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Metformin May Lower Risk Of Colon & Pancreatic Cancer


Metformin – What Is It?

Back in 1994, the FDA approved metformin as an antidiabetic agent, primarily used by patients dealing with type 2 diabetes. When used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet, metformin can help the body control its overall blood sugar levels. Many patients tend to let their symptoms prolong, or they tend to go undiagnosed for an extended period of time. However, if high blood sugar levels aren’t properly addressed upfront, it can lead to other health concerns such as blindness, nerve-related issues, problems with kidney function, issues with sexual function, and much more.

How Does Metformin Work?

Metformin primarily works by helping to restore the body’s natural response to insulin. In other words, according to the National Library of Medicine, metformin helps to decrease the total amount of blood sugar our liver produces that our stomach and intestines tend to absorb. It can be thought of as an insulin sensitizer, as it helps to increase the overall effects of insulin on the body. All in all, metformin not only helps the body to become more sensitive to insulin but also helps to lower sugar absorption and sugar production within the body, as well.

How Can Metformin Lower the Risk of Colon & Pancreatic Cancer?

COPYRIGHT_BER: Published on https://www.bernardine.com/metformin-may-lower-risk-of-colon-and-pancreatic-cancer/ by Barbara Mitchell on 2022-09-30T10:28:43.933Z

Today, metformin is finding new and unique uses in the market and has been linked to lowering the risk of developing certain types of cancer such as colon or pancreatic cancer. Considering metformin’s potential in the overall prevention and treatment of cancer, today it’s finding use in chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and to improve patients’ overall responses to their treatments. But what exactly can metformin do in terms of preventing and treating cancer? Listed below are a few of the unique benefits associated between metformin and certain kinds of cancers according to Dovepress.

  • Reduces the overall occurrence of cancer diagnoses
  • Decreases the mortality rate from cancer
  • Reduces the likelihood of cancer relapse
  • Reduces overall damaging effects of ADP (inandrogen derivatives)
  • Helps with tumor movement and reduces the chance of tumor malignancy
  • Increases the treatment results for patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Other research on metformin and its ability to lower the risk of developing certain types of cancer includes a vast number of studies. For instance, back in 2005, a study was conducted that showed metformin helped to lower the risk of developing certain cancers by nearly 23%. Metformin also was shown to have a therapeutic response on cancer cells currently within the body, ultimately helping to prevent the overall growth of future cancerous tumors. Because of all of the unique benefits associated with metformin’s impact on both preventing and treating certain cancers, it’s highly recommended that metformin be used as a complementary medication and treatment agent, especially for those attempting to prevent or treat ailments such as colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.

What Else Can Metformin Help With?

Of course, metformin isn’t to be used only as a treatment or potential preventative for developing certain types of cancers. Today, there are also several other distinctive benefits associated with metformin’s use. Listed below are a few.

Helps enable weight loss

Although the link is still relatively unclear, metformin has been noted to help enable weight loss in patients. There is a linkage between taking metformin and our body’s typical hunger cues that we receive. When we take metformin, research has proven that our GLP-1 hormone’s emission increases, as well. The excretion of this hormone ultimately helps to suppress our body’s appetite in general.

For those dealing with infertility-related issues, metformin has also been linked to improving fertility rates in both women and men. For women, metformin helps to increase the overall chances of getting pregnant, primarily for those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). For men, metformin has been shown to increase sperm mobility and reproductive functions, thus also contributing to a better chance of improved fertility.

Reduces risk of cognitive impairment

As mentioned previously, metformin is primarily used as a drug to help those with type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance, a common issue among type 2 diabetes patients, can also lead to cognitive deterioration and cognitive impairment. For metformin users, it helps to decrease our overall insulin resistance, thus also helping to prevent cognitive-related health concerns such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Where Can I Purchase Metformin?

Today, metformin can be easily prescribed by your PCP or even online! Online companies such as AgelessRx specialize in prescription therapies such as metformin and can help to get you easily prescribed online by a member of their healthcare staff.

Not only is metformin crucial in helping those who are currently dealing with type 2 diabetes, but there are also several other unique and distinctive benefits associated with its use as well. This is especially true when it comes to metformin’s ability to help prevent the development of certain types of cancers. If you think metformin may be a great option for you, you’re not alone. Consider getting started with treatment today!

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