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The name turquoise is apparently related to the fact that is was brought to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean by Levantine traders, generally know as Turks.  It has been used as a valuable ornament for ages and was used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The color is of course, turquoise, but this color actually varies from greenish blue to sky blue shades.

The most valuable turquoise comes from Iran although it is challenged by some southwestern United States specimens.  The Aztecs extracted it in what is now known as New Mexico.  A significant amount of turquoise comes from Arizona, California and Nevada. 

It is often imitated by "fakes", such as the mineral chrysocolla, and poorer turquoise specimens are often dyed or color stabilized with coatings of various resins.  Pure turquoise is a relatively soft stone ranging between 5 and 6 on the Mohs' scale.


Its powers are believed to provide money, love, protection, healing, courage,  friendship, and luck. Relaxes the mind, and eases mental tension. The Native American's placed turquoise in their tombs to guard the dead and often warriors tied turquoise to their bows to insure accurate shots.





Turquoise Jewelry and Cabochons

Jewelry made with turquoise.  A selection of freeform cabochons and rough available for custom designed jewelry.






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