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How Famous Companies Utilize Crosses In Their Brand Designs

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning behind crosses in world-famous company logos? Read this article to learn everything about the topic.

Lee Moon
Lee Moon
Nov 11, 2022206 Shares2.8K Views
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  1. What Is The Meaning Behind Crosses In Brand and Logo Designs?
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What Is The Meaning Behind Crosses In Brand and Logo Designs?

In many cultures, a cross is a sacral religious sign which symbolizes rebirth, choosing the right path, and the fusion of opposites. Although the sacred context comes first to mind when thinking about the cross, this symbol is also frequently used in modern designs. Some world-famous companies implement it in their logos to highlight personal values and notions. Read on to explore the meaning of different crosses used in the commercial designs in this article.

The symbolism behind crosses in a design

For a long time, different kinds of crosses were depicted on household items, clothing, and weapons; they also served as family crests. The symbol mostly meant healthand longevity. These traditions were transformed over the millennia, and nowadays, designers utilize crosses in their projects to highlight a brand’s spirit and fortitude. However, the true meaning of this element depends on the different shapes and colors which companies choose individually.

A color palette can deliver diverse values to cross-looking designs, so you must choose suitable hues for your project or brand. The most typical combinations are black, white, red, and blue. Nonetheless, some companies experiment with their presentation using non-typical, bright colors like orange.

The true meaning behind crosses in brand logos

Many companies, like Chevrolet and Swatch, use different kinds of crosses in their logos. Often, these corporate elements are not related to religious motifs. Learn the true meaning of the cross symbol in famous brand logos below.


The Chevrolet logo is a stylized Swiss cross recognized worldwide since 1914. There is no single correct version of the logo’s origin, and there are two main interpretations. The first is that Chevrolet’s logo symbolizes the birth country of its founder—Switzerland. The other, less pragmatic version states that Chevrolet’s co-founder William C. Durant just saw an eye-catching picture on a wall similar to a bow tie and was inspired by it. Nowadays, auto lovers can only speculate on the logo’s true origin.


Swatch is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1983. The company always strived to convey the value of reliability. So, it was decided to depict the Swiss flag in their logo. Switzerland is famous for its exceptional watchmaking industry, combining reliable mechanisms, luxury, and visual appeal. That’s how Swatch highlights the high quality of their products made in Switzerland.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car brand that is also famous for producing excellent racing vehicles. At first glance, the company’s logo may seem peculiar and complex. It depicts a red cross and crowned snake devouring a man. This way, Alfa Romeo fully highlighted its Italian origin. The red cross is an emblem of the city of Milan, and the snake comes from an old legend about the noble Italian Visconti family.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is an American fashion brand that made a cross its main symbol. Nonetheless, this company clearly demonstrates that logos don’t always have a hidden meaning. Its true origin refers to the first letter of the founder’s name—Tory. The stylized letter T is placed in a circle, one letter on top of the other, forming a visual reflection.

Where to find creative cross images for commercial designs

You can find licensed images of crosses on stock content marketplaces. These platforms provide extensive graphics libraries featuring numerous HD visuals, from abstract illustrations to realistic vectors.

Depositphotos is one of the largest stock content platforms on the market, featuring 230+ million royalty-free files. The library contains photos, vectors, illustrations, icon sets, clip art, infographics, sound effects, music tracks, and videos. You can browse https://depositphotos.comto find relevant HD graphics depicting crosses for creating appealing commercial and personal designs.

Depositphotos also features trendy collections and thematic categories that are regularly updated with new visuals uploaded by the platform’s contributors. You can easily navigate the library using an advanced search system—sort files by orientation, color, location, point of view, origin, and other parameters. Moreover, if you have a reference picture, try the Search by Image tool, which helps you find similar, licensed content in a couple of seconds.


The cross symbol and its meaning are frequently related to spirituality and religious faith. Nonetheless, this sign finds new applications nowadays. Designers use crosses in their projects to convey a sense of fortitude and reliability. Moreover, the cross is a popular element in the logos of many world-famous companies, including Chevrolet, Swatch, Alfa Romeo, and Tory Burch. Using the symbol, brands illustrate their strong points and origin. You can download eye-catching cross graphics on stock content marketplaces to legally implement them in your commercial designs.

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