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Princess Diana Rings - Exploring The Timeless Elegance


Princess Diana, the beloved late Princess of Wales, was not only known for her iconic fashion sense and humanitarian work, but also for her stunning jewelry collection.

Among the many exquisite pieces in her possession, Princess Diana rings hold a special place in the hearts of admirers and collectors alike.

From her engagement ring to her statement rings, each one tells a story and reflects her unique style and personality.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Princess Diana's rings, exploring their significance, history, and enduring appeal.

The Engagement Ring - A Symbol Of Love And Legacy

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One of the most iconic and well-known rings associated with Princess Diana is her engagement ring, which was given to her by Prince Charles when they got engaged in 1981.

The ring features a dazzling blue sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds, set in 18k white gold.

This exquisite ring, designed by the renowned jewelry house Garrard, quickly captured the world's attention and has since become an enduring symbol of love and legacy.

The story behind Princess Diana's engagement ring is as fascinating as the ring itself.

It is said that Diana personally chose the ring from a selection of options presented to her by Garrard's jewelers.

Her choice of a sapphire center stone was considered unconventional at the time, as most engagement rings featured diamonds as the main gemstone.

However, Diana's choice was a reflection of her unique personality and style, and it instantly became a trendsetter.

The significance of Princess Diana's engagement ring goes beyond its exquisite design.

It also carries a powerful emotional connection, as it represents the love between her and Prince Charles, as well as her enduring legacy as a beloved member of the royal family.

After her untimely death in 1997, her engagement ring was passed down to her son, Prince William, who later gave it to his now-wife, Catherine Middleton, as a symbol of their love and connection to Diana's memory.

The ring has since become one of the most famous and treasured engagement rings in the world, symbolizing not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a timeless symbol of love, legacy, and remembrance.

Lady Diana With Hand On Cheek
Lady Diana With Hand On Cheek

Exploring Princess Diana Rings

In addition to her engagement ring, Princess Diana was also known for her collection of statement rings, which she wore to various events and occasions, showcasing her unique style and personality.

These rings, often adorned with precious gemstones and intricate designs, were not only fashionable accessories but also carried significant meaning for Diana.

One of the most notable statement rings worn by Princess Diana was her emerald-cut aquamarine ring, which she often wore to complement her stunning blue eyes.

This ring, designed by Asprey, features a large aquamarine gemstone set in a yellow gold band with diamond accents. Diana was often seen wearing this ring to charity events and galas, and it became one of her signature pieces of jewelry.

Another notable ring in Princess Diana's collection was her pearl and diamond ring, which she received as a gift from her father for her 18th birthday.

This ring features a large pearl surrounded by diamonds, set in a yellow gold band. Diana was often seen wearing this ring to formal events, and it was regarded as a sentimental piece that held special meaning for her.

Princess Diana's statement rings were not only beautiful pieces of jewelry but also reflected her unique sense of style and individuality. She often used her fashion choices, including her rings, to convey messages and make statements.

The Symbolism Of Gemstones In Princess Diana's Rings

The gemstones used in Princess Diana's rings were carefully chosen and held significant symbolism.

From the mesmerizing blue sapphire in her engagement ring to the vibrant aquamarine and precious pearls in her statement rings, each gemstone carried its own meaning.

For example, the blue sapphire was believed to symbolize sincerity, loyalty, and faithfulness, which resonated with Diana's character and values.

Similarly, aquamarine was associated with courage, hope, and tranquility, which were qualities that Diana exemplified throughout her life.

The pearls in her rings were often seen as symbols of purity, wisdom, and sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to her jewelry collection.

The symbolism of gemstones in Diana's rings extends beyond their individual meanings, but also to their cultural and historical significance.

The blue sapphire in her engagement ring is believed to have been sourced from Sri Lanka, a country known for its rich history of gemstone mining and trading.

Sri Lanka has a long-standing association with sapphires, and the gemstone is considered a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Sri Lankan culture.

The aquamarine in Diana's statement ring is also steeped in symbolism, as it is associated with the sea and has been used as a talisman by sailors for centuries to protect against dangers at sea.

This cultural and historical significance of the gemstones in Diana's rings adds depth and richness to their symbolism, making them more than just precious gemstones, but also carriers of cultural heritage and history.

The Making of Princess Diana Inspired Sapphire Ring

The Design And Craftsmanship Of Princess Diana's Rings

Princess Diana's rings were not only adorned with precious gemstones, but they also boasted exquisite design and craftsmanship.

From the intricate settings to the fine detailing, each ring was a masterpiece in its own right.

The engagement ring, designed by Garrard, featured a timeless design with a halo of diamonds that enhanced the brilliance of the sapphire center stone.

The statement rings, crafted by renowned jewelers like Asprey, showcased innovative and unique designs that reflected Diana's fashion-forward style.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship of these rings added to their allure and made them true works of art.

The statement rings in Diana's collection, crafted by esteemed jewelers like Asprey, also boast intricate and innovative designs.

One notable ring is the aquamarine ring, which Diana wore to an auction at Christie's in 1997, just months before her tragic passing.

The ring features a large emerald-cut aquamarine stone set in 24 diamonds on a yellow gold band.

The design of the ring is bold and modern, showcasing Diana's fashion-forward style and her willingness to embrace unconventional gemstones in her jewelry.

The craftsmanship of Diana's rings is truly exceptional, with attention to detail and precision evident in every aspect of the design.

The settings of the rings are intricately crafted to secure the gemstones firmly in place, while also allowing them to shine to their full potential.

The metalwork is expertly done, with smooth edges, polished surfaces, and meticulous engraving, showcasing the skill and expertise of the jewelers who crafted these pieces.

People Also Ask

What Is The Significance Of The Oval-cut Sapphire In Princess Diana's Engagement Ring?

The oval-cut sapphire in Diana's engagement ring symbolizes sincerity, loyalty, and faithfulness, and is associated with her enduring love and commitment to Prince Charles.

Why Did Princess Diana Choose An Aquamarine Gemstone For Her Statement Ring?

Diana chose an aquamarine gemstone for her statement ring because it represents courage, hope, and tranquility, reflecting her resilient and compassionate nature.

What Cultural Significance Does The Blue Sapphire In Diana's Engagement Ring Hold?

The blue sapphire in Diana's engagement ring is believed to have been sourced from Sri Lanka, a country known for its history of gemstone mining and trading, and is considered a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Sri Lankan culture.

What Do Pearls Symbolize In Princess Diana's Rings?

Pearls symbolize purity, innocence, and wisdom, and are associated with Diana's grace, elegance, and timeless style, as well as her close friendship with Lucia Flecha de Lima, who gifted her the pearls.

How Did Princess Diana's Rings Inspire The Trend Of Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings?

Princess Diana's iconic blue sapphire engagement ring sparked a trend of colored gemstone engagement rings, as admirers sought to emulate her style and symbolism, adding a unique and meaningful touch to their own jewelry choices.


Princess Diana rings are not just exquisite pieces of jewelry, but they are symbols of love, legacy, and enduring elegance.

From her iconic engagement ring to her statement rings, each one tells a story and reflects Diana's unique style, personality, and values.

The significance of these rings goes beyond their beauty, as they hold deep emotional connections for Diana's family, fans, and admirers around the world.

As we continue to remember and celebrate Princess Diana's legacy, her rings will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who admire her, serving as a timeless reminder of her enduring influence and her remarkable life.

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