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Start The New Year With Metformin To Activate Your Longevity Pathways

Start the New Year with a commitment to health, and for many people looking to activate their longevity pathways, Metformin can be a great option.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Feb 01, 202342 Shares1.3K Views

Start the New Year with a commitment to health, and for many people looking to activate their longevity pathways, Metformin can be a great option. This pharmaceutical is widely prescribed for Type II diabetes, and research has suggested that it may also play a role in promoting healthy aging along with its metabolic effects. One exciting recent study found that patients taking Metformin experienced better cognitive scores prior to death than expected they would, which suggests that Metformin can help protect nerve cells as aging occurs. Furthermore, researchers have been studying the potential anti-cancer benefits of this drug, meaning that its potential as an anti-aging therapy could be expanded even further. Adding this single drug to your health plan in 2023 could be a great start towards living a healthier and longer life.

Metformin, a diabetes medication, is rapidly becoming thanks to new research linking it to numerous positive health outcomes. Studies conducted by leading scientific journalshave reported contributions of Metformin becoming popular with non-diabetics, as well as its potential to combat aging. This has led some notable researchers to boldly refer to Metformin as an 'anti-aging pharmaceutical'. As such, it remains unsurprising that Metformin is quickly gaining the approval of doctors due to its ever-increasing list of benefits.

Many studies have suggested that Metformin can not only help people live longer, better lives, but also prevent the development of age-related diseases like diabetes and dementia. This medication is generally used to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes, however its benefits extend much further than just regulating blood sugar levels - as it can possibly reduce incidences of cognitive decline, pancreatic cancer, and heart disease. People who regularly use Metformin may even experience lower mortality rates when compared to those who do not take the drug. With such an impressive record of health benefits, Metformin is beginning to earn a reputation as something more than just a diabetes medication.

Older people have long been known to be at higher risk of developing cancer than younger individuals, but a recent retrospective analysis in the UK is pointing to a potential way to reduce this risk. 62,809 participants over 40 with diabetes were evaluated on their outcomes after receiving two types of diabetes therapy treatments - either Metformin or Sulfonylurea and Insulin (combination treatment). The results of the study showed that those who were given just Metformin as part of their treatment had far lower chances of getting colon or pancreatic cancers. This may indicate that using Metformin could significantly decrease the possibility of developing cancer in older people, though further research is needed to confirm that conclusion and determine if there are other benefits associated with taking this medication.

Recent research conducted by the Mayo Clinic has provided hope to patients with metastatic ovarian cancer. By studying 240 patient case studies, the Mayo Clinic discovered that those with ovarian cancer who took Metformin had a much better chance of survival compared to those without diabetes who did not take Metformin. 60 ovarian cancer cases of diabetic women taking Metformin and a control group of 178 women without diabetes were studied. These results suggest that there is a strong link between the use of Metformin and improved prognosis for those with metastatic ovarian cancer. Although further investigative research is necessary, it appears that Metformin is an effective treatment assisting in significantly improving long-term prognosis.

Cognitive decline is an all-too-common problem among people of all ages, but it often affects the elderly the most. While taking Metformin is popular with many elderly individuals to help their health, new evidence suggests that it might be even beneficial in helping to slow cognitive decline. A longitudinal aging study was conducted and published in 2014 which looked into whether cognitive impairment could be lessened by taking Metformin. The results showed that those who had taken the medication for the longest time had a much lower chance of experiencing cognitive impairment than those who did not take any at all. Even those suffering from diabetes experienced this benefit from taking Metformin according to the study, with researchers suggesting that "long-term therapy with metformin might minimize the likelihood of cognitive impairment." These findings were similar to a previous study conducted nearly a decade ago.

Recent studies have been demonstrating the efficacy of Metformin on losing weight in diabetic adults with obesity and these results are quite promising. A study published in 2013 tracked 154 individuals who were given Metformin daily for 6 months and looked at how this affected their weight. The results showed that those who had taken Metformin lost weight while those who hadn’t gained, regardless of insulin sensitivity levels. Furthermore, even those with particularly high insulin resistance also managed to lose weight, a feat which many thought could only be achieved through specially tailored diets and dedicated workouts. This research confirms that not only can Metformin help with weight loss for obese people but it may even help for those who are overweight and have had difficulty shifting the pounds in the past.

Metformin has become a popular longevity medicine because of the many hypotheses which exist about its potential health benefits. Consumers can discover more about how to get the best use out of Metforminvia, a telehealth longevity platform that provides access to qualified health experts as well as cost-effective therapies related to preventative health care. With advice from these medical pros, consumers can create a comprehensive plan that helps keep them healthy and living longer. Customers can also buy metformin online through the website, allowing them to take one more step toward achieving optimal wellness and longevity - all while saving time and money.

As we age, the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neurological and cardiovascular diseases increases significantly. This is why preventative medicine is so important in later life – the earlier one starts taking action to improve their health and quality of life, the better. Metformin has been heralded as one potential solution due to its presumed anti-aging properties. The available evidence suggests that taking Metformin could help reduce the probability of getting one of these age-related illnesses in the future. Understanding more about things like Metformin's anti-aging properties is certainly useful for anyone wanting to lead a healthier life in older age.

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