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Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry offers fine handcrafted rings, mens rings, cabochon bracelets, pin-pendants, pendants, earrings and necklaces set in silver, gold and with unique freeform gemstone shapes.

The artist also offers a custom jewelry design service on-line and features one of a kind art jewelry.

Other interesting sections of the site are: gemstone history, lore and facts which includes pictures of both the rough and finished stones; an extensive list of birthstone charts; an anniversary gift table; and a section on jewelry care, cleaning fine jewelry.


Table of Contents:

Index of jewelry by type and gemstone

Jewelry sorted by type (rings, earrings, cabochon bracelets, necklaces, neckwires and neck rings, pins and pendants) then sorted alphabetically by major gemstone.


Custom Designed Jewelry:

What is custom designed jewelry?



Custom Designed Rings


Custom Designed Pendants and Necklaces


Custom Designed Earrings


Custom Designed Cabochon Bracelets


Mens Custom Rings

Page II - Custom Mens Rings


Custom Sterling Silver Napkin Rings


Custom Jewelry Designs


Cabochons Available for Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry: Previously commissioned jewelry



Page 2



Page 3



Page 4



Page 5



Page 6



Page 7

  Commissions Page 8
  Commissions Page 9

Example Designs

Examples of some previous custom designs.

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Fine Art Jewelry:


Bead Jewelry

Unique gemstone necklaces.




Mixed stone cabochon bracelets, link bracelets, cuff bracelets and bangle bracelets.


Custom Made Link Bracelet Illustrated bracelet ideas





Limited Edition Earrings Designer earrings Illustrated earring ideas



Mens Jewelry


Mens Rings Men's Rings Illustrated mens ring ideas


Mens Turquoise Rings


Mens Onyx Rings


Mens Lapis Rings


Mens Sugilite Rings




Handmade chain necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.




Cufflinks with gemstones in silver or gold.



Necklaces, Neckbands/Collars

Neck wires, neck rings, collars, bead necklaces.



Gemstone Pendants

Just pendants Illustrated pendant and slide ideas



Necklaces - Pendants I



Pendants II

Pin-Pendants - pages I - XI show three to six thumbnail images per page. All pin-pendants come with a removable bail so the piece may be worn as either a brooch / pin or as a pendant.

Illustrated pendant ideas



Pendant III



Pendants IV



Pendant V



Pendants VI



Pendant VII



Pendants VIII



Pendant IX



Pendants X



Pendants XI


All Pin Pendant Necklaces

All current work shown in thumbnails on one page - graphic intense, but you can compare all the various styles and gemstones easily.




Designer rings Illustrated ring ideas



Pendant and Earrings Sets

Matching earrings and pendants.

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Gold Jewelry: Original designs in gold - link bracelets, earrings, rings and necklace/pendants


Gold Bracelets


Gold Cufflinks


Gold Earrings


Gold Necklaces


Gold Pendants


Gold Rings


Mens Gold Rings


Gold Slides

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Silver Jewelry: Unique jewelry set in sterling silver.


Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver jewelry includes link and cuff bracelets, chains, and pins/brooches.


Silver Cufflinks


Silver Earrings


Silver Necklaces


Silver Pendants


Silver Rings


Men's Silver Rings

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What's New 

Look here for newest additions


Cabochons: Cabochons and gemstone materials available for custom designed jewelry.


Cabs and Rough


Drusy Cabochons Index

Druzy cabochons available for custom jewelry designs


Rough and Slab Gemstone Material

Rough stone materials not cut into cabs yet but available for custom designs.


Jewelry Gifts:


The Gift Box

Limited edition or special pieces for gift giving.

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Jewelry by Gemstone, Color and/or Type:


Jewelry by Gemstone

See these pages to view one or more pieces made with a specific gemstone -OR- the "facts" pages for descriptions, folk lore and pictures of the gemstone:

See Jewelry by Birthstone for jewelry made with a specific birth stone or Colors of Birthstones.



Gemstone Jewelry by Type

This page offers a list of gemstone earrings, pendants, bracelets, and gemstone rings grouped by major stone.



Jewelry by Color

Visit this page to select jewelry in a specific gemstone color.



Alphabetical List of Jewelry by Gemstone

Men's and women's rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings listed alphabetically by gemstone.

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Gemstone, Birthstone, and Anniversary Lists, Glossary, and Jewelry Care:

Gemstone Facts, Lore

Glossary with descriptions, illustrations and information. History and pictures of rough and finished gemstones, facts, folklore, myths and healing properties surrounding the stones.



Gemstone Colors

All the stones listed by their color hue.


Birthstone Facts

22 different charts and lists of birthstones, colors, and pictures.


Birthstone Chart

Modern, Mystical, Ayurvedic, Talismanic and Ancient birthstone lists, Zodiac Birth Stones.

  Find a Birthstone Lists all birthstones by stone and corresponding chart.

Birthstone Colors I

A list of birthstone colors by color hue.


Birthstone Colors II

A list of birthstones and their colors by month.


Birthstone Pictures I

Pictures of birthstones listed by colors.


Birthstone Pictures II

Pictures of birthstones listed by month.


Birthstones by Astrology Sign

Pictures of birthstones by sign of the Zodiac.

  Zodiac Signs Birthstones Dates and stones listed for each by sign.

Comparative Chart

Birthstones from 15 different charts listed in one table by month/Zodiac sign.


Birthstone Jewelry

Handmade jewelry with birthstones.

Wedding Anniversary List

Gift chart for anniversaries - jewelry and gemstone.

Jewelry & Gemstone Glossary / Dictionary

A dictionary of gemstone and jewelry terms with illustrations.

Jewelry Care

How to care and clean fine designer jewelry. Warnings and recommendations.

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Contact and Ordering Information:


Contact Information

How to contact us by phone, tool free phone or email.


Ordering Information

You may order via the secure server using the button which will take you to the shopping cart for each item -or- call to discuss an order.


Custom Order Jewelry

How to place a custom order and the process of creating the design.


Example Design Pages

Some examples of custom designs submitted for customer approval.


How to Order a Sold Piece

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Update List

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Special Gifts List

At times throughout the year, I may offer specials for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or other special holidays.  This will be a completely separate notification from the list above and is intended to notify you shortly before a holiday if I am offering any specials.

You may sign up for one or both lists because they are entirely different types of notices.


Privacy Statement

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