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Lab Created or Synthetic

Gemstones that are made in a laboratory rather than those found in nature are called lab created or synthetic. These stones aren't considered fake because they have the same chemical characteristics, specific gravity and properties as the natural stone. Although lab created gems are usually flawless, they are typically less expensive than natural stones because it is less costly to produce them in a lab than it is to mine them. Some of the most common stones created in a lab are ruby, emerald, sapphire and opal (Gilson).



see Schiller (pronounced: lab-ra-dor-ess-sence)



A type of transparent or translucent feldspar which displays strong iridescence labradorite(labradorescence). It is a grayish-green but displays bright flashes of green, blue and sometimes yellow-gold colors when viewed from different angles. Originally found in Labrador, Canada, there are also deposits in Mexico, Russia and the US.

A brilliantly colored form called Spectrolite is found in Finland.  spectrolite



Lapidary is the art of cutting gemstones. A lapidary is one who cuts and polishes stones.


Lapis Lazuli

Top quality lapis is a strong blue,lapis cabochons sometimes with a hint of violet. The value of lapis decreases with the presence of white patches (calcite),but small veins of pyrite can increase the value (presence of pyrite is often a personal preference).

The finest Lapis Lazuli comes from Afghanistan where it has been mined for centuries. It is also found in Siberia, Chile, the U.S., Pakistan, and Canada.



lariat necklaceA necklace without a clasp, worn looped around the neck with open ends that may be tied into a loose knot, fastened with a ring or a brooch, or tied with a "lariat loop".



A stone's luster is its glow or sheen, the result of the way it reflects light. Luster is dependent on both the stone's surface (polish) and the reflective index of the mineral. Gemologists use many terms to describe luster: adamantine, pearly, greasy, metallic, silky, resinous, vitreous, earthy or dull, and waxy.


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