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Jenny Walton's Collaboration With Gioielleria Pennisi - Elevating The Humble Hairpin

In a fast-paced fashion landscape that often prioritizes the new and the now, Jenny Walton's collaboration with Gioielleria Pennisi offers a refreshing pause—a step back into a realm where timeless elegance reigns supreme.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Sep 01, 20236.5K Shares93.3K Views
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  3. High-Profile Clients Of Gioielleria Pennisi
  4. Jenny Walton's Collaboration With Gioielleria Pennisi
  5. The Hairpin Collection
  6. How To Wear These Hairpins
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In a fast-paced fashion landscape that often prioritizes the new and the now, Jenny Walton's collaboration with Gioielleria Pennisioffers a refreshing pause—a step back into a realm where timeless elegance reigns supreme.

This American artist and influencer has joined forces with Milan's esteemed, family-owned antique jewelryboutique, Gioielleria Pennisi, to redefine the forgotten grace of hairpins in a unique and striking manner. This collaboration elegantly bridges the gap between past and present, breathing new life into an often-overlooked accessory.

The Inspiration Behind The Collaboration

Emanuele Ferreccio Pennisi, who operates the boutique and is the grandson of the founder, revealed that Jenny's concept resonated deeply with the family's vision of elegance. "It was a sophisticated accessory that aligned with our brand ethos," he remarked.

Pennisi added that hairpins are increasingly in demand, especially among younger customers planning weddings. "Time has restored their allure," he observed, noting that hair ornaments like tiaras and hairpins are in vogue again.

A Historic Jewelry Store In Milan

Gioielleria Pennisi
Gioielleria Pennisi

Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Pennisi, a diamonddealer with a passion for antique jewelry, rare gemstones, and oriental art, Gioielleria Pennisi has stood as an embodiment of Milanese luxury for decades. Giovanni, the nephew of jewelers and goldsmiths from Catania, carried on his maternal family's tradition in the heart of Milan.

Giovanni's son Guido took over the reins and has been managing the shop with his wife Paola and sister Marina. They continued to uphold the family's reputation for collecting and trading exquisite antique jewelry that ranges from the 18th century to the 1950s. Special attention is given to their collection's core, comprised mainly of 19th-century and Art Déco French pieces, underlining their dedication to craftsmanship and history.

The legacy was further enriched when, in 2003, Emanuele Ferreccio Pennisi and Gabriele Pennisi joined the family enterprise. The duo didn't just carry on the business; they also brought it into collaborations with various prestigious cultural institutions and exhibitions. Among these collaborations are:

  • ANNICINQUANTA, hosted at Milano's Palazzo Reale in 2005
  • RAVASCO, exhibited at Milano's Villa Necchi in 2015
  • TAMARA DE LEMPICKA Reina del Art Déco, displayed at Madrid's Palacio de Gaviria in 2018

In an extension of their commitment to the art and craft of jewelry, Emanuele and Gabriele serve as Curators for the Vicenza Jewelry Museum, Italy's only museum entirely dedicated to jewels. They curated the museum's Icon Room for the biennium 2019-2020 and have been part of the Museum's Scientific Board since 2020.

This rich background and the collective experience of the Pennisi family make their collaboration with Jenny Walton not just a business venture but an artistic symphony rooted in years of tradition, expertise, and a shared passion for timeless elegance.

High-Profile Clients Of Gioielleria Pennisi

Gioielleria Pennisi boasts an impressive clientele list that includes Miuccia Prada, Alessandro Michele, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Moss, among others. "Pennisi has the best selection of antique gems," said Gherardo Felloni, Roger Vivier’s creative director.

Other high-profile clients include celebrities, fashion icons, and industry leaders, that have been captivated by the store's unparalleled selection of antique gems.

Julia Garner

Julia Garner with the Pennisi Family
Julia Garner with the Pennisi Family

During Milano Fashion Week in September 2022, actress Julia Garner visited the boutique. Garner, known for her exceptional acting skills and fashion-forward choices, showcases the appeal of Pennisi's collection to the modern woman who appreciates classic elegance.


Rihanna during the Gucci Fashion Show
Rihanna during the Gucci Fashion Show

During the Gucci Fashion Show in Milano, Rihanna wore Art Déco platinumand diamond braceletsand a white goldand sapphirering. Her choice of Pennisi's Art Déco pieces for such a high-profile event speaks volumes about the brand's place in the world of luxury.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

When I was a kid, I always liked antique things. These days I like to mix it all up. I don’t just buy high-end jewelry, I buy little trinkets, bits I like from other people, from antique places. Although, if they are antique, they’re probably still a bit high-end.- Kate Moss

Kate Moss continued:

I remember being in Milan for the shows, and I went to Pennisi—it’s a jewelry shop that I think Miuccia Prada goes to—and I bought these emerald and gold antique earringsthat eventually Craig McDean shot for Vogue Nippon. It was then I started collecting. I can’t pass a jewelry shop without looking in the window now.- Kate Moss

Kate Moss' vivid recollection of her visit to Pennisi is a testament to the store's impact, not just as a retailer but as a formative experience in her journey as a jewelry collector.

A$AP Rocky

Liya Kebede and A$AP Rocky at the Loewe Fashion Show in Paris.
Liya Kebede and A$AP Rocky at the Loewe Fashion Show in Paris.

A$AP Rocky wore a Pennisi necklace during the Loewe Fashion Show in Paris. His choice of Pennisi jewelry for an important fashion show highlights the brand's universal appeal across different styles and genres.


Madonna and Maluma during the Billboard Music Awards 2019.
Madonna and Maluma during the Billboard Music Awards 2019.

Madonna wore Art Déco platinum and diamond earringsduring the Billboard Music Awards 2019. When an icon like Madonna chooses Pennisi for a prominent award show, it solidifies the boutique's status as a go-to for those who desire timelessly elegant jewelry.

Jenny Walton's Collaboration With Gioielleria Pennisi

Jenny Walton first crossed paths with the Pennisi family in 2014, during her inaugural trip to Milan. In 2017, she returned to choose an engagement ring, which didn't work out, but the friendship endured.

“Sadly, that didn’t pan out, but my friendship with the Pennisi family did.”- Jenny Walton

After relocating to Milan in 2021, Walton decided to venture back into jewelry design, a passion she had previously explored with a 1950s daisy motif in New York City. Over a cup of coffee at the nearby Emporio Armani Caffè with Emanuele Ferreccio Pennisi, the seed of creative collaboration was planted.

Jenny Walton in a color coordinated blue hat and sweater.
Jenny Walton in a color coordinated blue hat and sweater.

Walton is no stranger to the intricacies of personal style. Her Instagram following of 366,000 often asks how to emulate her iconic French twist hairstyle. This wasn't always the case; in her early days in the fashion scene, she felt her hair’s silhouette appeared somewhat disheveled in runway photographs.

A transformative moment came during a trip to Florence in 2016, where a pharmacy assistant introduced her to a U-shape hairpin, along with a quick tutorial. Since then, her hair has been elegantly styled in a twist, a signature look that gave birth to the idea of creating elevated hairpins in collaboration with Pennisi.

The duo drew inspiration from a pair of early 1900s Cartier hairpins from the Pennisi family’s personal collection. These antique pins showcased elongated U-shapes in tortoiseshell, adorned with diamond-laced platinum scrollwork, mirroring the elegance of times when women had long, intricate hairstyles.

However, the early 20th-century shift towards shorter hairstyles led to many such pins being sold off or disassembled for their gemstones.

Pamela Golbin, a former chief curator of fashion and textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, commented on the project:

Hair jewelry is a very chic idea. We haven't seen that territory used again for quite a long time, and it’s a pity because hair adornments have always been quite stunning.- Pamela Golbin

With this esteemed endorsement and a wealth of creative spirit, Walton and Pennisi began formally working on the hairpin collection in October 2022. They eventually narrowed it down to four designs, opting for a slender silhouette as the collection's basic form.

The Hairpin Collection

The Hairpin Collection is a unique collaboration between American artist and influencer Jenny Walton and Milan's esteemed Gioielleria Pennisi. This exclusive line marries timeless elegance with modern design, featuring intricately crafted hairpins adorned with 18-karat white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Hairpin Collection
The Hairpin Collection

Designing The Hairpins

When it came to designing the hairpins, Jenny Walton and Emanuele Ferreccio Pennisi faced several complexities. One of the most significant challenges was selecting the right materials to evoke the timeless elegance the Pennisi brand is known for. After extensive research and evaluation, they settled on acetate as the base material, supplied by a reputable Milanese firm.

Acetate was chosen for its versatility and premium look, allowing intricate designs to stand out while also being lightweight for everyday wear. Moreover, it provided the right backdrop to highlight the 18-karat white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds that would serve as the focal point of each pin.

These gems and metals were meticulously chosen to maintain the level of opulence that both Walton and Pennisi wanted to convey. Working with skilled artisans, they went through multiple iterations before achieving the perfect blend of modern style and vintagecharm.

Details And Pricing

The collection comprises four distinctive designs, each aimed at capturing a different facet of femininity and elegance. Available in a variety of shades—black, amber, and ocher—the collection offers something for everyone. The 'Bassotto' design is particularly noteworthy.

Named after the Italian word for 'dachshund,' it was inspired by Walton's observations of stylish Milanese women and their affection for their wire-haired dachshunds. This design captures the city's unique blend of style and whimsy, featuring an elegant motif that subtly mimics the shape and form of this beloved dog breed.

In terms of pricing, the hairpins cater to a premium audience, with retail prices ranging from €2,500 to €2,900. Jenny Walton will receive a portion of each sale, further cementing the collaborative spirit of this unique venture.

Market Reception And Future Plans

While the collection is yet to be released, it has already garnered significant interest, especially among the younger generation keen on unique, high-quality accessories that double as heirlooms. Given the resurgence in popularity of hair ornaments and the Pennisi brand's strong reputation, expectations are high.

If successful, this could mark the beginning of future collaborations between Walton and Pennisi, and perhaps an expansion into other forms of heirloom-quality jewelry and accessories.

This endeavor between Jenny Walton and Gioielleria Pennisi represents more than just a business venture; it's a symbiotic fusion of tradition and modernity, held together by a shared vision of timeless elegance.

How To Wear These Hairpins

Emanuele Pennisi pointed out that the color of the pin could be selected based on how much one wants to accentuate the diamonds. "Black is obvious, whereas ocher is subtler," he concluded, encapsulating the elegance that both the Pennisi family and Jenny Walton strive for in their work.

  • Updo Elegance - The hairpins are a perfect complement to a classic updo, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to a traditional look. Whether it's a chignon or a French twist, the pins secure the hair while acting as a dazzling focal point.
  • Casual Chic - Don't reserve these beautiful hairpins for special occasions only. They can elevate a simple ponytail or a messy bun, adding a touch of luxury to everyday outfits.
  • Layering - For those with thicker hair or seeking a more opulent look, using more than one pin can create layers of brilliance. It's an excellent way to showcase the different colors and designs available in the collection.
  • Accentuating Natural Hair Texture -If you prefer letting your natural hair flow, you can still utilize a hairpin to bring attention to your curls or waves. Insert the pin at the side for a subdued yet effective accent.

Jenny Walton, renowned for her signature French twist, uses them as the perfect finishing touch. However, they can also be used to secure half-up styles, buns, or even to accentuate braids. The pins are a nod to an era gone by, yet they seamlessly fit into contemporary fashion.

Walton once commented on the transformative power of these pins:

It's not just about securing the hair; it's about securing a mood, an aura of sophistication.- Jenny Walton

The Pennisi family echoes this sentiment, ensuring that each pin they produce carries with it the legacy of their brand and the elegance they stand for.

People Also Ask

When Will The Collection Be Available For Purchase?

The hairpin collection will be released in the Fall of 2023.

Where Can The Collection Be Purchased?

The collection will be exclusively available at Gioielleria Pennisi's boutique in Milan and their official website.

What Materials Are Used In The Hairpins?

The hairpins are made of acetate, and decorated with 18-karat white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds.


The fashion world is no stranger to collaborations, but Jenny Walton's collaboration with Gioielleria Pennisi stands as a testament to the magic that can happen when tradition meets modern innovation. Combining Walton's eye for detail and Pennisi's generations of expertise in antique jewelry, this venture brings back the grandeur and elegance of hairpins, redefined for the contemporary consumer.

From design challenges to color choices, and from high-profile endorsements to styling tips, every aspect of this collaboration is a celebration of craft, history, and individual style. In an era where fashion trends come and go with dizzying speed, the timeless elegance captured in this collection serves as a gentle reminder that some things—like beauty, craftsmanship, and legacy—are indeed timeless.

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