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Meghan Markle Wore Roughly £200,000 In Outfits And Jewelry At One Invictus Games Day

Spotted! Meghan Markle wore roughly £200,000 in outfits and jewelry at one Invictus games day. The Duchess of Sussex, 42, changed clothing twice, blending high-street and high-end pieces with extravagant jewelry.

Johnny K.
Johnny K.
Sep 18, 2023213 Shares5.7K Views

Spotted! Meghan Markle wore roughly £200,000 in outfits and jewelry at one Invictus Games day.

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, changed clothing twice, blending high-street and high-end pieces with extravagant jewelry.

Meghan's Stylish Outfits And Emotional Moments At The 2025 Invictus Games

Meghan stepped up her designer game earlier in the week when she wore a £40 matched cream Zara playsuit and a £1,350 Celine blazer to join Prince Harry at the Invictus Games.

Meghan Markle wearing two different outfits
Meghan Markle wearing two different outfits

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The princess added a bit of sparkle to the Merkur Spiel-Arena by wearing her hair in loose waves and a dazzling make-up look, as well as trendy £595 Yves Saint Laurent black leather sandals.

She added a £600 Olive Grove Crossover Bag by Cesta Collective and £250 Krewe sunglasses.

Thousands of pounds in clothing did not appear to be enough for Meghan, who added £400 Bottega Veneta Chain Hoop Earrings and a £1000 Brilliant Earth Leo Zodiac Diamond Pendant.

The monarch wore Princess Diana's £17,800 Cartier watch and added her $62,000 Lorraine Schwartz pinky ring fashioned with 'diamonds gifted from the Middle East,' as well as a $2,800 1972 tennis pinky ring by Shiffon & Co. to complete the look.

Her love bracelet from Cartier, which cost £5,000, was the finishing touch on the ensemble.

Later, when she was meeting with a group for the 2025 Invictus Games to be held in Canada, she changed into an elegant black gown.

Meghan accessorized her grey Toteme High-Neck Ribbed Wool-Blend Midi Dress (retail price: £390) with black Dioressence 100' Leather Pumps (retail price: $500).

She wore the jewelry that she had been wearing earlier in the day but then replaced her earring with a pair of studs by Pippa Small that cost $495.

After that, Meghan changed into her third outfit, which consisted of a denim panel dress by Carolina Herrera priced at £1033 paired with her Dior pumps.

She accessorized with a necklace by Ariel Gordon jewelry that cost £2062 for the event.

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry attended the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf to celebrate Prince Harry's 39th birthday. Prior to a volleyball final medal ceremony that left Meghan Markle in tears, the stadium was filled with fans singing a German version of the song "Happy Birthday."

The birthday celebration was held in honor of Prince Harry, who was recognized by a stadium full of fans singing a German version of the song.

After a commentator informed the crowd that it was Harry's 39th birthday, the stadium sang 'Happy Birthday' in English before switching to the German version with the lyrics 'Zum Geburtstag viel Glück'.

The Duke of Sussex appeared surprised, waving awkwardly as the audience burst into song and Meghan clapped along. He was then motioned to stand and walk to the front row, where he fist-bumped Invictus Games mascot Teddy.

As the English version of Happy Birthday came to a close, the commentator then reminded the royal: ''Prince Harry, wait a second, we are here in Germany. There is also a German version!' before the crowd began singing the song in German.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted like rock stars as they took their places in the Centre Court stand to watch the sitting volleyball final between Poland and Colombia.

On the Duke's 39th birthday, the pair shared a celebratory beer, with Meghan caught sneaking a few sips of Harry's pint while he was conversing with Veteran's Minister Johnny Mercer.

Meghan was later spotted wiping away tears from both eyes after applauding athletes from Poland's volleyball team, following a dramatic game that caused Prince Harry to jump out of his seat with delight as the final points were scored.

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