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Opal Turquoise Pendant

Stone Talk - a Gemstone List


Pictures and descriptions of favorite gemstones and fossils.  Their stories, their myths and folk lore, their healing properties and their history.

See cabochons and rough / slab for some materials that I use in my jewelry designs. 

What I hope you gain from looking through these pages of gems, stones and fossils is a general knowledge of their colors, wearability, and care, plus a little folk lore and some stories concerningtheir historical value and use. 


Click on the underlined links below to see pictures / descriptions of that stone.


Gemstones, Minerals and Fossils


  Agate(s) Cuprite-Malachite Peridot
  Amazonite Diamond Petoskey Stone
  Amber Dinosaur Bone Picasso Marble
  Amethyst Drusy Rhodochrosite
  Ammonite Emerald Quantum Quattro
  Aquamarine Garnet Ruby
  Australian Tiger's Eye Gaspeite Ruby in Zoisite
  Aventurine Jade Rutilated Quartz
  Aquamarine Lapis Lazuli Labradorite (Spectrolite)
  Azurite-Malachite Larimar Sapphire
  Bone Malachite Sugilite
  Charoite Montana Agate Tanzanite
  Chinese Writing Stone Onyx Tiger's Eye
  Chrome Diopside Opal, Boulder Opal Topaz
  Chrysoberyl Opalite Tourmaline
  Chrysocolla Orthoceras Tourmalinated Quartz    
  Palm Wood Turquoise
  Pearl Zircon


Gemstones listed by color

Jewelry listed by gemstone variety


Modern, traditional and contemporary Birthstones List


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