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Meet The Five Famous Brand Of Gold Necklaces For Women


Gold necklaces for women - Since there are so many patterns to choose from, gold necklaces for women are always fashionable. Some of the designs ventured by reputable gold necklace providers have glittering diamond and gemstone pendant necklaces on gold chains. If you are looking for gold necklaces for the loyal woman of your life, keep reading to know what are the top-rated brands for gold necklaces.


Tanishq is a Titan Company subsidiary and an Indian jewelry brand. Tanishq has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, where it was founded in 1994. Tanishq is the fastest-growing jewelry brand in India, and its name stands for exceptional craftsmanship, unique designs, and top-notch materials.

In order to come up with the name Tanishq, Mr. Xerxes Desai combined the words 'Tan' which means body, and 'Nishk' which means a gold ornament. Jewelry company: Hosur, Tamil Nadu, is also the only Indian company that has a state-of-the-art factory. It takes great care to make sure that it follows labor laws, as well. Tanishq, the Indian company that makes jewelry, still has the most sales in the country.

Is Tanishq A Luxury Brand

COPYRIGHT_BER: Published on https://www.bernardine.com/gold-necklaces-for-women/ by Barbara Mitchell on 2022-05-18T01:38:21.188Z

Tanishq is a luxury brand and it has been a long time coming, but Indian luxury brands have finally made it into the world's top 100. There are many famous brands owned by Titan Company, such as Tanishq. They also own Titan, Zoya, and many other well-known brands.

The Assurance Of Pureness

Because the state-of-the-art karatmeter featured in every Tanishq store is an extremely accurate method of evaluating the purity of gold, the gold sold there may be relied upon to be as pure as they claim.

Great Designs Can Be Had For As Little As 8% In Producing Charges

Each Tanishq piece is meticulously created to achieve a distinctive finish. Despite this, you can choose from a wide variety of gold jewelry options while just paying an 8 percent service fee.

Stones Are Never Purchased At The Same Rate As Gold

They only charge for the actual weight of gold that is used in the piece, after deducting the weight of the stones from the total weight of the item. You will never be charged the price of gold for the weight of stones because they are not gold.

Diamonds, Polki, Rubies, And Emeralds Have A One Hundred Percent Exchange Value

All of their precious stones are hand-selected to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality. As a result, they are offering the customer a 100 percent buyback at current prices.

Customer Reviews

"Happy with the services. Happy with the services I had availed through the store and online."-Sylvia B.

"Good service. Very good service and trust in both online and in Tanishq stores."-Yuvaraj.

"Shipping was excellent. The service provided by customer care was awesome."-ABHIRUPA.

"It was delivered safely one day prior to the scheduled delivery day. I liked the overall experience with Tanishq."-Deeksha S.

Charming Paisley Diamond Necklace At $1,456.05

A Tanishq charming paisley diamond necklace has a gold chain and a hanging diamond stone
A Tanishq charming paisley diamond necklace has a gold chain and a hanging diamond stone

Using this attractive paisley design necklace with a 6.665 gram, which is made in 18-karat yellow gold and set with diamonds, you can make a fashion statement. The total weight is 6.665 g. This delicate pattern is a treasure trove of beauty and glory. You'll be the center of attention when you wear this necklace with your cocktail dress or a beautiful saree.

Floral Bliss Gold And Diamond Necklace $3,771.87

A gold chain with a floral bliss gold and diamond Necklace
A gold chain with a floral bliss gold and diamond Necklace

With a total weight of 19.930 g. and this flowery Diamond Necklace, which is made in 18 Karat Yellow and White Gold, you will be the focus of attention. When you walk into a party wearing this flowery Necklace studded with dazzling diamonds, you can be sure that everyone's attention will be drawn to you.

BVLGARI Gold Necklace

Luxury brand Bulgari is based in Italy and is well-known for its jewelry and timepieces as well as its fragrances, accessories, and leather items. While Bulgari is in charge of the majority of the design, production, and marketing, the company does collaborate with other organizations on occasion.

BVLGARI was established in 1884 by Sotirio BVLGARI as a solitary jewelry store in the capital city of Rome. Since then, the BVLGARI name has been synonymous with Italian brilliance. BVLGARI is able to combine modernism with classicism while maintaining a highly distinctive style that pays homage to the company's ancient Roman heritage. BVLGARI's jewelry is instantly recognizable for its startling originality and creative chutzpah, as well as a predilection for color. BVLGARI pays homage to its illustrious Italian heritage via contemporary designs, continuing a 130-year tradition of timeless splendor and elegance.

Monete Necklace

A thick gold chain and a centered piece of a carved face of "monete" model
A thick gold chain and a centered piece of a carved face of "monete" model

An antique silver coin is set in 18 karats rose gold with a monetary pendant. The Bvlgari family has been passionate about infusing elements of Rome's Imperial glory into their designs since the 1960s when they first began mounting ancient coins into their jewelry. The Monete necklace, which demonstrates to women exactly how alluring a 2,000-year-old coin may appear when coupled with a striking, contemporary setting, evokes the everlasting essence of Rome with ageless sophistication.

Serpenti Viper Necklace

A hanging Serpenti Viper necklace gold chain and a ring like pendant with 4 diamond gems
A hanging Serpenti Viper necklace gold chain and a ring like pendant with 4 diamond gems

The pendant's encircling curves depict the viper's spiral motion before it strikes, evoking the snake's predawn slither. Intensely captivating, the jewel's design combines the ferocity of scales with the sinuousness of the snake, a sophisticated and fashionable combination. The serpent's nature is shown to have both light and shadow, knowledge and desire, color and shimmer. Intricately detailed Serpenti Viper necklace in 18 karats rose gold, with a carnelian and diamond pendant.

BVLGARI Care Instruction

An exquisite work of art, your Bulgari ring is a priceless possession. You can keep its original attractiveness for a long time by taking a few measures when using and preserving it.

You should have your jewelry cleaned on a regular basis. You can clean it with a soft brush and warm soapy water, then re-rinse it with warm, fresh water. You should take your jewelry to a Bulgari boutique annually to have it checked, cleaned, and restored by a competent jeweler.

To avoid tarnishing your precious metals while you sleep, wash your hands, or use corrosive items, remove your jewelry before these activities. Do not let your pieces come into touch with any of the following: fragrances, ammonia, chlorine, cosmetics, or ammonium nitrates.

Monica Vinader

Every day, Monica Vinader strives to instill a sense of self-assurance and individuality in women. Because the definition of luxury is no longer based on price or exclusivity, but rather on a product's unique design and construction. Monica uses only recycled gold vermeil, sterling silver, and sustainably sourced natural gemstones, diamonds, and pearls to create jewelry that empowers, uplifts, and endures.

Nura Pearl Necklace $162.68

A gold chain with a flat pearl
A gold chain with a flat pearl

Product description

  • Natural Pearls
  • Pearls cultured in freshwater have a natural rainbow shine and uneven shapes with a wide range of sizes.
  • Symbolism: feminity, June is the month of the birthstone.
  • Gold and Silver Recycled
  • Every piece is made from recycled 18ct gold vermeil and solid sterling silver, which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 60%.
  • Free shipping
  • A 100-day return policy
  • A five-year guarantee

People Also Ask

Which Is The Best Gold For Necklace?

Gold, in its purest form, is a delicate metal with a high melting point. Due to its fragility, it is frequently alloyed or mixed with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to increase its strength and durability for everyday use, but it is still fragile. The most popular gold alloys are 14K, 18K, and 22K, however, 14K and 18K are the most suitable for use in jewelry because of their high purity.

Which Is Better For Investment 22k Or 24K Gold?

Because it is 99.9 percent pure gold, 24k gold will be the most suitable investment alternative. The inherent value of 24k gold is higher than that of 22k gold despite the fact that it is less robust and scratches more easily (only 91.67 percent gold).

Can You Wear 24k Gold Everyday?

You can wear gold necklaces for women on a daily basis, although many individuals do not. This is because it is such a soft metal, which makes it extremely susceptible to scratch.

Is It Safe To Buy Gold Online?

As long as you know you're working with a reliable provider, buying gold online is as safe as any other online transaction. The leading vendors are PCI compliant and employ SSL encryption. Furthermore, all of their shipments are fully insured.

PCI compliant and SSL encryption. Complying with the numerous security measures established by the PCI Security Standard Council ensures that any company or organization that accept, transfer, or store cardholders' sensitive information does so in a secure manner. On the other hand, SSL encryption is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client typically a website and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client. SSL certificates are required for websites in order to safeguard user data, validate website ownership, prevent attackers from building a false version of the site, and transmit trust to users.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article about gold necklaces for women. The author hopes that the information you've read could help you decide where to buy and what to look for in a gold pendant for your loved ones.

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Barbara Mitchell - Barbara is recognized by the industry leaders for her passion and objective to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable. She designs custom made jewelery made of gold and diamonds for more than 20 years. Her website, bernardine.com has been mentioned in many books such as "The 12 Gemstones of Revelation", "Teens Have Style!", "10-Minute Crystal Healing" and websites such as wikipedia.org, etsy.com, buzzfeed.com, yahoo.net.

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