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Wear Some Dashing Pop Of Color With Colored Diamond Rings

A classic colorless diamond is timeless and elegant. It exudes so much class and is never one to miss out on any luxurious ensemble.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Sep 08, 2022117 Shares1.7K Views
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  1. How Did Colored Diamond Rings Come To Be?
  2. Why Are Colored Diamond Rings Special?
  3. How Can You Maintain Colored Diamond Rings?
  4. Final Thoughts

A classic colorless diamondis timeless and elegant. It exudes so much class and is never one to miss out on any luxurious ensemble.

Colored diamonds, however, are in a very different league of their own. These colored gems are fun and fancy and add further character to any look. For this reason, they are well enjoyed by jewelrycollectors and enthusiasts alike.

An ideal way to wear them is by donning colored diamond ringsfrom bespoke jewelers such as Astteria. They are dainty, inviting and very much pleasing to the eyes. Learn more about these beloved colored stones as you read through this article.

How Did Colored Diamond Rings Come To Be?

Much like any other diamonds, colored diamondsare made in the Earth’s mantle. Fascinating, right? So let’s dig a little deeper (no pun intended!) and discover how they become the colored diamond ringsthat we all know and love.

Basically, diamonds are created naturally under circumstances of tremendous pressure and temperature in the Earth's mantle. During this process, there tends to be some sort of elements being trapped during the crystallisation process, affecting the stone’s color.

They can turn out to be in varying shades of yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown, and the list goes on. This phenomenon happens when certain chemical componentslike boron, nitrogen, and sulphur are present during the formation of the diamonds.

When mined, these colored gems are brought unpolished and uncut to jewelers who will then be the ones to cut and polish them accordingly. Once the colored diamonds are graded and sorted, they can then be put into different pieces of jewelry and one great example of that is a colored diamond ring.

Why Are Colored Diamond Rings Special?

When talking about colored diamonds, one will immediately think of how rare they can be. In particular, there are some diamonds that belong to the rare category, while there are also some that are pretty common, just like their colorless counterparts.

Redis the rarest color of diamond and, therefore, is expected to be the most expensive oneof them all. A yellow-colored diamond, on the other hand, is pretty common and can even be priced lower than clear diamonds.

Colored diamonds are treated special because it’s not every day that you get to come in contact with such pale or vivid colored stones.They can be very expensive and are considered to be an excellent form of investment.

How Can You Maintain Colored Diamond Rings?

Just like in all things, if you want something to last, then it’s a given that you need to take care of them. Diamonds are no different. They need some special tender loving carefor them to retain their beauty and sparkle.

It is important that you know when to remove your colored diamond jewelry, and these are instances wherein you need to perform some tough chores around the house or when you are handling specific chemicals such as bleach.

It is also vital for you to visit your preferred jeweler annuallyto get them checked for any loose settings or just for an overall deep clean.

Doing these simple steps will help you ensure that your colored diamond jewelrywill always look its best and last you a very long time.

Final Thoughts

Wearing colored diamond pieces of jewelry is indeed a personal choice. After all, jewelry is known to reflect a person’s characteristics and personality. In a way, these colored gems are also worn to emphasize certain attributes.

Colored diamond ringsare readily available online. One quick search about them will lead you to never-ending options, and it can be easily tempting to go with the most affordable ones you see, but always keep in mind that lesser-priced items always come with a catch.

Only deal with reputable jewelry storessuch as Astteriaso that you can be guaranteed the best deals and the highest quality of jewelry.

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