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How to Place an Order for a Sold Item or a Custom Design

To place a custom order for a "Sold" or example design piece that has a button, you can click the custom order button and place your order through the secure shopping cart. Custom orders normally run 2 to 6 weeks.

If there isn't a custom order button, the piece was made as a private commission and will not be duplicated although I am happy to work with you on a similar, but unique design. To inquire about ordering something similar, please  email for availability and current pricing.

Custom pieces are not identical to the original because every piece of jewelry is individually handmade and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. The design will be the same, the overall size of the piece will be the same and the gemstones will be the same although they may be slightly different in shape and/or color. If I cannot duplicate the piece with a very similar size, color and shape stone(s), I will contact you so that you may cancel your order if the alternative I suggest is not acceptable.

Prices for gold jewelry are based on a $1350 gold market and may vary from the amount shown. However, if there is a price difference from that shown, we will call or email to request your authorizationfor the price increase. You may cancel the order at that time if you do not approve the increase. Please call if you have any questions.

Slight differences in the stones will occur because each stone is cut and polished by hand. Here are some pictures of cabochons that are available for custom jewelry.

If you would like to order the piece but prefer to discuss the differences first, please  email or call and I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


How to Custom Order a Completely New Design


Example jewelry designs


Guarantee, return policy and fees for custom orders


See comments and feedback from my customers

Please note:  

I am a custom jewelry designer.  I only make jewelry based on my own original designs.

Please do not ask me to copy or reproduce another jeweler's design, to make jewelry from a design created by someone else, or to work from a picture.

I am very pleased to work with you to create a new unique design in my signature style that will incorporate gemstones, metals and components of your choice, but for many business and legal reasons I do not make jewelry from design's created by others.

So, if you already have a design, it is best that you contact a local jewelry shop that employs a bench jeweler where you can discuss your design with them.


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