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Jewelry and Gemstone Glossary of Terms

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scarabhandA stone, ring, charm or other object marked or engraved with signs or characters that is believed to possess magical powers to protect the wearer from harm.  Also, see amulet.




Tarnish is the term applied to metal that has discolored due to oxidation or corrosion. Sterling silver is very susceptible to tarnishing but can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth and cleaning products designed to clean metal.

Never use toothpaste to clean jewelry as it is too abrasive and will result in fine scratches that dull the metal surface. See cleaning jewelry.


Toggle Clasp

toggle clasp Toggle clasps are used to secure the ends of bracelets, necklaces and chains. They are made with a bar that slips through a round, square or triangle shape.




As a jewelry term, this applies to a gemstone that allows light to pass through the translucent moonstonestone but with enough diffusion to prevent the ability to see distinct images through the stone. A moonstone is a translucent stone.




Used to describe stones that are clear and transmit light so that objects can be seen through the stone. Many fine quality colored stones such as ruby, citrine, or topaz are transparent. However, due to the depth of color or inclusions, you may not be able to discern an exact representation of the object as you would if looking through a transparent window glass. Quartz is another example of a transparent stone, it may be as clear as a window pane and was sometimes used as such in early times.



A triplet is a fabricated stone composed of three layers that are glued or epoxied together. An opal triplet is made by putting a thin layer of opal between a crystal clear layer of quartz and a layer of onyx or ironstone. The top layer of quartz protects the thin layer of opal from scratches and fractures. A doublet is just a triplet without the top layer of quartz.


Troy Weight

The measure used to weigh gold, silver, and jewels. In Troy weight, the pound = 12 ounces, the ounce = 20 pennyweights, and the pennyweight = 24 grains. While this method of weighing is believed to have originated in Cairo during the crusades, the name comes from Troyes, France where it was first used .


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