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Essential Thing About Malachite Crystal And Tips For Avoiding Its Toxic Substance

In today's world, it is common to read an article or watch a discovery video on the internet about crystals that are both beautiful and non-toxic; however, because they are not a treat for everyone's life, it is also believed that crystals have the ability to heal or help people.

However, have you ever heard of the crystal that is releasing a toxic substance into the environment? Keep an eye out for the malachite crystal, which is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. We will be discussing this crystal, and we will also learn how to avoid the potential harm that malachite crystal can cause to ourselves and others.

What Is Malachite Crystal

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that is green in color. It is a monolithic crystal system member with a silky luster. Malachite is frequently used as a copper ore. It has an opaque transparency and a patterned surface on occasion. Malachite is a deep green stone with the meaning of transformation and positive change.

A straightforward explanation is as follows: Malachite is a green mineral that is a secondary copper mineral. It can have a lot of different shapes and colors.

Most of the time, it is found in crystallized aggregates or crusts that look like agates. It can also be found in botryoidal clusters of crystals that radiate outward, and in mammillary aggregates as well.

Rare Type

Malachite in the form of a rock with green and black circles
Malachite in the form of a rock with green and black circles

Malachite is considered a rare crystal due to the fact that the original deposits for the stones have been destroyed, leaving just a small number of sources for the stone to be found.

As popular today as it has been throughout history, the usage of Malachite gemstones and sculptural materials has remained a classic of the jewelry industry.

Malachite Discovery

The 1.56kg botryoidal rough specimen on the hand
The 1.56kg botryoidal rough specimen on the hand

Malachite can be found in many places across the world, including the Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, and Russia, where the greatest deposit/mine is located in the Urals region.

Since antiquity, malachite has been used as a mineral pigment in green paints, as a decorative vase, as an ornamental stone, and as a precious gemstone.

Malachite was first found more than 4,000 years ago when it was mined and used to make gemstones, pigments, and sculptures in Israel and Egypt. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used malachite to make amulets, jewelry, and eyeshadow. They would even grind it down to make a bright green eyeshadow out of it. Paint that was found at these ancient sites may have been made with Malachite.

Varieties Of Malachite

  • Atlaserz

The German name for a type of malachite that is made of fibers.

  • Lime-Malachite

Maybe it isn't pure malachite.

  • Mysorin

Malachite that isn't pure.

  • Zinc-bearing Malachite

A kind of malachite that has more Zn than Cu in it. By using X-ray diffraction, it can be told apart from the look-alike rosasite.

Three Crucial Malachite Questions That Must Be Answered

What Happens If Malachite Gets Wet

Malachite crystal isn't very hard, so it's not very safe in water. It's on the Mohs scale from 3 to 4. A lot of copper in the stone means that if the stone is exposed to water for a long time, the copper compounds in the stone will break down. This will cause toxic fumes to come out of the stone and make the water toxic.

If malachite is in a broken-down state, it can be dangerous to touch. This is because it is still being made. There is no need to put malachite in water or drink anything that has been in contact with malachite in any way, even if it is thought to be good for you.

So basically, the reason is that because the stone has a lot of copper in it, prolonged contact with water could damage the coating on the stone and make the copper compounds in the stone leak out.

Is Malachite Dust Toxic

What if it is completely destroyed and turned to dust? People should not breathe in or eat the dust of malachite and chrysocolla. It is very toxic, and should not be inhaled, eaten, or left on the skin.

It is not safe to lick these high-copper rocks, and oil mixed with the dust should be carefully cleaned off any skin that is visible.

How Do You Get Malachite Green Off Your Skin

If the toxic substance of Malachite gets into your skin, don't panic. Do this instead:

Skin quickly remove any contaminated garments and thoroughly wash the afflicted area with soap or mild detergent and large amounts of water until all traces of the color have been gone (approximately 15 minutes). If the itching persists, get medical assistance right away. Before reusing infected clothing, wash it properly.

Other than that, the dermatologist agrees the ingredient is safe for all skin types, especially those that “get a lot of sun exposure and UV damage.”

Malachite Side Effects

The more time, temperature, and concentration this dye is exposed to, the more toxic it is. It has been said to cause cancer, mutations, chromosomal breaks, teratogenecity, and respiratory toxicity.

You don't want to end up with these effects so be more careful.

But of course, not because it has a substance that is dangerous, doesn't mean you can't touch it. In other words, malachite is safe to wear on your skin and clothes.

It's safe to touch and wear malachite as long as it's not raw or being broken down. The toxic fumes could come out if you are wearing malachite jewelry and it comes into contact with acid, which can be bad for your health.


Before I started writing this, I assumed malachite crystal was just a rare type of crystal or stone. I became interested in the substance that is a component of it that can harm us. I'm glad we both had the opportunity to learn about this information.

Malachite is beautiful, and it is created by nature, but don't be complacent; it can be useful to you and your jewelry, or it can put you in a stressful situation.

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