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Stones For Summoning Spirits - Enhance Your Psychic Skills And Communicate With Spirits

Because the spirit world is so diverse and expansive, connecting with the spirits and calling them forth can mean different things to different people. Some people go within and communicate with powerful creatures by using stones for summoning spirits.

Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell
Jun 04, 20236K Shares82.2K Views
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Because the spirit world is so diverse and expansive, connecting with the spirits and calling them forth can mean different things to different people. Some people go within and communicate with powerful creatures by using stones for summoning spirits.

Others resort to ancestors, mentors, or angels, while others respond to place-and land-based spirits. No matter what you think, building a relationship with spirit is the same as building a relationship with anyone else.

It takes time, dedication, and respect to build a lasting relationship. Stones for summoning spirits may aid you in your efforts to strengthen your connection with the spirit.

Utilize These Powerful Stones To Call Upon Spirits

These stones for summoning spirits can help you strengthen and build your connection to the spirit world by amplifying your energy, making it easier to focus, and giving you intuitive insights.

Pink Tourmaline

In addition to the qualities that other tourmalines have, pink tourmalineis particularly sensitive to the vibrations of love, willpower, and truth. This stone stimulates the Crown and Root Chakras, making it ideal for those seeking unwavering love and strength.

When communicating with the spirit world, pink tourmaline will encourage the introduction of spirit allies from the angelic and faerie realms. Before being positioned in a magical hub around the house, it should be given the instructions to complete this mission.


Although this might seem like a strange choice, give us a chance. Amethystis primarily recognized as a calming type of crystal. But it also helps when you're stuck in your head, brooding over an idea you can't get rid of.

In conjunction with a protective stone such as jet or shungite, amethyst can provide the user with the support and sense of openness needed to safely perceive any spectral presence nearby. Amethyst helps the user re-establish a connection with their imagination and intuition.

Pink crystals, Purple crystals, Yellow crystals, and transparent crystals
Pink crystals, Purple crystals, Yellow crystals, and transparent crystals

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartzis one of the best stones to use for connecting with trapped ghosts on airplanes, tree spirits, and faerie spirits.

This stone should be brought when looking for genius loci or researching paranormal occurrences because it can help you find a ghost who wants to communicate with you.

Smokey quartz is a fantastic stone to have on the skin for faerie channeling and should be placed above the third eye when attempting to comprehend signals from the faerie kingdoms.

Brown Tourmaline

In addition to the characteristics of other tourmalines, brown tourmaline is particularly tuned to the vibrations of healing and alignment on all levels. This crystal ally is the perfect companion for people who are recovering because it activates the Root and Heart Chakras.

You can work with Brown Tourmaline particularly to meet Genius Loci and other spirits linked to the earth and mountains, such as Trolls, Gnomes, and Elves.


Although you're probably more familiar with peridot as a decorative stone, it has a long history in spiritual activities. Peridot is said to be connected with protection, purity, and emotional equilibrium from the Group of 5 CrystalsSeries.

It is this third quality that will make it a wonderful addition to your collection. Some mediums and skeptics of the paranormal think that a ghost's presence can significantly alter the atmosphere in a space. The effect of such an influence might not be as strong when you have a peridot around your neck.


This dark crystal is recognized for its defensive properties, along with obsidian and onyx. Shungite is thought to repel negative energy from external sources, whereas the first two stones combat internal conflict and negativity.

That could refer to your roommate's nasty remarks about the way you clean the dishes, but it could also refer to the unsettling feeling you have when you are in that particular room in your home.

Keep your shungite visible in any space where you feel paranormal activity is taking place, or, if you want to be extra cautious, carry it with you wherever you go.


Jet is referred to as a "strong guardian" in the Group of Five series, with the capacity to shield its owner from negativity and even "curses." Additionally, it is supposed to anchor the person to their location on Earth and serve as a reminder of their position in both time and reality.

If you frequently find yourself frightened when you wake up from a horrible dream in the middle of the night, having a better connection to the world around you may be beneficial. Keep this stone around; it's especially helpful when you're alone. Keep it in any space where you spend time alone.

Brown, pink, purple, golden, blue, and light blue crystals
Brown, pink, purple, golden, blue, and light blue crystals

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is very beneficial for anyone who works with past lives, hypnosis, trance, and mental worlds. It is also recognized for helping people who have heavy responsibilities carry the load when it gets too hard.

Picture Jasper is extremely helpful for visiting the spirit worlds because it may be used to speed up trips and help with memory retention once there.

It should be kept on the spirit altar to help stabilize mediumship abilities and can also be utilized to help channel spirit beings from any dimension.

Black Tourmaline

One of the best stones for contacting spirits is black tourmaline. It is an excellent crystal ally for anyone suffering from any sickness that weakens the physical or astral bodies since it is extremely protective against harm or affliction.

The ability of black tourmaline to harmonize the mental and physical levels is also well known. When interacting with the spirit realm, black tourmaline has a long history of protecting magicians against demonic energy and the generally associated evil spells.

It is thought that when this stone is worn on the skin, it speeds up the formation of mental life energy. It also has amazing defensive powers, which makes it a powerful ally when exploring the inner psychic world.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is particularly helpful for people who reject all types of tyranny in addition to the qualities that all Jaspers share. It is recognized for its capacity to help you remember your dreams and for assisting individuals who fear danger in finding safety.

When dealing with demonic spirits or any other kind of spirit you use for low magic, red jasper is extremely helpful. It is recognized for its ability to strengthen the magician's willpower and increase the density of their frequency, putting them at the top.

People Also Ask

Is Labradorite Crystal Effective For Spirit Summoning?

Yes, the gemstone labradorite is highly prized for its capacity to aid with dream work, astral travel, and manifestation. It is a source of good energy and a tool that can help you talk to spirits.

Can You Summon Spirits With Moldavite?

You can, indeed. Moldavite is highly powerful for communicating with spirits and is visually fascinating! This is a very beneficial gemstone to have if you plan to often work with spirits.

Which Stone Is Best When Dealing With Evil Spirits?

When seeking to control rebellious spirit activity in a home or setting, lapis-lazuliis the ideal stone to employ. Your psychic power will get stronger, and your ability to control the area around you will make it harder for other frequencies to get through.


Witches and spirits work best together, much like solar panels and sunlight. Your magic may succeed or fail to depend on your ability to work well with them, but building a rapport with the opposition isn't always simple for everyone.

Witches can employ crystals, gemstones, and minerals to help them bridge the border and improve their practice, as well as stones for summoning spirits.

You should work with the stones on this list if you want to improve your psychic abilities, talk to all kinds of spirits, and move between different parts of reality.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the stones that can help one go farther into the spirit world. These are only a few of the stones that can be used for this, but they are all readily available and shouldn't break the bank.

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