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Sex Crystals - Purchase One Of These Crystals To Increase Your Sex Drive


Crystals are believed to be the source of a person's physical happiness, as they can assist individuals in fulfilling the multiple desires that they experience in their bodies.

A major number of individuals have the objective of developing and increasing the level of desire they experience in order to advance their sexual lives as human beings. Many of them have faith in sex crystals because they believe that they can provide them with the necessary energies.

I'd also like to share with you some of the crystals that they believe will have beneficial effects for them, as well as how they are putting those crystals to use.

Is It Good To Have Crystals By Your Bed?

Crystals for Epic Sex

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Some people believe that keeping specific crystals in your bedroom, placing them on your body, or storing them under your mattress can help you get a good night's sleep, and others think that it can induce your sexual drive.

Even though there isn't any evidence from scientific studies to suggest that using crystals to help you sleep is beneficial, there's likely no harm in giving them a shot.

Crystals For Sex

Sunstone Crystal

White-orange Sunstone crystal
White-orange Sunstone crystal

Crystal of the Sunstone, which is also referred to as a stone of joy, is thought to encourage a positive attitude and an enjoyment of life. Sunstone is thought to be very effective in clearing one's aura and chakras as well as boosting one's desire, as per metaphysical beliefs.

The Root and Sacral Chakras are the ones most commonly associated with the use of sunstone. Sunstone inspires one with a sense of self-assurance and confidence, and it helps in overcoming obstacles and complex situations.

It helps to calm the mind and boosts one's confidence in their sexual life at the same time.

Carnelian Crystal

Orange-red Carnelian crystal
Orange-red Carnelian crystal

Consider using carnelian, a crystal that produces both creativity and passion, if you really want to turn things up a level. Carnelian is an excellent crystal for boosting sexual energy, and in contrast to other crystals that are energizing, it is less likely to keep you awake at night.

Cardenas suggests that you keep this crystal in your space when you are beginning a new romantic relationship or engaging in sexual activity. This is because it also inspires bravery.

If you are anxious about sending a potentially dangerous sext, some people suggest that you hold the device close to your heart or at the pulse of your wrists. Carnelian is the stone to consult when you feel as though "you've lost that loving feeling."

Imagine it as being similar to blood in that it provides the life force, amplifies your vitality, and can assist in the strengthening of the physical body. And, you guessed it, it can even be beneficial for problems relating to sexuality and fertility.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Ice clear quartz crystal
Ice clear quartz crystal

The energies of other crystals that are in direct range to clear quartz crystals are enhanced. Because of this, it is an efficient companion component for any crystal that you might be using to help increase the amount of love that you have for yourself.

This crystal has a connection to the crown chakra, which enables it to spark feelings of pleasure and desire in others. This can aid in the healing of emotional wounds as well as bring clarity and concentration to your mind!

Cardenas recommends giving the crystal a bath in saltwater, followed by rinsing it in cool water and then placing it on your pelvic region for the cleansing effect. After you have completed those steps, speak your intention into the stone by saying, "I program this crystal to bring me sexual pleasure and fulfillment."

Although it is not necessary to perform this kind of grounding ritual, Cardenas and other energy workers recommend doing so in order to draw out the metaphysical properties that crystals carry.

Garnet Crystal

Broken deep red garnet crystal
Broken deep red garnet crystal

Garnet is an energizing crystal that is used to attract and activate desire and sexual feeling. Garnet's primary color is red. It has the ability to remove emotional and energetic blocks that may be limiting your vitality as well as old patterns that may be getting in the way of your progress.

It is believed that garnet can bring about energetic and emotional balance within the body. Garnet, also known as a stone of vitality and physical energy, has a direct impact on one's desire to engage in sexual activity.

The libido is stimulated, the hidden passions are brought back, and intimate bonds are secured.

Orange Calcite Crystal

Clear and transparent orange calcite crystal
Clear and transparent orange calcite crystal

When you are lacking sexual energy and experience hopelessness and tiredness, orange calcite can be a very helpful stone to improve your sexual drive. This is especially true if you are lacking sexual energy.

This bright orange crystal will get your sexual energy flowing and help your sexual energy flowing and help you relax or unblock anything that could be the cause of your importance. It will also help you regain your strength.

It combines you with positive and uplifting energies and causes you to radiate sexual attractive force and attraction. It brings back the excitement and passion you once had in your sexual life.

Alternative Stones For Sex Crystals

  • Tiger's eye
  • Amethyst
  • Turquoise
  • Citrine
  • Jasper
  • Rose quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Clear Quartz

People Also Ask

What Crystals Help With Orgasms?

  • Crocoite is referred to as the "passion stone."
  • Coming in at number two is the rhodochrosite crystal, which is considered to be the most effective crystal for sexual healing.
  • Garnet is the best stone for bringing one's sexual power under control and then channeling that into creative energy that can be released into the world.

Can I Put Carnelian In My Bra?

To what Van Doren shared with mbg, wearing carnelian as jewelry is an excellent way to bring the stone's vitality into one's everyday life. You could attach a piece to a necklace or bracelet, look for a pair of carnelian earrings, or if you want to be completely honest with yourself, you could "wear" it in your bra or keep it in your pocket.

Can You Put Crystals Under Your Pillow?


Crystals can be placed underneath your pillow or mattress without affecting your ability to get to sleep. Crystals have the potential to improve the quality of your sleep, and you can discover the most benefit from their energy if you keep them nearby while you're trying to get some sleep.


Many people who have tried these sex crystals believe that all you need to do to benefit from them during the day is to keep them on you, in your pocket, in your bag, or simply within your line of sight are all acceptable options.

When evening comes, it is recommended that the stones be placed on the bedside table so that their energies can continue to be distributed throughout the night and in your sexual activities. They are also able to be placed on the stomach in order to facilitate meditation, relaxation, or self-massage sessions.

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