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This is a term applied to stones which are made by using small chips, powder and ground up low grade stones, binding or fusing them with a plastic resin (epoxy) and compressing them into blocks. The blocks are then cut into beads, cabochons, and slabs.

In some cases, the reconstituted stone is actually made from "real" turquoise, amber, lapis or similar stone, but often the reconstituted stones are nothing more than low grade rocks, like howlite, that have been dyed and compressed to look like the real gemstone.

Ambroid is a form of reconstituted amber made from real amber pieces, but is should be reconstituted amber classified as imitation because of the epoxy resin content. It is made from scraps and shavings of amber that are heated and pressed into large blocks. Insects found in ambroid are usually fully intact, without broken body parts, as they were dead when added to the block. Insects found in real amber usually have broken wings and legs caused when they tried to escape from the sticky tree resin.

reconstituted turquoiseReconstituted turquoise is manmade from pulverized pieces of turquoise that are stabilized and compressed with plastic resins to which dye is added and should be sold as "simulated" or "imitation" turquoise. However, this form is often used in much of the mass produced inlay jewelry.



A type of luster exhibited on gemstones like amber.



Used in the jewelry making process to create a textured surface with ridges, ripples and valleys. The process requires deft use of a torch to bring the metal to a high reticulated silvertemperature just below its actual melting point. The jeweler carefully moves the torch flame around the metal surface, "pulling" the almost flowing metal into various ridges.

This takes extreme concentration and patience, allowing the torch to remain directed in one area for a split second too long will cause the metal to melt and either form a hole or a "ball" of molten metal instead of realizing the desired effect. The pattern of valleys and ridges of a reticulated piece is unpredictable and trying to duplicate a pattern is impossible although a skillful craftsperson will be able to create something similar for perhaps an earring set.


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