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Malachite History, Lore, Facts, Myths and Pictures


Malachite is a  popular stone which has light and dark green banded areas.  Many beautiful specimens of malachite contain special combinations with other minerals, such as azurite, cuprite, or chrysocolla.  Malachite can be found in Zaire, USSR, Germany,   France, Chile, Australia, Arizona and New Mexico/USA.


Its powers include:  protection, power, peace, love, and success in business.   It is worn to detect impending danger, and is assumed to break into pieces when danger is near. It is the guardian stone of travelers. Promotes inner peace and hope, provides protection and security.


Malachite Jewelry and Cabochons

Malachite ring , other malachite jewelry.  A selection of freeform cabochons and rough available for custom jewelry designs.



malachite slabs
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