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Papa Johns Releases First-ever Jewelry Piece For Halloween


A press release says that Papa Johns has made its first piece of jewelry, the Stranger Bling necklace, which is a nod to its 1980s horror film parody show "Jack!"

Papa Johns releases first-ever jewelry piece for Halloween.

Forged In Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver

The necklace remembers Papa John's Special Garlic Dipping Sauce for all time. It's made of oxidized.925 sterling silver, which is thought to keep vampires and werewolves away. It's hinged to look like Papa Johns' most popular dipping sauce, which opens and closes.

The limited-edition jewelry launch is a nod to the Jack! movie series, in which a possessed Papa Johns' Jack O'Lantern pizza is defeated by the magical powers of the brand's Special Garlic Dipping Sauce and the hero pizza delivery guy, Bruce.

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A beautiful new 4K teaser film made by Glacé Media and released before Halloween shows the necklace.

The Stranger Bling Necklace by Papa Johns

Highlight PR worked with silversmith Oli Brown from the U.K. to make the Stranger Bling necklace, and you can buy an exclusive pendant run from the maker, Black Feather Design, for $113.29.

In a press release, Lawrence Felice, who is the director of international marketing for EMENA at Papa Johns, said:

This year, we're paying homage to cult horror classics and serving up nostalgia with our latest Halloween-themed marketing campaign. As well as bringing back our iconic Jack! series, we're excited to offer fans a one-of-a-kind keepsake that celebrates our legendary Special Garlic Dipping Sauce.

- Lawrence Felice

Jack! was made just for Papa Johns. LA-based YouTube film experts SKY CORP brought it to life by using cutting-edge CGI and SFX to turn Papa Johns' seasonal Jack O'Lantern pizza into a villain on-screen.

The scary voice of Jack is done by Sean Schemmel, who is best known for playing Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z.

Papa Johns' Halloween range, including the Jack O'Lantern pizza, will be available to order in select markets via www.papajohns.com or via local ordering apps.

This month, the new global campaign will run in some markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. It will use a variety of channels to reach people.

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