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AIGS Releases 'Santa Maria' Aquamarine Grading Report


The Santa Maria aquamarine grading report was introduced for aquamarine in June 2022 by the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS), which already established a benchmark for the trade name.

The Aquamarine And Its Value

Due to the fact that most aquamarines are eye clean, color is one of the most important factors that influence value.

The name "aquamarine" originates from a Latin phrase that translates to "seawater."

The body color can range from a bluish-green to a greenish-blue hue, and it is typically a light tone.

COPYRIGHT_BER: Published on https://www.bernardine.com/santa-maria-aquamarine-grading-report/ by Barbara Mitchell on 2022-08-22T02:12:09.548Z

Because so many aquamarines on the market have been heated in order to achieve a deep, saturated color, clean, unheated blue aquamarines with a high saturation level are extremely difficult to find.

As a result, they charge a very high price.

Highly-prized Type Of Santa Maria Aquamarine

GIA Certified Santa Maria Double Blue Aquamarine

According to the Institute, its color code gives the name "Santa Maria" to the variety of beryl known as aquamarine.

This variety has a blue color with medium saturation and does not have any brown or yellow tints.

According to this information, wines that have a low saturation level, a low clarity level, and dark tones do not meet the criteria to be called Santa Maria.

Neither does aquamarine with a poor degree of transparency.

The Aquatic Gemological Society (AIGS) will indicate in its gemstone identification reports that the stone qualifies as a "Santa Maria" type of aquamarine for customers who meet all of the necessary criteria.

Sources Of Important Aquamarines

Aquamarine originates from a wide range of different places, but one of the most important places to find it is in Brazil.

Based on an online source, the best Brazilian aquamarines have brilliant blue colors, high clarity, and good crystal forms. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Myanmar, and China also produce aquamarines.

Transforming Its Trade Name To Get The Right Interpretation

Kennedy Ho, Chairman of AIGS stated:

The launch of the Santa Maria color code is yet another important initiative after launching our Jedi spinel reports last October.

And he even added:

Trade names such as pigeon blood and royal blue have been used for centuries by gem traders to describe ideal colors implying value and rarity. Yet these trade names are often ambiguous with definitions varying between buyers and sellers alike. By transforming trade names into an industry-standard through reports graded by third-party objectivity, AIGS aims to reduce such ambiguity.

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