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Kunzite For Fashion - How A Dreamworld Gem Became The Latest International Trend


Kunzite for fashion - Before, the Kunzite gemstone was not so trendy and famous. Actually, some people are calling it a "gem in a dreamworld." It has a beautiful appearance and a hardness that is supposed to be one of the amazing gemstones to use in every piece of jewelry making, but it didn't happen.

Maybe we all need to agree that this gemstone is just a dreamworld gem. But after a long year, things suddenly changed. Kunzite is immediately referred as to one of the latest international trends.

Internationally, Kunzite gemstone has become the new thing to wear. Sky blue topaz or sky-blue zircon stones are two names for Kunzite because it looks like a mix of these two stones, but it's not the same thing.

The History Of Kunzite In Fashion

But actually, it became a piece of jewelry before in ancient times. Kunzite was first found by the Romans. They called it "Cornelian of Jupiter", and it was very rare! It was thought that the gemstone was a gift from God because it couldn't be found anywhere else on Earth.

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People use the word "kunzite" because it means "to be clear." As an amulet in India in the past, this stone was used to bring good luck and fight off evil forces.

No scientific evidence for that statement.

One of the best-known pieces of Kunzite jewelry is a necklace that belonged to Marie Antoinette, and it is one of the most beautiful. It has two large white Kunzites and one small pale green Kunzite set in gold ornamental work with pearls on each side.

Kunzite Today - Availability And Prices

Kunzite is mostly mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. This is where the most are found today. It is often found near morganite and pink tourmaline, two other well-known pink stones.

Most Kunzite stones, on the other hand, have a light color. Strongly colored kunzite is rare, so it's worth a lot of money. In the same family as hiddenite, which was found about 25 years ago, this gemstone is the newest one.

Kunzite stone in smaller sizes, such as under 5 carats, often sells for about Kunzite in smaller sizes, such as under 5 carats, often sells for about $10.00 per piece. Stones over 10 carats may sell for $15 to $20 per carat.

Why You Should Switch To Kunzite Jewelry Instead Of White Gold Or Silver?

Three high-quality stones which are white gold, silver, and Kunzite stone
Three high-quality stones which are white gold, silver, and Kunzite stone

Most people like pink Kunzite very much, but there are many different colors. Isn't it true that not all Kunzite stone is pink? Yes, some of the jewelry pieces made with Kunzite are green, red, yellow, blue, or purple in color. This makes it a very useful stone. Kunzite also has a very interesting history and a lot of great meaning.

There have been a lot of people switching over to Kunzite because they think it looks better than other options like white gold or silver.

White Gold isn't very practical when you only have a small amount of time to use a piece of jewelry.

Impractical? Why then...

For example, today, a gram of 14K gold is worth $35.57! compared to Kunzite which is only $10 per piece. You can buy three pieces of Kunzite for that kind of amount of money.

Same with silver. It is a good and practical choice as well but unlike silver, Kunzite is more attractive because of its crystal looks.

There are a lot of Kunzite fashion trends that show how things are going in society and culture right now. They are a way to show that you are different, unique, and have your own personal style.

It is now used in fashion jewelry. For example, Halsey looked lovely in pink and lavender as she walked on Emmy's red carpet. Halsey accessorized her airy purple gown with a stunning pair of Kunzite drop earrings and a multi-hued sapphire necklace adorned with an array of pastel-colored sapphires.

Halsey walked the Emmys red carpet in 2019 wearing Kunzite earrings
Halsey walked the Emmys red carpet in 2019 wearing Kunzite earrings

Because Halsey's earrings are made by Sutra Jewels, I can't help but fall in love with them too!

Where To Buy It?

The most famous places to buy Kunzite are eBay and Etsy where you can find vendors who sell them at lower prices than retail stores or jewelry stores.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Color Of Kunzite?

There are small amounts of manganese in the crystal structure of Kunzite, which gives it a pink or purple color. It is usually light in color. Darker shades of kunzite sell for more money, with deep magenta colors being the most valuable. It's also very rare to find colors that are very dark violet. They will sell for a lot of money.

Can Kunzite Be Worn Every Day?

Putting on your Kunzite every day is not the best thing for you to do. This is because the color fades when it is in the sun for a long time or when it is near a source of hot light. Kunzite is even more likely to fade if it is cleaned or treated. Almost all Kunzite stones have been cleaned.

However, Kunzite stone has always been an "evening: gemstone, so if you keep it out of the sun's rays (UV light), the color will stay the same. UV light is what will make it lighten up.

How Can You Tell A Real Kunzite?

Although we said that it is not good to be exposed to the sun but it is important to know if it's real, try it once. It is the only way to find out if Kunzite is real is to put it in the sun. It will lose its color over time until it looks like glass. So, if the rock is kept in a dark place or only worn at night, it's likely to be Kunzite.

How Do You Clean Kunzite?

The gem's color can change if it is exposed to heat or bright light for a long time. The best way to clean kunzite is to use warm, soapy water. To make Kunzite look more beautiful, it could be irradiated and then heated up.

Conclusion - Stop Making It A Dream And Start Making It A Reality

Kunzite is no longer a dream. Kunzite is in the world of fashion in reality right now! Getting one of the Kunzite stones will make you keep up your fashion to the next level! It will suit your taste in every clothes and it will balance the texture since it has a light neutral color.

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