Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Unique contemporary jewelry handcrafted in silver, some embellished with gold. One of a kind and limited editions.

~ Custom design available.


Designer Silver Jewelry

Ethnic Jewelry and

GemStone Bead Necklaces

Planned for 2006!

Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry Art

Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs with Gemstones

Silver Bracelets

Gemstone Link Bracelets, Cuffs and Bangles


silver bracelets



Silver Pendants

Gemstone Pin/Pendants

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silver pendants


Silver Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks with Gemstones


silver cufflinks



Silver Men's Rings

Mens Gemstone Rings

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mens silver rings


Silver Earrings

Gemstone Earrings

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silver earrings



Silver Womens Rings

Designer Gemstone Rings

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sapphire silver ring



Silver Necklaces

Neck Rings
Neck Bands
Neck Wires
Collars and Chains




silver necklaces




Custom Designed Bracelets
Custom Designed Earrings Custom Designed Rings
Men's Custom Designed Rings
Custom Designed Pendants, Necklaces



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"Colorful & Dramatic Handcrafted Designer Jewelry"


October 15, 2005