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10 Sustainable Fashion Brands Making A Difference


The fashion world is currently witnessing a massive shakeup. After years of fast fashion and quick product access, it has become glaring that people consume and waste more fashion than they actually need to.

There’s no doubt that we all need fashion. Everyone loves wearing the latest clothes and shopping at the biggest shops because it makes them feel better and provides a heightened sense of self-worth. However, if you’re looking to spend your time differently, you can find interesting online pokies in Australia for some new excitement. Fashion enthusiasts will surely enjoy the shopping spree pokie game, where you can look through New York City’s finest clothing stores and strive to find mystery bag bonuses – containing lots of interesting prizes!

While fast fashion has made it easy for people to get access to the latest fashion trends, it has also heightened the climate change issue. Fortunately, several fashion brands have answered the call to help the environment by providing more sustainable fashion items. From clothing apparels to sustainable jewelry, these brands are showing that fashion can indeed be climate-positive.

Below are 10 of these brands that are leading the charge for sustainable fashion and are making a true difference.


COPYRIGHT_BER: Published on https://www.bernardine.com/sustainable-fashion-brands-making-a-difference/ by Barbara Mitchell on 2023-03-30T10:49:32.505Z

Levi’s isn’t a novelty brand for sure. However, while the company made its name for producing high-end jeans, it has also led the charge against the widely-known wasteful tendencies of jeans production.

So far, the brand has made several commitments towards sustainability - including the use of 1005 sustainably-sourced cotton, reducing its greenhouse emissions by 40%m and using durable and innovative fabrics for production.


An up-and-coming brand, DL1961 has also made a name for its ethical production standards. The company claims to have reduced the amount of water used in making jeans to just 10 gallons - as opposed to the industry standard of 1,500 gallons.

Besides this, DL1961 claims to have complete control of its manufacturing process - meaning that it can keep its carbon footprint to a significant minimum.


The New York-based brand has so far reinforced its commitment to sustainable manufacturing, working with different businesses to provide limited quantities of its designs so that they don't end up contributing to landfill-based waste.

Cuyana also uses only sustainably-sourced materials to produce its apparel, and it is now embracing traceable clothing to ensure transparency.


From the start, Outerknown has always been committed to sustainability. However, the company really ramped its efforts up in 2020 when it developed a system to ensure complete waste elimination across its supply chains by 2030.

Outerknown has also focused on creating flexible wardrobe staples that help to cut waste and pollution over time.


Besides signing some of the world’s top stars, Adidas has also been known for championing the use of sustainable activewear for years. The German company has a lengthy partnership with Parley for the Oceans to use recycled materials in its designs, with half of its catalog now being made of refurbished polyester.

Adidas is also looking to cut all virgin plastic from its products by 2024.


Bveja’s brand grew significantly thanks to endorsements from notable names like Meghan Markle and the Princess of Wales. However, the French fashion brand has also managed to incorporate wild rubber and organic cotton into its manufacturing process.

Besides this, Veja is a certified B Corporation, meaning that it has been audited and found to meet environmental sustainability standards.


Reformation has always been transparent about its goal of becoming a climate-positive brand. The company uses almost all the tools at its disposal, from carbon offsets and regenerative materials.

Just as well, Reformation is a supporter of the California Garment Worker Protection Act SB12, which looks to maintain accountability in subcontractor payments.


Lacausa made a name for itself with its incorporation of boho-chic clothing. However, the company has also made a lot of buzz for its commitment to ethical manufacturing processes.

Among its strategies include offering living wages to workers and producing most of its apparel at local factories.

Naked Cashmere

The summer season is almost upon us, and a lot of women will be looking for sustainable loungewear. If you fall into that category, look no further than Naked Cashmere.

The brand has continued to make progress with its sustainability efforts, with a fresh collection of recycled outfits called “Cashmere Reborn.” From tank tops to dusters and pullovers, Naked Cashmere provides all of your sustainable loungewear needs.

Jade Swim

Just like loungewear, swimwear is also a major draw for many women as the summer months pull ever closer. The Black-owned business uses recycled and organic materials like regenerated nylon to make bikinis and one-pieces.

Jade Swim has also been vocal about its mission to produce only in small batches, thus reducing excess product and wastage.

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