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Pandora’s New Campaign Features Pamela Anderson

The pandora’s new campaign features pamela anderson. I wear Pandora’s diamond double-chain collier necklace around my neck every single day. The chain's lab-grown diamond is enclosed in a golden teardrop and hangs just above my left collarbone. I put it on a while back because I liked how it looked and never took it off.

Johnny K.
Johnny K.
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  1. Pandora's Campaign Starring Pamela Anderson

The Pandora’s new campaign features Pamela Anderson. I wear Pandora’s diamond double chain collier necklacearound my neck every single day.

The chain's lab-grown diamondis enclosed in a golden teardrop and hangs just above my left collarbone. I put it on a while back because I liked how it looked and never took it off.

Pandora's Campaign Starring Pamela Anderson

Pandora is known for its cupcake and strawberry charm bracelets, but it hopes to introduce more customers to the joys of lab-grown diamonds.

Today, the diamondcompany unveiled its current "Diamonds for All" campaign, which features a slew of celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, who has made a strong fashion resurgence in recent years.

Precious Lee, a model, is currently the creative director-at-large at Vogue. Grace Coddington, Justina Miles (an American sign language interpreter and performer), Amita Suman (an actor), Sherry Shi (a model), and Vinson Fraley (a musical artist and dancer) are some of the other notable people included in the ad.

Other Pandora-inspired models
Other Pandora-inspired models

Pandora desires to recognize creative individuals who have made significant contributions to fashion and society and who are also recognized for their unique selves.

The goal is to popularize diamonds as everyday jewelry. "Our diamonds are not for the few, for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, or only forgiving. They represent personal meaning that each of us can create."

Pandora chief marketing officer Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson said in a statement. They stand in for the specific significance that each of us might construct.

According to WWD, Pamela Anderson believes that ethics are just as essential as aesthetics.

I like the fact that these are lab-grown diamonds, and knowing the jewelry is crafted from recycled silverand goldmakes me feel good about wearing it. It is actually the more radical, kind-of-glamorous move.- Pamela Anderson

Since August 2022, every necklace, ring, and earring in Pandora's lab-grown diamond collections has been crafted using diamonds grown, cut, and polished with 100% renewable energy, and set in 100% recycled silver or gold.

Lab-grown diamonds have a smaller carbon footprint than mined diamonds, despite the fact that they are appraised using the same 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) as mined diamonds and have the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical attributes as mined diamonds.

Pandora Nova, Pandora Era, and Pandora Tailsman are the names of the brand-new collections that are a part of the most recent marketing push.

The diamond in the Pandora Nova ring is held in place by a four-prong setting that gives the illusion that it is floating in the air.

Pandora Era reinvents the classic bezel and prong setting with a modern twist: Its 14k gold pendant and bracelet have three rows of bezel-set stones.

The Pandora Tailsman is made up of five pendant styles with motifs like a heart or a star that also act as the setting for the lab-grown diamond.

Overall, the items are more of an evolution than a departure from the brand's distinctive style. Pandora Creative Director A. Filippo Ficarelli says in a statement:

The Pandora Talisman collection is especially important for us because it takes lab-grown diamonds into a universe that is at the heart of Pandora: the universe of charms.- Pandora Creative Director A. Filippo Ficarelli

Clearly, that universe, like our own, is growing all the time.

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