Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
Unique contemporary jewelry handcrafted in silver, some embellished with gold. One of a kind and limited editions.

~ Custom design available.

  Designer Silver Jewelry


Sterling Silver Pendants, Slides and Pins

Handmade pendants in silver with gemstones.

Each pendant in this collection is either one of a kind or limited edition.  

Silver Earrings Silver Bracelets Silver Cufflinks
Silver Rings Mens Silver Rings Silver Necklaces

Custom Designed Pendants       more sterling silver pendants with gemstones - page 2

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Peruvian opal, agate drusy, sugilite
Silver Pendant
with Peruvian Opal, Sugilite
Drusy Agate


amethyst, charoite
Silver Pendant
with Russian Charoite
Amethyst Crystals

variscite, drusy
Silver Pin/Pendant
with White Drusy Quartz
Amethyst and Variscite 

spectrolite pendant
Sterling Silver Pendant / Slide
with Baltic Amber
and Spectrolite


Druzy, Onyx, Tourmalinated Quartz
Silver Pendant
with Onyx, Black Druzy
Tourmalinated Quartz

lapis, drusy, pendant
Silver Pendant
with Lapis Lazuli
Titanium Coated Drusy


Mabe pearl, Boulder opal, amethyst
Silver Pendant / Slide
with Mabe Pearl, Amethyst
and Boulder Opal


opal pendant
Silver Pendant
with Boulder Opal
and Silver Moon Stone

boulder opal, turquoise
Silver Slide or Pendant
with Turquoise, Peridot
and Boulder Opal

boulder opal, lapis, sterling
Silver Pin Pendant
with Boulder Opal
and Lapis Lazuli


plume agate, carnelian, fossil stone
Silver Pendant
with Plume Agate, Carnelian
and Fossil Stone

Pietersite, turquoise, black onyx
Silver Pendant
with Pietersite, Turquoise
and Black Onyx

green chrysocolla drusy, aventurine pendant
Silver Pendant
with Chrysocolla Drusy
and Aventurine


drusy quartz pendant
Silver Pendant
with Psilomelane Drusy, Citrine
and Chinese Writing Stone

druzy pendant
Silver Slide/Pendant
with Chrysocolla Drusy

Black Onyx, Palm Wood Pendant
Silver Pendant
with Petrified Palm Wood
and Black Onyx


palm wood, onyx, bone
Silver Pin/Pendant
with Petrified Palm Wood,
Black Onyx and Bone

petrified palmwood. amber. onyx
Silver Pendant
with Petrified Palmwood
Amber and Onyx

palm wood, onyx pendant
Silver Pin / Pendant / Slide
with Black Onyx and
Petrified Palm Wood


palm wood, onyx, amber
Silver Pendant
with Petrified Palm Wood
Baltic Amber and Black Onyx

reticulated silver, Biggs jasper,
Reticulated Silver Brooch/Pendant
with Biggs Jasper
and Bone

onyx with Bruno jasper
Silver Pin/Pendant
with Black Onyx
and Bruno Jasper

jasper, agate, onyx
Silver Slide / Pendant
with Black Onyx
Crazy Lace Agate and Jasper

Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, Slide
Silver Pendant
with Australian Tiger's Eye
and Red Jasper


Australian Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx
Silver Pin / Pendant
with Australian Tiger's Eye
and Onyx Tongue


Ammonite Pendant
with Black Onyx Cab

Montana agate, onyx, moonstone
Silver Pin/ Pendant
with Black Onyx, Montana Agate
and Peach Moonstone

Crazy Lace Agate, Onyx
Silver Slide / Pendant
with Black Onyx
and Crazy Lace Agate


agate and turquoise pendant
Silver Brooch / Pendant
with Moss Agate
and Turquoise

crazy lace agate, onyx, /slide
Silver Pendant-Pin
with Black Onyx
and Crazy Lace Agate

Montana agate pendant
Silver Pin Pendant
with Montana Agate
Silver Moonstone
and Black Onyx Blade


Black onyx, opalite, pendant and sterling neckband
Silver Slide
Black Onyx and Tiffany Stone
shown on wide silver neckband

snowflake obsidian, onyx, moonstone
Silver Pendant
with Snowflake Obsidian
Silver Moonstone
and Black Onyx


Drusy / Azurite Pendant
with Moonstone




Baltic amber pendant with rutilated quartz
Baltic Amber Pendant
with Rutilated Quartz
14K Gold, Silver


more sterling silver pendants with gemstones - page 2

Gold Pendants

Custom Designed Pendants and Necklaces



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