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History Of Cufflinks - How Do These Tiny Little Accessories Change Men's Fashion?

Cufflinks are undoubtedly one of the most stylish accessories that a man can wear. Yes, cufflinks are very much in style for men who dress to impress, and contrary to popular belief, they are significantly more widespread than you might imagine. What exactly is the history of cufflinks, and why do the majority of men find them so appealing?

Johnny K.
Johnny K.
Dec 14, 202299 Shares1.3K Views
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Cufflinksare undoubtedly one of the most stylish accessories that a man can wear.

Yes, cufflinks are very much in style for men who dress to impress, and contrary to popular belief, they are significantly more widespread than you might imagine.

We are all aware that a lot of men have stopped wearing ties, but nobody really knows why.

A man's tie and cufflinks together can express a great deal of information about him, and the choice of ties and cufflinks is nearly undefined.

But how did it get to this point in the first place?

What exactly is the history of cufflinks, and why do the majority of men find them so appealing?

The History of Cufflinks

Cufflinks originally came in the 17th century as a result of the desire of men to have something more stylish than ribbons or ties to fasten their shirt cuffs.

This desire led to the development of cufflinks.

Men started using small chains that were fastened to the end of a goldor silverbutton and fed through the holes of the cuff in order to keep the cuffs together.

These chains were initially used to keep the cuffs together.

As a result, the very first cufflink was created.

The cufflink has evolved into a man's wardrobe over the course of time, particularly for use with tuxedos and other types of formal attire.

Because of the wide variety of stones, precious metals, fabrics, and designs available, the cufflink quickly became an important component of a well-dressed man's wardrobe.

Did You Know?

The better solution was to use cuff links, especially during the Victorian era when starched shirts were at their strongest. Because the industrial revolution made them easy to make, they were everywhere.

Before the invention of the cufflink, the cuffs of shirts were managed to secure with either a ribbon or string.

However, in the later years of Louis XIV's reign, fashionable gentlemen started using pairs of buttons, often painted with miniatures of loved ones or a notable figure, and joined by a small chainin order to fasten their sleeves.

This trend continued well into the early years of the reign of Louis XV's son, Louis XV II.

Throughout the 18th century, fashion-conscious men of high society in Europe kept the tradition of wearing cufflinks alive by donning the accessory.

A tuxedoed man holds his cufflink
A tuxedoed man holds his cufflink

In the year 2022, cufflinks once again became popular.

These gentlemen are increasingly leaning more and more toward the addition of a flirty touch to their outfits, which can be related to the desire for originality as well as the assumption of style.

When considering men's jewelry, watches and ringsare eventually the first things that come to mind.

Despite the fact that these ladies have accepted the importance of accessories, they have basically decided that men should be the only ones to wear cuff links.

Therefore, you might as well have fun with it!

Especially considering that, as GQ notes, there has never been a time in history when the various styles of men's jewelry have been more in style than they are in 2022.

The current state of fashion continues to be marked by a significant paradox.

In spite of the fact that designers strive for innovation with each new collection and aim to produce ever-more original pieces, the selection available to men continues to be less extensive than that available to women.

It is sufficient to attend a high-class evening or a wedding in order to recognize that men do not have many options to choose from to differentiate themselves visually and to stand out from the crowd.

Most of the time, an automatic choice is made to wear a suit with a shirt and tie, or even a bow tie.

In order for the man to stand out from the crowd, everything depends on the accessories that he chooses to wear.

According to Gerry U in a Reddit comment:

Today, the turnback cuff is a fashion choice of stylish men and cuff links still hold their place as the fashion accessory with a function.

To visualize them, you can look at the photo below.

  • Toggle Closure
  • Fixed Back
  • Bullet Back
  • Whale Back
  • Stud
  • Chain
  • Ball Return
  • Knotted
Eight different types of cufflinks
Eight different types of cufflinks

When looking for cufflinks, keep the following in mind:

You need to take into consideration what is appropriate for the occasion and then make a statement about your invests and hobbies.

You should also take into account picking the appropriate colors and metals but the most thing is to always match your shirt.

Also, consider this:

Stainless steel is a type of metal alloy that is extremely rust-resistant because it is made of steel that has been combined with other elements such as iron, carbon, and chromium.

Because of its exceptional durability and, of course, its stunning good looks, stainless steel is an excellent choice for the creation of cufflinks and other types of jewelry.

This will make you spend less trying to buy consistently because the material of your cufflinks is prone to rust.

Because of this, you will be able to reduce the amount of moneyyou spend trying to buy consistent cufflinks because of the fact that the material they are made of is prone to rust.

Andrew Robinson said on Reddit:

In either case, it is always a safe bet to have on hand a high-quality, yet subtle pair of cufflinks. One that is understated (not attract attention but gives a good impression) and versatile.

Online retailers and large stores often bring cufflinks at affordable prices; however, designer options and those that are handcrafted using high-quality metals and gems are typically more costly.

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People Also Ask

What does the wearing of cufflinks symbolize?

Cufflinks, ever since their invention, have been regarded as a status symbol for gentlemen, with luxury cufflinks made of precious metals and stones being seen as a symbol of wealth, power, and reputation.

A man in a tuxedo highlights his watch with cufflinks
A man in a tuxedo highlights his watch with cufflinks

It is important that the hardware of your watch be consistent with that of your cufflinks and studs.

In other words, if your cufflinks have a border and backing made of yellow gold, you are allowed to wear a watch made of yellow gold as long as it isn't over the top.

You can also organize the metal of your watch with other pieces of jewelry or accessories that you wear, such as rings, eyeglasses, or other accessories.

The wearing of cufflinks is no longer limited to formal occasions purely because of the wide range of choices available in terms of design, construction, and materials.

If you want to, you can also wear cufflinks with jeans; however, the design needs to be more relaxed and appropriate for the situation.


Learning about the history of cufflinks was an experience that will truly captivate us.

That was the beginning of a transformation in men's fashion that continues to this day, and all of us are better off as a result.

The power of this little accessory lies in the fact that it elevates the fashion style of a greater number of men.

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