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A Complete Guide About Vintage Jewelry Armoire And Its Types

In the event that you are continually misplacing earrings or discovering a bracelet on the kitchen counter, a solid wood vintage jewelry armoire will appear undoubtedly attractive while also serving as a functional storage solution for your prized possessions.

A vintage jewelry armoire is a box, usually made of wood, that was used to store jewelry. It could be for personal use or for sale.

These boxes vary in size and shape depending on the type of jewelry they were designed to hold. They also vary in quality and design, with some being ornate with detailed carving while others are simple and plain.

We've compiled a list of the most stylish high-end jewelry armoires that are all created in a vintage style and built from solid wood for you below, with something to fit every décor style.

White wooden and floral printed vintage armoire
White wooden and floral printed vintage armoire

Wooden Vintage Jewelry Treasure Armoire

This exquisitely constructed jewelry cabinet is intended for individuals who want a more traditional approach to luxury. The classic and beautiful features of this item, which is constructed of high-quality manufactured wood, make it a prominent point in any environment. With this treasure cabinet, which measures 16"(L) x 11"(W) x 39"(H), you may provide your priceless jewelry with the dream mansion they deserve!

The following features are included:

  • 7 capacious drawers, each lined on the inside with soft imitation suede
  • Dual hidden side compartments for hanging jewelry
  • High-quality steel hooks and knobs
  • 100 percent Money Back Guarantee.
  • Make your purchase without reservation!
  • If you are dissatisfied with this product, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase at Amazon.

"I found this jewelry cabinet to be one of the prettier and reasonably priced in my search. The green is different and fun but not gaudy, I like the curvy legs. Not selection of storage type, from hanging to ring slots sorted sections and open drawers, this will hold all my jewelry I had in several smaller boxes. Arrived quickly and undamaged. Another previous one I ordered was damaged and 80 lbs so it was a job repacking and getting it sent back. No problems here"

_Kay Thomas (Amazon)

"t looked beautiful but came with deep scratches, a drawer front was detatched, and a side door was separating where the panels were glued together. I read other reviews about damage and thought they just got unlucky with shipping, but when I saw mine I was so bummed. It also arrived much later than the delivery estimate. It was a gift, so it missed the party, then I had to wait for a replacement, so 2 weeks after my mom's birthday I was able to deliver a less scratched and cracked than the first, but still damaged item. The best thing I can recommend is think of it as a used item and needing repair, and ask yourself if you are still ok with the price. For all of you who get lucky and it isn't damaged, I am so jealous."

_Brigitte (Amazon)

Green colored wooden armoire
Green colored wooden armoire

Cedar Chest Vintage Jewelry Box

The most common types of vintage jewelry boxes are the cedar chest, which was used to store clothing as well as jewelry; the vanity case, which was used by women to carry their toiletries; and the jewel box, which is a small decorative container for holding a single piece of jewelry such as a ring or necklace.

This is a vintage jewelry armoire with a beautiful and intricate design. The jewelry box has been made from wood and the top has been decorated with gold.

This vintage jewelry box is perfect for storing all of your favorite pieces of jewelry in one place. It would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to dress up and accessorize their outfits with jewelry.

Brown wooden cedar chest on a skin-white rug
Brown wooden cedar chest on a skin-white rug

Bronze Hardware Vintage Jewelry Armoire

It is available in four finishes: walnut, black, cherry, and white. This armoire has an old-fashioned appearance and is created with refinement in mind. It has drawer dividers and necklace/bracelet hooks, and it is very quiet thanks to the usage of soft-closing drawers, which are extremely convenient. Furthermore, it has a lockable door.

Designer's Suggestion

"The bronze hardware and natural wood variations of this armoire mean it would best suit an office setting or a dining room. It will lend your room a sophisticated accent touch without you having to change anything else. "

Dark brown colored vintage jewelry armoire
Dark brown colored vintage jewelry armoire

Turquoise Vintage Jewelry Armoire

This vintage jewelry armoire comes in a bright turquoise color and will quickly become the center of attention in any room. If you want to store bigger things inside, you can open the side and get to them. It has eight hooks for necklaces and bracelets.

Designer's Suggestion

"The unique rounded shape and color of this armoire allow you to get creative with your décor. Eclectic colors such as fuchsia or mustard pair well with turquoise. If you’re worried about clashing, opt for cushions in more muted colors instead."

Turquoise vintage jewelry armoire with a turquoise round mirror
Turquoise vintage jewelry armoire with a turquoise round mirror

What Different Designs Of Solid Wood Jewelry Armoires Are There?

Full length mirrored jewelry armoire

This is an interesting armoire style: It has a full-length mirror that opens up to show the jewelry that is hanging on the other side of it. You can check your appearance before leaving the house with these last touches for a well-dressed costume in this setup.

A wall-mounted jewelry cabinet

When there's room on the wall and the armoire can be mounted on the wall, it can be a good idea to do so. This keeps it out of the reach of the kids in the family and puts it at a level where you can see inside and find what you want. It means you don't have to bend down and search through drawers or jewelry boxes to find your ornaments quickly.

A wardrobe for a child

Some jewelry armoires don't have to be very impressive or very solemn to be good pieces of furniture to have. Young people often get a piece of costume jewelry or even a piece of family heirloom jewelry that was meant for a child. It can also be used to store small toys, like building block sets and cars that aren't too big.


A vintage jewelry armoire would be an excellent addition to any home. It could be placed on a mantelpiece or sideboard, or even used as a decorative feature in your bedroom or living room.

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