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Rémy Rotenier Debuts Hand-Painted Animal Jewelry


In the 18th and 19th centuries, hand-painted portrait miniatures were frequently used as sentimental accents in jewelry. It is now called 'hand-painted animal jewelry'.

Brooches from the "Rémanimals" collection were designed by Rémy Rotenier, a jewelry designer and instructor of jewelry rendering. Rotenier is leaving his mark on the style with this collection.

The “Rémanimals” Brooches Are A Lighthearted Spin On Classic Portrait Miniatures

Says Rotenier:

I wanted to celebrate the close relationship between people and animals, by giving precious pets a human touch in my brooches. Most of us carry pictures of our loved ones everywhere we go, and for many of us, that includes our animals.

- Rotenier

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He explained:

Reverse-carved and painted portrait miniatures, often called Essex brooches, were prized possessions during the Victorian era. I’ve added modern jeweled frames to give these vintage and timeless expressions of love a new life.

The brooches that bear the name Essex were given that moniker in honor of William Essex, the royal enamellist who worked under Queen Victoria.

The queen, who was known to have a soft spot in her heart for dogs, commissioned Essex to paint a number of animal portrait miniatures. Fashion was widely adopted all over Europe.

The Rémanimals collection consists solely of illustrations of various animals, including but not limited to dogs, cats, rabbits, frogs, pandas, porcupines, and other similar creatures.

Rotenier reverse-hand paints each portrait in oil, much in the same way that antique jewelry was created. The rock crystal that covers the top of the portrait is carved in the opposite direction of the design, and the mother-of-pearl that covers the rear is translucent.

The precise details of the portrait are given more dimension because of these layers.

Rémanimals jewelry with a hand-painted panda wearing clothes and a necklace
Rémanimals jewelry with a hand-painted panda wearing clothes and a necklace

The images are encased in bezels made of 22-karat yellow gold and frames made of sterling silver, each of which is embellished with roughly 0.18 carats worth of diamonds.

On the back of each brooch are two diamonds that are "hidden," one of which is a baguette-cut stone that represents the animal, and the other of which is a round diamond that represents the human owner of the brooch.

The whimsical quality of Rotenier's photographs comes from the fact that his animal subjects are shown dressed as humans.

Rotenier said:

This is a collection based on celebrating our dear animal friends. Using anthropomorphism gives them human attributes to highlight their steadfastness. Dressing them up also enhances their natural elegance. I find our animals are symbiotic with us, so they needed to borrow our clothes.

- Rotenier

The brooches in this series each have a price tag of $5,800. Additionally, for a fee of $6,400, Rotenier will take commissions.

Rotenier's renditions of antique animal portrait jewelry feature his subjects dressed in human clothing
Rotenier's renditions of antique animal portrait jewelry feature his subjects dressed in human clothing

The website of the designer contains further details that can be accessed there.

The Beauty Of Hand-painted Animal Jewelry

Many people believe that animal-themed jewelry that has been hand-painted is superior for a variety of reasons.

Because each individual piece is painted by hand rather than being mass-produced, this is one of the reasons why it cannot be duplicated and is the only one of its type. Because of this, the piece of jewelry may take on additional significance for the individual who wears it.

In addition, hand-painted animal jewelry can be quite complex and complicated, allowing for a high level of workmanship and attention to detail in the creation of the jewelry.

One's affection for a specific kind of animal or wildlife can be communicated through the wear of hand-painted animal jewelry. It is also possible to be an innovative way to combine art and fashion through the use of this method.

Investing in hand-painted animal jewelry, like any investment, can be a risky venture, and it's hard to give general advice on whether or not it's a good idea. The value and potential return on investment of hand-painted animal jewelry depend on a number of factors, such as the skill and reputation of the artist, the materials used, and the demand for the specific piece or type of jewelry.

If you're considering investing in hand-painted animal jewelry, it's important to do your research and understand the market and the potential risks involved. Some good steps to take might include:

  • Researching the artist and the company or store where the jewelry is sold.
  • Look at the price history of similar works by the same artist to get an idea of how well their work holds value over time.
  • Find out about the materials and techniques used to create the jewelry.
  • Understand the demand for this kind of jewelry, and how many pieces are being made and sold to get an idea of the future price.
  • As with any investment, it's always a good idea to be diversifying your portfolio, and hand-painted animal jewelry should not be the only investment you put your money on.
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