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What Are The Major Differences Between A Precious And A Semi-precious Gemstone?

A gemstone is a crystallized mineral that is cut and polished for use in jewelry and other adornments.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Oct 02, 202214 Shares885 Views
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A gemstone is a crystallized mineral that is cut and polished for use in jewelryand other adornments. However, some rocks and occasionally non-mineral organic materials are also utilized for jewelry and are frequently regarded as gemstones. The majority of gemstones are hard, however some soft mineralsare utilized in jewelry because of their beauty or other physical attributes. Other qualities that give gemstones value include rarity and reputation. Since ancient times, people have been drawn to gemstones and they have been used in jewelry for a very long time.

Many civilizations considered gems as extraordinary and gifted with enigmatic abilities in addition to their usage as jewelry. Aspects that varied and occasionally overlapped among distinct stones were present. The current custom of wearing a birthstone reflects remnants of these beliefs. In the modern world, gemstones are currently used for a variety of purposes in different fields and industries. Some of them include:


In science, gemstones are used to cut rock. The hardest materials can be cut into pieces by a few gems, albeit not all of them can. Diamonds, garnet, and sapphireare among these gems. While garnet is used in water jets to cut massive materials.

Diamondis utilized to manufacture drilling bits for the petroleum industry, for mining operations, and for glass cutting tools. They are also used to improve precision. Engineers are aware of a jewel's remarkable qualities, they can calculate its value more effectively. For instance, quartzis used in measurement equipment and scientific clocks. Without exception, the quartz ensures absolute precision in measurement calculations.

Cosmetics and entertainment

In the cosmetic industry, they are also used for a variety of purposes. In addition to the use of gemstones in creating jewelry and improving beauty, they are also used for cosmetic and beauty products like creams and facials.

In the casinoindustry, gemstones are used as an element in creating and beautifying games, known as slots. There are various games with gems that you can find by playing at the best online casino in Ontario, Unibet Casino. Some of those games include Jewel Twist, Jewel Box, Jewel Scarab, Cool Jewels, Jokers Jewels, and so on.

What are the differences between precious and semi-precious gemstones?

With so many misconceptions being made about the types of gemstones, what are the differences between precious and semi-precious gemstones?

The quality, rarity, and aesthetic appeal of precious stones set them apart from other gemstones. The only precious stones are emerald, sapphire, ruby, and diamond. Therefore, all other stones are referred to as semi-precious stones. Additionally, their hardness, which translates into scratch resistance, accounts for this distinction. If one stone can scratch another, then the first stone is tougher than the second. Only diamonds are capable of scratching other diamonds, but in the event of a severe shock, they may still fracture.

All gemstones outside rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds are considered semi-precious. The most expensive gemstones are garnets, opals, turquoise, quartz, tourmaline, amber, aquamarine, moonstone, onyx, peridot, agate, and malachite. Despite the label "semiprecious" suggesting otherwise, these stones are not less valued than precious ones. For instance, a tsavorite (green garnet) could be significantly more expensive than a mid-grade emerald.

Only a few colors are available in precious jewels, and they can maintain their color and brilliance over time. Different kinds of semi-precious gemstones, however, come in a variety of colors but tend to lose their luster over time due to wear and tear. The Mohs scale of hardness places precious jewels near the top because they are extremely resilient. On the Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds are rated 10 whereas rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are rated 9 and 7.5 to 8 respectively. On the Mohs scale of hardness, semi precious gems are rated as having a lower hardness of 7.5. They are vulnerable to chipping and scratching.

Final Thoughts

The major difference between precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones are the differences in price, value, and availability. As is customary, precious gemstone prices being higher. However, some semi-precious stones, like paraiba tourmaline, may be far more valuable than precious stones. Clear valuable diamonds that can be seen with the naked eye are rare. Slight inclusions are present in fine sapphires and emeralds. High-quality semi-precious stones with clear eyes are typically available.

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