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$2 Million Worth Of Jewelry Stolen In Mesquite


During the weekend, jewelry stolen in Mesquite Town East Mall ripped through a concrete wall that separated Sears and American Jewelers from the rest of the mall. The thieves were able to get away with jewels worth $2 million and surveillance equipment from the store.

According to CBSDFW, an employee at American Jewelers was the one to find that the store had been broken into early on Saturday morning. However, the police have not provided any information regarding the time that the robbery took place.

It was clear to the authorities who arrived at the scene that the burglars had entered the property through the adjacent Sears building, which had been abandoned ever since the department store closed in 2021.

A Big Hole In The Wall

After that, the suspects destroyed the concrete wall and several layers of sheet rock that had been separating the Sears store from the American Jewelers store. When the thieves were finally inside the jewelry store, they made off with a substantial amount of jewels estimated to be worth more than $2 million.

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A large hole in the wall through which thieves entered
A large hole in the wall through which thieves entered

According to what Hash told The Dallas Morning News, the intruders "simply made a large hole in the wall and came through." They chopped through concrete as well as four different sheets of rock.

There has been no disclosure regarding the quantity or type of jewelry that was seized. However, officials from the Mesquite Police Department are actively collaborating with mall security to retrieve any video footage that may have been captured within the mall at the time of the break-in.

According to a story in the Dallas Morning News, Paul Hash, a manager at American Jewelers in Mesquite, stated that part of the store's security equipment was also removed during the robbery. As a result, the business does not have a time stamp or video imagery of the burglary.

There have been no leads that have led authorities to any suspects, and it is currently unknown if the heist from American Jewelers involved more than one individual.

Call the Mesquite Police Department at (972) 285-6336 if you have any information about the burglary or the culprits, as the police have asked anyone who may have it to get in touch with them.

The Mesquite Police Department has been contacted by Local Profile in an effort to obtain additional information. This article will be revised after a response has been received.

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