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Peridot is the gem variety of olivine. The pronunciation of peridot is often confused, it is actually pronounced pear-a-doe instead of pear-a-dot.

Gem quality peridot comes from Arizona, Burma, Norway, islands in the Red Sea, Hawaii and is sometimes found in meteorites. It's been mined as a gemstone for thousands of years, and is mentioned in the Bible under the name of Chrysolite. Legend says that peridot was one of the favorite gemstones of Cleopatra and that some of the "emeralds" worn by her were actually peridot.

Folk lore:

It is thought to bring the wearer success, peace, and good luck. Its powers include protection, health, and sleep and it is used to attract love and calm anger while also soothing nerves and dispelling negative emotion.

Peridot Jewelry and Cabochons

Jewelry made with peridot. A selection of free form cabochons and rough available for custom jewelry.

faceted peridot







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