role of Hometown Hero’s Strategy Officer In the Industry?

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are becoming increasingly popular. Hometown Hero CBDis a company that is at the forefront of this industry with its delta 8 storesperforming a serious contribution to the popularization of natural hemp products from CBD oil to Delta 8 gummies. Last year, they announced the appointment of Cynthia Cabrera as their new strategy officer. But who is she? And what does her role in the industry entail? Let’s explore.

Before joining Hometown Hero CBD as its Strategy Officer, Cynthia Cabrera had already started to make waves in the hemp and medical marijuana industry. After establishing her own consulting and businessmanagement firm, the Cating Group, Cabrera quickly became a trusted advisor on a range of important topics, such as regulatory policy, compliance, and product development. Before that, she was president and executive director of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association where her efforts to grow membership were highly successful — over 1,500 organizations had joined during her leadership. In fact, very few understand this sector better than Cynthia.

In her new role as strategy officer for Hometown, Cabrera is responsible for leading the company’s growth strategy and helping to develop its legal framework for cannabinoid production and distribution. She leads the team of professionals tasked with managing customer outreach programs, developing product lines that meet customer needs, building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders across the industry, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Cabrera brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position at Hometown Hero CBD which is essential in driving forward its mission to become a leader in the hemp-derived cannabinoids space. Her previous successes have been well documented and her unique combination of experience makes her ideally suited to help bring Hometown to the forefront of this dynamic industry.

With her strong background in both business and healthcare combined with her knowledge of the cannabinoid industry, she has all of the qualifications needed to make an impactful contribution at Hometown Hero CBD and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes next!

A few words about what Hometown Hero CBD is…

Hometown Hero CBD is a leader in the hemp industry that prides itself on providing high-quality, all-natural products to the public while supporting veterans.

Hometown Hero CBD is, above all else, known for its commitment to producing high-quality products that make life better for people who use them. Their range of products includes tinctures, oil, gummies, capsules, live rosin, baked goods, and more - all made with organic hemp grown in the United States.

The brand also stands out from other businesses by dedicating itself to supporting veterans through the Veterans Support Organization (VSO). The latter is an organization that offers financial assistance and other services to veterans in need. This organization provides housing assistance, mental healthsupport programs, and suicide prevention training for veterans in need of help. It works with local agencies to provide additional services such as job training and education opportunities so that veterans can reintegrate into civilian life with greater ease. By partnering with VSO, Hometown Hero CBD shows its commitment to helping its community members who have served our country bravely.

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