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If you are interested in what my jewelry studio looks like, this is the page. I can be found here most days - and nights. My friends have mentioned, casually, that designing jewelry, making it and taking care of my website are close to obsessions. They are probably right, but I prefer to call it my passion.smile

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Besides the pictures of my studio I'd like to introduce you to my four shop companions Robert, Gracie and Vern and my newest friend Muffin with his best friend, cousin and sometimes nemesis, Sasha.

The diagram shows how the room is laid out with the main work areas. Photographs, further down, are numbered to match the diagram.


Studio Diagram

studio diagram

skip the detail just show me pictures. . . .


I'm a pack rat, I keep everything that might come in handy someday and all that "stuff" is packed into nooks and crannies around my studio and on shelves above my benches.

My swivel chair, with wheels, is in the middle so I can just turn or roll the chair a foot or so and get to most places in my studio without having to get up.

Most jewelers use a special piece of furniture for working on jewelry. It is like a desk, but the work area is higher from the ground and there are especially built drawers and shelves. These benches can be purchased from many jewelry supply houses and range in cost from $250 to $1000.



I prefer a chest high bench to a jeweler's bench for a couple reasons.  I have a problem with bursitis and resting my arms/elbows on the bench or the chair arms helps to prevent a painful attack. I also like to keep my tools on the bench or above me hanging from peg boards. A jeweler's bench is wonderful for storage of tools, but where would I put all this other "stuff" I collect? grin

You'll notice there is a TV and VCR on the right and just above my bench.  This is because I often work late at night and into the wee hours of the morning, which is when I get most of my inspiration. Having the TV or a movie running on the VCR keeps me company.


My shop companions:  Robert my tenacious Rotty, Gracie my affectionate and ever alert golden lab, Vern, the oldest of the four, who is without a doubt the most stubborn, bullheaded, obstinate and intractable 17 year old beagle mix on the planet and, Muffy, my newest friend are always with me in the shop so I can take a break and play 'fetch' or 'tug-of-war".


Click the pictures to see a larger image with more detail of the areas.


Design and Soldering Bench

This is where I do most design work, soldering benchstone setting, sawing, filing, sanding, and hand texturing.

There are drawers of finished stones and cabochons, small hand tools, rules, reference books, findings and a whole raft of paraphernalia.

I'm a tool junkie as well as a stone junkie so there never seems to be enough room and that's why the shelves above the benches go almost to the ceiling so I have enough storage space to hold all those seldom used "necessities".

The bench on the right, is where I do soldering and handwork with the flex shaft. More tools and supplies and more shelves full of "stuff" are above this bench, as well.


Hydraulic Press & Kiln

benchThis is where the hydraulic press usually lives and where I will put the kiln - when I get one.

This bench is used now for extra workspace when I need it. However, if I ever decide to work with precious metal clay or learn to do enameling or cloisonné I have a place to keep projects separate.

This could also be an area for was work if I ever decide to do casting instead of all fabrication.


Forging & Lapidary

This is a heavy-duty bench, forging and lapidarystrong enough for hammering, banging and forging things.

It holds the rolling mill, necklace mandrel and various stakes. It's also used for storage.

The shelves above hold rock tumblers, display materials and just "more stuff" that I simply must have.

On the left hand side of this bench is a rolling cart that holds the trim saw, and, to the right is another cart with wheels that holds the flat lap - and - more tools.


Lapidary & Sink

This is the wonderful high counter lapidary and sinkand sink that my best friend's husband built for me.

It is 37" high so I never get a backache when I stand there cleaning yucky stuff from recently cut slabs of rough stone.

I use the counter top to the right of the sink for lapidary work and, believe me; it never looks this clean!

On the right end of the counter is my coffeepot that is almost always on.


Packing & Shipping

packing and shipping

I never had enough room for this before and always had to clean up an area just so I could pack and send off a newly made piece of jewelry. It is wonderful to have a special place for all those mailing labels, boxes and bubble wrap.



The last picture, is of my new office and beading room. officeA whole room just for an office, what a luxury!

There was enough room here, so I added several bookcases to hold beads and beading supplies and a table where, some day (I hope), to do more beading.

I have wonderful beads left over from when I first started making jewelry - African trade beads, sterling silver Bali beads, beads of semi and precious stones plus wood, brass, bone and even some glass beads.


There isn't a picture, but the polishing room is another luxury this new studio offers. No more mess from polishing compounds. The polisher is vented outside and my whole studio stays much cleaner now!

Four of My Best Friends

Click on their pictures to read about their playful and sometimes frustrating antics, like Vern getting the left over Thanksgiving turkey one year.





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October 11, 2005