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Peruvian Blue Opal - The Most Magnificent Stone In Peru


The elements that make up the Peruvian blue opal are iron, aluminum, silicon, and water.

It also has the highest refractive index of anything in the world.

This natural gemstone has been mined for hundreds of years, but it has only become popular in the United States and Europe in the last few years.

Introducing Peruvian Blue Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal stone with a mix of blue and green color
Peruvian Blue Opal stone with a mix of blue and green color

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Peruvian blue opal is a type of semiprecious stone that can be found in remote parts of the Peruvian Andes. It is very rare and has been thought of as one of the world's most valuable stones.

It was first found by Spanish conquistadors, who called it "El Azul de Peru", which means "The Blue Stone from Peru" because it was so blue that it looked like an emerald from a distance.

The color of the gemstone ranges from dark blue to greenish-blue, with an intense blue center surrounded by a lighter blue halo, or sometimes just a light sky blue color with no halo.

What Makes A Good Peruvian Blue Opal Gemstone?

Blue opals are hard to find and often cost a lot. The color of a blue opal can be anywhere from light blue to dark navy blue, and heat treatment can make the color even more vivid.

The color and clarity of Peruvian Blue Opals are what make them so well-known. Their history is also interesting. In the early 1900s, Peruvian miners found them by accident in a mine near the town of Huancavelica.

A Sensational Peruvian Blue Opals

The Peruvian blue opals are sensational because of their color and clarity. The colors change depending on how the light hits them. This gives them an ethereal beauty that no other gemstone can match.

Sometimes, the colors inside these gems are so deep that they can look different depending on how you look at them, even if you hold them up to your eye.

The Magical Power Of Peruvian Blue Opals

Peruvian blue opal held by a hand along with the phrase "The Magical Power of Peruvian Blue Opals"
Peruvian blue opal held by a hand along with the phrase "The Magical Power of Peruvian Blue Opals"

People say that the color that Peruvian blue opals give off is what gives them their magic. People say that the color turquoise makes them feel happy, calm, and at peace, while the color dark blue makes them feel safe and strong.

Rare Peruvian Blue Opals are magical stones that can heal and bring peace to people. You can also use them for love, protection, and good luck.

People also say that Peruvian blue opals have magical powers that can help with spiritual growth, self-healing, and protecting the mind. Also, they have a strong healing energy that can help with both physical and emotional problems.

Did You Know?

Why it is called turquoise? - They are also called "Peruvian turquoise" because they look like small teardrops and have a turquoise-blue color.

The most common idea about why they are this color and shape is that it was caused by a rare event called a "catalytic reaction."

Hydrogen gas reacts with metals in the earth to make an oxide layer. This layer then reacts with water vapor to make hydrogen gas. This gas is what gives the stone its color.

How To Get The Best Deal On Peruvian Blue Opals And Where To Find Them?

Blue opal, from Peru

It is hard to find a gem that is both strong and beautiful like the Peruvian blue opal. Because it is so rare, this gem has been used in jewelry and decorations for hundreds of years.

Most people who find Peruvian blue opals get them as gifts or buy them from an online store. But you can also find it at a local jewelry store or at an online auction.

Why Would You Use Blue Peruvian Opal?

There are lots of benefits to Blue Peruvian Opal based on other users. And these are some of them:

The Peruvian Blue Opal is a great companion stone because it has a soft and soothing energy.

It will help you get rid of tension in your body and clear your mind of useless thoughts.

The energies of this stone will also help you talk to people, so you can get rid of anything that is making it hard for you to say what you want to say.

This stone's energies will help your ideas flow freely.

It will let you use your gifts and skills in any way you want, so you can be proud of yourself.

Blue Peruvian Opal will help your body, mind, and spirit deal with stress better.

It will make you more likely to do what you need to do to keep your life in balance and harmony.

Blue Peruvian Opal will also help you heal old emotional wounds. It will help you heal on an emotional level so that you can get your life back on track.

It will help calm your mind and make it easy for you to relax. It is also a stone that will help you sleep well and deeply.

People Also Ask

Are Peruvian Opals Rare?

Peru's national stone is the Peruvian Opal, which is pretty rare and can only be found in the Andes. It has a random arrangement of crystals inside, so it doesn't have the same play of colors or fire as an Opal.

How Is Peruvian Opal Formed?

Blue Peruvian Opal is a sedimentary rock made from high-silica igneous rocks. It is usually made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and silicon, and it forms at low temperatures. A Blue Peruvian Opal has a very random mix of crystals inside of it.

Is Blue Opal Natural?

Blue common opal is a very valuable type of common opal that is most often found in Peru, Oregon, and Indonesia. The colors of Oregon's Owyhee blue opal range from light to dark pastel blue. Blue opal beads from Peru sometimes have small areas of play-of-color that are clear.


Since ancient times, Peruvian blue opal has been the most popular gemstone in Peru. Jewelers know that the best way to get a great deal on a real Peruvian blue opal is to buy it from a jewelry store. Also, Peruvian blue opals are very strong and can be worn with other gems without losing their color or patterning because of heat, chemicals, or water.

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