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Purple Sapphire Ring For Purple Lovers


Purple is eye-catching due to its soft-looking texture. It is also fashionable because it is visible to the general public. Many people believe that purple was designed to dethrone pink! So it's no surprise that they want to use it as their ring as well!

If you are one of them, allow me to introduce you to the purple sapphire ring. It is made of sapphire, which will help you notice by the public not only the bright color of purple but also the shine that purple sapphire is producing.

But first, let's define what purple sapphire is.

What Is Purple Sapphire

The purple sapphire comes from the Corundum variety of crystals, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. The presence of vanadium in it is responsible for the gem's purple color. This color, like purple jade, can range from light amethyst to lavender and finally to deep purple.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that fancy sapphires can get two different kinds of treatment, which is common with purple sapphires.

As a result of the lattice diffusion, the sapphire can be heated to much higher temperatures. With the addition of some kind of coloring agent, this helps to make other purple tones or shades.

Rare Type Of Stone

Purple sapphire, also known as lavender or violet sapphire, is one of the world's most extraordinary rare sapphires.

These precious stones can dazzle people in the crowd because they have the ability to naturally change color as the lighting changes around them. Aside from their adaptability, collectors adore them for their particular characteristics, such as the fact that they rarely require any heat treatment to maximize their natural brilliance.

Purple Sapphire is famous in legend and lore for its healing and mystic qualities, which are known for amplifying enlightenment and inner peace, and it is even thought to have healing properties for rheumatism and mental illness.

Benefits Of Wearing Purple Sapphire Ring

People believe it helps to calm the mind and to keep the glands in check. The stone helps people get back to a sense of balance and faith by not worrying about things that aren't important and keeping their emotions in check. They also believe it can also help you deal with low self-esteem and regain your confidence.

The truth is that there is no scientific basis for that statement, but there is nothing wrong with wearing it. The true benefit of wearing a purple sapphire ring is that it will make you feel proud since you have one of the rarest stones, and it will finally satisfy your purple cravings!

Are you interested in knowing whether you can afford it or where to purchase one?

Price Range

It costs a lot less to make synthetic purple sapphires than it does to make natural heated ones. Pure colors are pale purple, lilac, and Magenta. They are the most valuable and rare. The price of the Purple Sapphire ring usually depends on the color, size, origin, shape, and clarity. However, Khooni Neelam's price in India or outside, range from Rs 5,000 per carat to Rs 2 lakh per carat and above.

But they usually cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per carat if they aren't treated. How much a stone costs depends on how big, clear, and cut it is, as well as how it looks.

Stores That Offers Affordable Price

  • The Natural Sapphire Company

They have inexpensive purple sapphire rings, so you can check out their page. One of the best things about this online store is that they will let you make your own purple sapphire ring. You can choose the shape, color intensity, clarity, treatment, and more! The price starts at $500.

  • Brilliant Earth

This online store offers also affordable purple sapphire rings. If you check their website you can see the whole picture by controlling it, because it is created 360°. The price starts at $2,200.

So what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart and see yourself what purple sapphire ring can bring to your personal life.

Take Home Message

Because of its color, perfect appearance, and rarity, it has the potential to attract a large number of people. This is suitable for fashion or your personal collection. Purple sapphire will unquestionably connect to you!

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